Thursday, November 16, 2017

Happy Thursday - or my monday?

Good morning everyone!

Its Thursday to most of the world but my shifts start today so it feels like my Monday. Yippee.

I actually got up when I said I would and did a yoga for runners segment from youtube. It was just what my hips needed and a great way to start the day.

I have - haha had because kids just woke up ... a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee before heading into work.

I pre - logged all my food for today to make sure Im in the right macros.

Im off.

And please send some hugs and prayers if that's your thing to the police family of the Baltimore officer in grave condition at shock trauma. It is my worst fear as a police wife.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

loss but a slow down

I am a bit bummed this morning - todays weigh in was 207.4. Down 0.6 lbs this week.

Some stats from this week

  • 1 day I lost it and at a ridiculous amount of halloween candy, cereal and toast in the evening
  • 1 day I ate "off"plan as scheduled
  • I tracked my food 3 of the days this week
  • One of the days I tracked I was WAY over on fat and minimal protein
  • One of the days I tracked I was double my normal carbs
  • I completed 2/3 of my planned runs, 1/2 weight training days and no yoga. 
So while technically I lost weight this week - what I was doing wasnt working. But also what I was doing wasn't really what I should have been doing. 

What am I going to do different this week?
1. Im tracking every day this week. 
2. Goal to be within my macros 100% for 5 days
3. My off meals that will not be CRAZY off - wednesday dinner out with family and saturday dinner out with my mom. 
4. No night binges 
5. Get all my planned workouts in - 3 runs, 2 weight training days and one yoga day
6. Minimal 5 days this week of interm fasting with eat timing from noon to 8pm. 

What macros am I aiming for?

Calories 1377
Protein 72
Fat 62-138
net carbs 20

Where did I get this from?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

today turned into that day...

I had no intention of today being my "off" day.

I weighed in yesterday. Today starts a new week. So one of these 7 days is a "free" day.

I had no intention of today being that day - but this morning I woke up hungry and gave in to non plan food. Today has been off since then - yummy but off.

So that means tomorrow I wake up and need to be focused.

The next 6 days need to be on point.

I will be here every day the next 6 days - proving to myself that I can stay focused and on point. I can do this. If I want good outcomes I need to do the work.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


WOOHOO - a week of lazy keto has served me well.

What do I consider lazy keto? 5 of the 7 days I ate what I was supposed to. 2 of those 5 I actually tracked and made sure I was under 20 net carbs. 1 of the 7 I was 95% keto but had a cheese garlic buscuit for dinner. 1 of the 7 I was TOTALLY off and went out to eat with hubby and had pasta and wine.

And the result - weigh in today was 208 :)  Down another two lbs.

Could it have been more if I was strict keto? Of course. Do I do well when I stress that I have to be 100% on all the time... hell no.

So until this way doesnt work - this is how Im doing things.

Wed is weigh in day - between wed and the next tuesday I get one meal to splurge on. If I dont need it then great - If I do then its there waiting for me.

Will I eat a bite of something my kid makes me - hell yes.

Will I eat all of it, no.

Proud of myself!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Its been a good day :)

Its been a pretty good day -

Started off with me getting kids on bus and heading back to bed until 1030... it was magical :)

Then got my butt up and headed to the gym - got my first training run of 1.5 miles done and some weight training.

Slow but steady

And then my favorite part of planet fitness!

Then the day was spent cleaning up the house, meal prepping, helping my cousin study for an exam, and took the dog for a walk.

Followed by kids being home and homework, reading, site words, robotics, dinner and some trampoline time with the little one - boy is that a workout.

I picked today to be my accountability day and log everything. Make sure a normal day is where I need it to be - I rocked it! Trying to keep total carbs under 50 and net carbs under 20. My calories were in range. I got my water in today. I worked out.

My poor dog cant catch a break from the kitten. She insist on sleeping with the dog and being with her all the time. My Gracie is a happy dog so her tail is always wagging... which the cat thinks is her personal toy...

And then the 11 year old asked to watch "Space Balls" - yes space balls... apparently its what all the 6th grade boys were talking about. So Im off to curl up and watch a cheesy ass movie with my boy :)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Happy daylight savings... NOT

I really really really hate daylight savings time. I hate it getting dark at 5pm for the next what seems like forever. I hate it being dark on my way to and from work. I hate it. Blah!

Anyways, yesterday was my husband birthday. 42 years young. I chose his birthday to be my nonketo day since I am trialing a more relaxed keto. We went out to dinner to a new italian place and it was so so so yummy! I wish I would have taken pictures, omg it was so good.

But I woke up this morning feeling yucky. Fingers swollen. Dehydrated. Feel like a slug.

Granted I did planned to only indulge for the one meal and it ended up being a full day of carbs carbs and a side of carbs. I really need to stick to one meal.

But this morning I was right back on track - which is not normally like me.... I would have wanted the chocolate chip pancakes the kids had or the CANDY but nope... Im back.

Today I also saw a photo of my amazing niece in 9th grade at a cross country meet... omg does she look fierce and strong and amazing! Last summer she wasn't sure she wanted to do cross country. She had never really ran before. BUT the coach talked her into it and she put her head down and put in the work and boy does it show. I am so proud of her!!!!!

It reminded me that I have a 1/2 marathon in April. This past 2 years I have SUCKED at running. I keep hoping to get my runners high back and sign up for race after race and then my training goes out the window and I defer or lose my money.

I REFUSE to do that again.

So I have 24 1/2 weeks until my race... a nice long time to get my ass in gear and not slack off until there is only 6 weeks left! That feeling is HORRIBLE and I do not want to feel it again.

Tonight I sat down and made my training plan. I planned 6 days but some of the workouts will happen on the same days - like an easy run and my weight training. So some weeks will be 6 days, some shorter. Some if Im feeling awesome, maybe I will add another day of yoga or a hill repeater or speed workout. Who knows.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Happy wednesday everyone :)

Today's weigh in really only shows me on track for two days (mon and tues) but I will take it! Decided to do pics and measurements every other week so none of those for today.

And guess who has eaten NO halloween candy????? THIS GIRL ... woohoo!

Today's weigh in 210 ... down 2.2 lbs.

Yesterday I was pretty sluggish. Today I increased my electrolytes and water intake and feel awesome.

Worked 12 hours today. Home, lunch/dinner is packed for tomorrow and I am off to bed :)