Sunday, July 25, 2010


Im 100% sure its the placebo affect... but by restarting my antidepressant 5 days ago, I feel like Im in such a better mood.

Last night I actually played like crazy with the little man... something I havent been doing alot of lately... which makes me SO mad at myself.

I am weighing in daily for a bit - no comments please, I need the constant reminder right now because lately I have sucked. I need to see what daily eating and working out is doing, and if I binge what that does. Today I was down 2 lbs from yesterday morning, still one pound up from last week which shows alot was water weight since I was eating so much more salty stuff.

My back is not happy at the moment - my left part of my back is really tight. I just took some motrin and hope it kicks in super soon so I can make it to spin this morning. If it doesnt no biggie - I can do the elliptical later this evening, some swimming and weights and tomarrow do a super early before work spin class.

Im getting so so so excited about our trip to Niagara Falls in a few weeks - I just did the August schedule and while Im feeling so guilty about leaving G behind for 4 days, right after pushing him to my moms all weekend before that for us to work - but we really need some reconnecting alone adult time. I am so excited!

My mom has a ton of nice dresses since she goes on alot of cruises - I went to try on all of her smaller ones (10's) and every single one was too big!

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  1. Niagara Falls sounds so wonderful, I've always wanted to go there. Hope you post a few pics from your trip.