Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do or Do not

My favorite quote of the day...

"Do or do not, there is no try"

That pretty much tells it all. I have been telling myself I am trying over and over again... truth is I was opting for DO NOT.  Now I need to DO.

Today has been on point in the eating department. Todays weigh in SUCKED. But I expected that. 

Went to yoga - a coworker joined me and it was nice to laugh :)

Made some strides on the monthly running events... 
1. Added Decembers race - Running with the reindeer 5k Dec 2nd 
2. Tomorrow only, the warrior dash people are having a sale! Only $35 woohoo! Im signing up for the May one in Maryland. Excited!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Yes Im sure there are "Im thankful for.." post ALL over the blogging land today and yes I will be adding one more!

I am so incredibly thankful for...

  1. My healthy vibrant sometimes annoying but always wonderful children. Gavin is so serious yet silly, smart, questions everything, and loves like crazy. Bre is such a goof ball. 
  2. A marriage built on respect and love and that I am married to someone I also trully consider a friend and partner. 
  3. A job that I love. Yes I would rather be rich and not be away from my kids as much but I LOVE going into work. I LOVE the people I work with and what I do. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 
  4. Being employed in a field that allows me to provide for my family and for us not to be paycheck to paycheck.
  5. My body for being able to run :)
  6. My closest friends - they keep me sane. 
  7. Facebook for keeping me entertained with peoples "garbage"
And I woke up to run before work since Im missing all of the Turkey Trots - did you run today?

I already warned work that I would be setting up shop in an empty patient room to do my notes today so I can watch the parade. I love the parade...

what are you doing today?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

modge podge

I have so many little thoughts in my head - and I am seriously lacking sleep. That is not a good combination. The result is a post that doesnt quite come together - a mixture of "stuff". So here goes...

1. I am EXHAUSTED! Baby girl is sick and not sleeping which means Im not sleeping. She had a runny nose for a few days and we assumed she was teething then yesterday morning woke up with a head to toe rash. Took her to our idiot of a new doctor - not impressed, seriously miss our doctor that moved west. Its probually viral - it keeps moving. This morning its on her ears, scalp and back. That combined with the fact she is stuffy and cant breathe = not a happy baby which of course = a very tired mommy!

2. Im trying really hard not to give in to the blahs with food and no exercising ... I printed out the whole30 emails and Im making a binder of health. Good ideas for exercise, food ect. A schedule for my work outs ect.

3. We are going into the overwelming season. Too many things to do and definately not enough time to do them. I am a list person and I get so overwelmed with the tons of things on my list. It feels like as soon as I check one thing off then Im adding 3 more. It makes me anxious and completely stressed out. I cam acrossed this post on Run to the Finish. Its about goal setting which Im great at setting the goals but not so great at doing the work to complete them. I start off really really good... and then boom life happens. I was intrigued by her Sacred Six Technique that she posted about and thought that was right up my alley as a stressed out list maker!

Here is my todays Sacred Six

  1. Eat clean and on point today
  2. make Gs bathroom useable
  3. paint the trim for the bathroom
  4. go to Rach to feed her fish :)
  5. prep food for 3 days of working
  6. do WOD and burpees
So what did I want to put on the list but had to stop after 6? I would love to clean my bedroom, scrub Gavins tub, do some shopping, put up outside xmas lights. My list normally would be ALOT longer. These are the 6 that I HAVE to do today. Anything else is just bonus :)

4. And lastly - please welcome Laura back to the world of blogging. Her blog  GO ME 2012. She is my partner in weightloss and we are doing the tough mudder together. She is also super funny and a great writer. Please check her out. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A new challenge...

I am ready to really push myself - challenge myself!

 I mapped out my weights for the last year -

Yes I did GREAT the beginning of last year but then it was all over the place. I stayed within a 10 lb radius... up down up down. I should have easily been to goal but no ... here I am on the upward swing. I do NOT want to be on the upward swing.

Earlier today I posted this (HERE) and shared a recent running pic that really bothered me.

So here is my challenge for myself. In 12 weeks I will be 33. I dont want ANOTHER year to go by and be within the same 10 stupid pounds.

So in the next 12 weeks I would like to lose 15 lbs. That would take me to 155 lbs.

