Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy easter and some progress pics/stats

Happy Easter everyone! We started off with such a great day - up at the butt crack of dawn but spent the time with my favorite people and my kids were just so awesome this morning!

My mom, brother and niece came over for breakfast and an easter egg hunt... here is Bre with Ava (my niece) and my mom with the kids...

but then the day took a turn - the weather turned to rain and my little man went from a happy excited dude to this...
He had a sore throat, fever, headache and said it hurt to use his arms... so a quick trip to patient first confirmed strep throat and he is taking it easy for the rest of the night and our date day for tomorrow has to be rescheduled :( Was looking forward to doing lunch out and a movie with the most amazing son in the world.  Horrible way to spend his spring break.

Tomorrow starts day one of Tinas Boot Camp Challenge! Today was the fit test - pushups, burpees, wall sits, plank, run. Anyone know how hard it is to do a plank for as long as you can with a toddler thinking its funny to try to climb on you? Funny but hard!

Retook my measurements - exactly the same as last month which I thought was odd since my clothes are fitting better. The scale is the same too :( But I took pics... and the pics dont lie... granted the before pics were in December I think but I am definately making some progress! My back rolls are much much better!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

calorie counting is so frustrating!

Trying to figure out which formula to use to decide how many calories I should be eating daily is so frustrating.

Picking one calorie amount for each day regardless of workouts or lower daily goal with eating back workout calories?

And if I pick one set amount regardless of working out then do I make a change on my super long run days?

All the different formulas to figure out your TDEE.

Its really all over my head and so frustrating.

I  cant decide if Im going to try to stick to between 1500-1600 except on my days where I run >8 miles  and do 1800 or 2000 on those days. Or say 1200 and eat back 1/2 my workout calories. Knowing I get more calories because I worked out makes me want to get to the gym and makes me feel like I worked for and deserve what I eat. What to do, what to do.

I am officially back to logging every bite though - I know I need to. It is so hard to not say screw it or dont log x y, z... if you dont log it, it doesnt count right?

I worked out like crazy today to make up for the fact that I wanted to go to a local icecream place and try their MarySue Easter Egg Icecream... I want it SOOOO bad. But it didnt happen today. We opted for Mexican food instead. Still within my calories that I worked out for but WAY WAY more sodium. Not cool for the night before weigh in!

Ok off to bed early tonight - Im EXHAUSTED! Between spin class this morning and an almost 4 mile hike this afternoon Im pooped! 5k race in the morning.

My favorite picture from today...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

almost said screw it...

I havent posted in a long while. I had decided I just didn't have time to keep posting and I was going to let my blog die in the blogishere.

Since then Ive had some really good days and some really bad days health wise.

And I keep coming back here ... so here I am. Back again. I missed my outlet... yes a lot of it isn't what anyone will want to read but I have to remind myself I started this thing for me. As my health diary of sorts.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

rain - yuck

I love snow. I love summer. I HATE RAIN. HATE IT! It makes me feel blah. I don't want to be out in it. I just hate it.

I hate it even more when it happens when I am trying to get my long run done. 8 miles on the schedule today. Was looking forward to a nice pretty run outside. Im not a rain warrior - I dont run in the rain unless I have to. Definately not when its pouring. So no run for me outside today :(

Still need to get in 8 miles - so once baby girl goes down for a nap I will be bonding with my treadmill and watching more Doctor Who. Love that show!

Yesterday I was a bit higher on my calorie intake but I still logged everything :) Yaaa me.

And two days ago, after work, I went grocery shopping. I didnt get to eat dinner at work before I went so I was pretty hungry. EVERYTHING looked so good. I must have looked like a crazy person because I kept talking to myself. Out loud. "165, 165, 165" ... thats my goal for Saturday and it stopped me from buying awesome baked goods and a large pretzel.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time to kick it up a notch!

Dont get me wrong, I have been very happy to consistantly see the 160s on my scale. But seeing 169.4ish on the scale 3 weeks in a row has become a bit frustrating.

This week I'm pushing things into high gear - it is time to push into the mid 160s! So expect a ridiculous amount of post this week and I cheer myself on, vent my frustrations, whine, ect.

What I'm doing differently this week -

  1. Starting the morning off with 16 oz of water and being observant of my water intake through out the day. Lots and lots of water. 
  2. TRACK every single bite on my fitness pal (feel free to friend me Chrissyrn04 - thats a zero four)
  3. Start my morning off with some sort of cardio even if its only 20 minutes before work to get my metabolism in gear. 
  4. Plan my workouts and stick to them! 
  5. Pack my food for work and ONLY eat what I pack! 
  6. No eating out until weigh in on Saturday. 
  7. No alcohol - even at the award ceremony on Tuesday.
See nothing insane, nothing crazy... just focusing on the important stuff! 

My workouts planned for this week
Sunday - 20 min cardio intervals (sprinting, jumping jacks, weighted squats, hammer curls, pushups, plank)
Monday - chalean week 3 workout 1
Tuesday - 7-8 mile run
Wed - chalean week 3 workout 2, 30 min treadmill light run
Thur - 1 hour gym class workout, 30 min treadmill light run
Friday - spin class, chalean week 3 workout 3
Saturday - trail run with Laura

Friday, March 8, 2013

bootcamp? official tough mudder plan

I haven't posted in a bit - mainly because I haven't had much to say.  And if this post is boring or doesnt make much sense its because its not even 5am yet and baby girl decided we should be awake. Fun.

As for tough mudder - we opted to do Virginia Beach (or the one formally known as VA beach that is really 80 freaking miles away). We have a hotel room near the race site the night before then we are heading to the actual beach for Sat, Sun and Monday.  91 days until race day! Getting excited!

As for half training - its coming along. I met with a new running pal and did just shy of 7 miles. Need to knock out 8 miles this coming week. I have missed running with someone. Its so much easier, goes by so much faster and its nice to have someone to talk to again while Im running!

As for weight training - Im in a funk right now. I was doing chalean extreme but Im bored of it. My TM training buddy is about to start p90x and not sure 100% on how I feel about that yet, or the cost of that. In the mean time Ive signed up for the online Best Body Bootcamp that starts April 1st. I felt like it was a good idea even to just get some new workout ideas.

Like I said - nothing new or interesting to say :) But I am here and still working towards a healthier me.