Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday weigh in and a yucky run

Todays weigh in went as expected. 170.8 which means I lost one pound. Not surprised at all. I did AWESOME the first 3 days, bad day 4, so so day 5 and 6 and said fuck it day 7. So any loss I will take. Learn from this week and make better choices for the week to come.

I need to get moving on my training. I have been slacking big time. So this morning I set my alarm and got outside by 6am for a planned 5 mile run. I chose 6 am for two reasons. First it would be cooler. Second, my kids tend to wake up at 8ish so I could run, cool off, shower and have some down time before they wake up. HAHAHAHA. Yea right. First it was ridiculously humid this morning - felt like I was running through soup. Yuck. And secondly.... of course my baby girl was already talking in her crib when I got up this morning and was a screaming mess since when I got back from my run. Yippee.

And it was one of those runs that I cursed the first mile and then started playing games with myself on how far I was going to run. I hate when I do that. I ended at 4 miles today. Im happy its done.

And of course my boy is still sleeping and by the time he gets up Bre will be cranky and ready to go down. We have a busy day today - hubby wants to go out to breakfast (thank god my points restart today), visit his parents and we have a baseball game as a family to go to tonight.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday :)

Good morning everyone!

After a day FULL of rain yesterday it seems like today will be a prettier day. Atleast its not raining yet! We will have a jam packed day as usual though. Gavin had a friend spend the night last night. My van needs dropped off to be detailed (yippeee), I need to get a longer run in today since my trail run got rained out, visiting the inlaws, ect ect ect.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I had a rough point day 2 days ago that sent me for a whirlwind. I ended up eating 65 freaking points! OMG! But I claimed every bite. I was very proud of myself. Then was on point yesterday until the kids went to bed and then all went to hell. Big time. I am thinking I will not be seeing a loss this week :( We will see. Need to keep trucking.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

some hope...

For the first time in probually almost a year I feel hopeful regarding my health and fitness. I feel in control again - FINALLY.

I made the plunge to jump back into weight watchers online. I have a work friend doing it too to hold me accountable and vise versa. My first weigh in on Sunday was 171.8.

This time around I have made myself a few promises.

First - honesty. NO LYING to myself... it doesnt work! If it goes in my mouth then I need to claim it! If I have a bad day I do NOT restart my points, I do NOT stop tracking for the week, I do NOT say screw it and eat everything in sight!

Second, no working the plan. When I did weight watchers last time I became a pro at working the system. I would barely eat any salt the day before a weigh in and tons of water. I would have a good weigh in and then binge when I left the scale. Back to the first promise... honesty, accountability.