For added motivation I printed out the running picture and it will be going on my bathroom mirror.

Thank god for weight loss buddies.

Thank god for weight loss buddies.

I have a friend that I am doing tough mudder with. Friend is a weird word since I dont think I have actually ever met her - but yes I consider her a friend. We belonged to the same online local moms group. We have similar goals in life regarding health, weightloss and fitness and we have bonded.

We decided to push each other to our goals.

A few minutes ago I was having a "poor me" moment. I was reading things about Christmas cookies and realized with going wheat free and really trying to hit my goals that Christmas cookies are not in my future. Then I thought of all of the wonderful things I baked last fall when I was preggo.  I told her it made me sad. Her response?
"Yea, you had fun baking but you still have some of that experience with you. Look down. Like what you see? Are the cookies worth it"

Yes I looked down. What did I see. Rolls. A roll bigger than my chest. I tried to take a pic but it didnt do the roll justice. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

But want to see something I really really didnt want to show... its disturbing...

MY RACE PHOTO... uhhhh! My fastest time ever! My first time placing - and hell yea came in first in my age group! Yet the thing I focus on is how huge I look in the damn picture!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 3 :)

Yes its only been three days but woohoo... day 3 and going strong!!! I am vamping my diet to meet my needs right now. Its a cross between primal and weight watchers. So far so good! Im back on the exercise train too! Granted I didnt get my 400 meter splits in this morning and will have to do it after work. I have a head cold and woke up gross and cant breathe :(

All my food is packed for the day -
Breakfast 3 eggs, 2 sausage links, coffee with almond milk
Lunch roasted red pepper soup with spaghetti squash (inspiration HERE)
Dinner grilled chicken, roasted veggies and cauliflower "rice"
Snacks 1 serving plain almonds
            greek yogurt with a touch of honey, frozen raspberries and sunflower seeds - yum! (recipe HERE)

Today after work I still need to do my treadmill workout
400 meters at 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 6.0, 5.5 and 10 stupid burpees - once I figure out how to post videos I have a video of Gavin doing burpees last night ... so cute!

In mom news - Bre is now moving from one object to another that are not connected and standing for 20seconds or so without holding on to anything. We will have a walker very very soon!

In work news - Its nurse practitioner week... if you have one you love make sure you tell them to have a great week and that you appreciate them!

In house news - I think Thur I am going to put up my Christmas lights... yes I am that house!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


OMG - I have taken the leap. I have officially signed up for the VA Beach 2013 Tough Mudder.

I have been talking with a few people about doing this race for a month or so now. BUT part of me planned on backing out. I dont think Im TOUGH enough. Not strong enough. Not dedicated enough. And I planned to back out before it got to the sign up portion.

BUT - this coming weekend is the Phili Marathon. The marathon that was supposed to be my post baby marathon. The marathon I paid for and started training for. But I doubted myself and I talked myself out of doing it. I told myself it was too hard, too much with a baby, took too much time away from the family ect ect ect. And I quit. Well now its coming up and I feel horrible about it. I dont want June 2013 to come and see them complete it and me sitting at home feeling even more down on myself.

So now I have a group of people depending on me. And a crap load of training to do!

awesome run this morning!!!!

We started our morning off with a local 5k. It was the smallest race I have ever done - about 90 participants.  And it was the first race in almost 2 years that hubby ran with me.

It was COLD COLD COLD starting... 36 degrees.  A friend of mine ran this as her first 5k... so proud of her! Once my lungs got used to the cold it was great weather though. I took off my gloves after about 1/2 a mile. There was one MONSTER of a hill. The course was a bit boring. Started and ended at our local baseball stadium but a majority of the run was in parking lots and it was out and back. Not my favorite kind of run. BUT it was the first run for this particular group and they did a great job. It was very well organized and had a great group of volunteers.

I wanted to PR. My fastest 5k was from this past April and was 29:30ish (not sure the seconds). Today was a new PR! 28:30!!!! My hubby beat me by just shy of 90 seconds. I tried to keep up with him but it wasnt happenning... I chose breathing over speed :)

An added bonus of a smaller race... I came in first in my age group for women! I have never even placed before. Did wonders for my confidence! My friend heard them call my name and she sent me a text. I ran out of there to make a hair appointment. The results are posted now - the winner of the next two age groups for women (40-49 and 50-59 years old) put me to shame though... the winners of that age group were around 22 minutes! CRAZY!!! That is where I want to be when I hit that age - amazing!

