Sometimes its all about ME ME ME!

Yup that is what this blog is about - me, me and me! It's about making a new Me, a better me, an improved me and how that affects everyone and everything around me.

Me -
Im 37... yes that HORRIBLE number.
Im a mom to a sweet crazy 11 year old boy and fiesty 5 year old girl.
Im a wife to the best police officer there is.
Im a working mom.
Im an acute care nurse practitioner.

I USED to be a runner. I miss feeling like I can call myself that.

Me -
I have been sort of heavy most of my life. Never a normal weight. Never a goal weight.
I lost 45 lbs about 5 years ago with a combination of weight watchers and a lot of time at the gym. When I decided I wanted to get pregnant with baby #2 I lost some of that mojo and gained about 15 lbs before getting pregnant and another 40ish with the pregnancy. I recapped at the end of my pregnancy at 202 lbs and its been downhill since then... 5 years!