Progression PICS

I have a hard time finidng older pics of me. I was always behind the camera and stayed as far away from the other side as I could. here is what I found.
April 2008 first 5k - about 190-195lbs... I thought I looked great ... hahahah
April 2008 - about 190 lbs

May 2008 about 200lbs

There was about 2 years where I just floundered at this weight, it was NOT a good time. January 2010, I took back over my life.
Aug 2010 - 160-162 lbs.

Aug 2010 - 162lbs

Completed a half marathon 10/16/10


  1. Hi, new follower. I agree, I stay far away from the other side of the camera. Great progress for you so far, keep it up!!!!

  2. Fabulous photos!! Very inspiring!