Friday, November 9, 2012

I havent gotten a comment on a post in a long long time... guessing no ones really reading anymore. Thats ok though - this blog is for me :)

Taking the turn to weight watchers hasnt gone so well. Its like I feel sorry for myself and cant get rid of the FUCK IT attitude. I was stuck in my "oh crap I over ate, guess I wont track that and will start again tomorrow, might as well eat x, y and z too".

Then I realized I should take my own advice. Yes today I havent eaten perfect. No I wont be within my daily points. BUT I am logging every single bite. If I dont see what Im eating then how can I fix it? So this morning I made cinnamon rolls. I ate 4 of them. 16 freaking points. But I logged it and moved on. Lunch was much better - roasted veggies, grilled chicken and goat cheese.

And now back to remodeling bathroom hell...

Monday, November 5, 2012

going 180...

First, I need to issue an apology... or a new impression. A few months ago I ran the bird in hand half marathon and stayed at one of their local hotels - The Bird in Hand Family Inn.  We didnt have a great stay for our first stay there. I posted about it on here with my running recap and shockingly the owner of the inn read it. He reached out to me on FB and told us that our issues were not the norm there and he wanted to prove it. So he offered us 1 night in a family suite on him. I used that voucher for a free family suite last night - they are about 30 miles from Hershey park so we made a little family trip.The family suite is so comfy and BIG. The ladies at the front desk were so welcoming. My room was ready 2 hours early with chocolates and pumpkin bread waiting for us. Our rooms smelled and looked so clean. The beds were comfy. The pool while a little highly chlorinated was a huge hit. The hot tub was very relaxing. The petting zoo was a hit too. So first impressions are NOT always right - and we will be back!

Second, Im gaining weight at an alarming rate right now. I love how eating paleo makes my body feel but my mind keeps screwing me up. I think nonstop about what I "cant" have. I then finally give in to "one" thing ... then I binge on every single thing I have wanted the last few days. And I gain. So I think its time to go back to my roots... yes the dreaded weight watchers. I have decided to do it online only with my weigh ins posted on here every Monday. But I want to take a primative/paleo twist on it. Staying as non processed as I can and minimum wheat. Tons of veggies, some fruits and lean meats.

So back to where we started...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Going to be a good day...

Yesterday was a sugar high candy craziness - yuck.

But today is starting off as a great day :)

I got up and worked out before work for the first time in weeks and weeks. Sucks getting out of bed but I feel SO much better afterwards. This morning was a quick 20 min WOD from CrossFit Mamas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her workout blog! I tend to go through a couple of weeks worth of workouts, write down ones I want to try and then do them on the days that it fits into the schedule. Today was 20 min of nonstop rounds of 20 pushups, 40 squats and 80 jumping jacks. My butt is so sore from the weighted squats from yesterday and omg pushups suck. I did the first 3 rounds with "man pushups" then had to move to my knees. But thats a hell of alot better than when I started!

Lunch/snacks are packed for work.

I did my online stuff for Gavins class (Im in charge of the scholastic orders, fun fun).

And believe it or not... after being home with the kids through the storm I am SO ready to go back to work!

In case I get too busy to post since I work 36 hours in the next 3 days, here are my workouts planned for the next few mornings...

Fri - 3 rounds of all out running 800 meters and rest 2 min in between
Sat - 5 rounds f 15 walking lunges with 20 lbs and 60 jumpking jacks
Sun - 4 mile run
Mon - 20 min of nonstop rounds 20 pushups, 40 sit ups, 80 jump ropes
Tues - 5 rounds of 10 burpees, 10 knees to elbow, 21 walking lunges with 20lbs, and run 400 meters (yuck)
Wed - yoga, run 4 miles with 4 speed drills

Come sunday hubby and I are both off a week together too - so excited! We are going to Hershey park for the last day its open with Gavin for Erics birthday and redo-ing our hall bathroom. Oh and I talked eric into adding a local 5k at the end of the week!