Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I love being sore!

So I restarted weights yesterday. As I stated in a post a few days ago - its the only thing I wasnt doing that I did last time. So while Im at the same weight as before, my body is definately NOT where it was before.

Im a free weight and barbell kind of girl. I love heading over to the "guy" section, taking a bench and giving it all I have. Its a great feeling. And the soreness the next day, reminding me of how well I did... is AWESOME!

Yesterday I did 20 min of interval runs on the treadmill to warm up then headed over to weights. Did two different exercises for bis, tris, shoulders, chest, back. Then went to the mats and did squats, lunges and jump ups. Then did some ab and core work. I had to rush a bit because I only had 30 min for weights yesterday. But it was a good workout.

On there news - my 5 year old passed the swim test at the gym! So so so proud of him! He cant wait to start using the water slides!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vacations over - back to life...

We had a FABULOUS time with my husabands family at the beach. The weather was gorgous. The house was AMAZING. And it was so good to be with family.

We lucked out and had sunny warm days every day but one. Granted vacationing with a babt isnt exactly relaxing but still - much needed time off with my family.

Its time to get back to reality though. My fingers feel like swollen sausages... the amount of sodium I took in must have been insane. I did get my runs in but eating and drinking was not on par.

Now its just time to get back with the flow - I need LOTS and LOTS of water the next few days to flush my system. I need to get back to tracking my food.

I have my first half marathon in less than a week. Im not 100% sure Im ready for it but too late now. I have some heel pain like I stepped on something I think :(

I also did a bit of thinking before we left for vaca - Im pretty much at the same weight I was at before Bre but my body is COMPLETELY different and Im two sizes bigger. My arms and shoulders are different. Everything is different. Yes I know I had a baby and they do that to you but I got to thinking that the other thing Im not doing that I was - weight training. So Im readding that to the mix this week too.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Its amazing how different runs can feel. Todays 8 miler felt HORRIBLE. Every step was uncomfortable. I have a pain in my right foot from stepping on something at the beach. My legs felt like lead. Yet not even a week ago 6 miles felt AWESOME. Two weeks ago 12 miles on a freaking treadmill felt better than this run.

Why? Not a huge surprise. Im on vacation. I have stayed up late every day. Bre is teething so we havent been sleeping well at night. I have eaten JUNK and have been drinking like a fish... the margaritaville frozen drink maker is freaking awesome.  Today the sun was beating down. There was no breeze.

So of course my run sucked.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Im alive - promise

Hi everyone - I am alive and kicking. Promise.

My laptop is dead so I am writing from my kindle fire which is not easy or fun.

I started off vacation with a 10k :)
And no Im not the silly one in the tu-tu... This was Kristins first race... SO SO SO proud of her!!!!
I rocked this 10k. I was hoping to finish under 65 min. Then as I was running thought I had a chance of under 60 which is AWESOME for me. I finished at 61:20. But in my head I beat the one hour mark because per my garmin the course was long 6.22miles :) I ran the entire thing and kept a pretty consistant pace.

Then it was off to pack and get to the beach. We are here now. Lots of pics to come. I ran the first morning. Im aiming to run today - although its raining and yucky but the run will still happen. I need to get moving - I have a half marathon in 9 days :)

The eating front has sucked but I havent gone overboard - just not alot of healthy eating and way too many pina colodas and sangria.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

rough couple of days

I have NO clue why I do this. The last four days I have been OFF. I skipped a few workouts (although I did go to spin class before work today). My eating has not been on point at all for the last 4-5 days. I have snacked. I havent eaten what I packed. I have even gotten fast food. I havent journaled in days.

I was doing so well. I need to cut this out. Its like I have decided that going on vacation next week that Im going to gain so I might as well do it now too. I NEED TO STOP.

I know what to do. I need to do it!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

another week

Its Sunday.

Sunday equals weigh in day. 167 today - up 1 lb but I think alot of that is water weight. I have had alot more sodium the last few days and feel pretty swollen. Goal for 165 before heading into vacation next sunday.

Sunday also equals a new workout week with a new workout plan. Here is this weeks plan...
Sunday - nada because I was lazy. Did alittle yard work though.
Monday - 4 mile run, workout video
Tues - 75 min treadmill workout with some speed work.
Wed - early morning spin before work
Thur - workout video
Fri - workout video, maybe evening spin
Sat - 10k race

Here is my goal while on vacation
4 mile run with speed work
6 mile tempo run
8 mile relaxing run
and I may bring my videos, havent decided yet.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

12 freaking miles...

Yes I ran 12 miles today. 12 very long miles ... on a treadmill. I wasnt planning to do the run on a treadmill but it was super ridiculously windy today so I opted for indoors instead. I went to the gym to get the run in - I knew I would quit if I did it at home.

I ran 5 miles. Got off, stretched, had a Gu, peed. Ran 5 miles, repeat of before. I had planned to go all out the last 2 miles but they were the hardest miles ever. I ran all out 2 min then walked 30 sec and repeat until I hit the 12 mile mark.

It wasnt fun. It wasnt enjoyable. But damn it I DID IT!!!!!

And to toot my own horn - dinner ROCKED afterwards. I made chicken in the crock pot.
Chicken breast
diced onion
black beans
taco seasoning
Once I got home from running I made some brown rice. Topped it with the chicken mixture, lettuce and 100cal guacamole. It was so so so good! Granted I was starving after that run but still.

Tonights dessert - 20 sec flourless/sugarless mug choc cake with diced local strawberries. YUMMY!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In a funk

I am in a funk today and am having a problem shaking it.

Started off with a 3 am feeding which we havent had in months. I am not a wake up in the middle of the night person so I was pretty tired this morning. I was cranky with the five year old for no reason before school this morning. I forced myself to the gym thinking a sweat session spin class would help the mood. Nope. I had to force myself through the entire thing. Took a nap with baby girl thinking that would help but NOPE - she is still down, Im up and showered and still a cranky ass.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


First off, a little pat on my back. I am doing FREAKING AWESOME! I have started to log onto myfitnesspal.com  daily with my food and workouts. (friend me - chrissyrn04). I have stayed within my calories. I have made smart choices. It feels good.

Yesterdays planned 6 miles outside turned into a late night attempt on the treadmill which turned into a crappy 4 miles. So today I went to the gym and knocked out the 6 miles on a treadmill. I get SOOOO bored on a treadmill that I have to mix it up. Today it was -
Mile 1 and 2 - Start running at 5.2 and increase by 0.1 every song with a full out sprint the last 0.2 of each mile.
Mile 3 - Increase speed by 0.1 every 30 seconds.
Mile 4 - Steady run at 5.4mph
Mile 5 - 2 minutes at a comfy 5.2, 1 min at a full out sprint at 8.5mph
Mile 6 - steady run at 5.4.

It helps. I would much rather be outside.

Anyways about the anxiety. In two weeks we go on our annual family vacation to the outerbanks with my husbands side of the family. I am VERY much looking forward to it. But the last few years I have eaten like a pig and drank like a fish. HUGE breakfast, lunch, big dinners, super yummy desserts with lots of extra helpings, midnight snacks and lots and lots of drinks. Its bad. Really bad.

I know I wont be able to refrain from some of that and I worry that I will binge and say fuck it and eat and eat and eat.

I am making a list of things Im going to aim for.
1. Im logging EVERYTHING I eat on here - even if its a day I give in to EVERYTHING. Every bite gets logged. 
2. Im running a half marathon the week after I get back so I will be still needing to get my runs in and plan to bring my insanity videos with me for a daily workout. 
3. Im not a huge breakfast person and really dont NEED the pancakes and what not so while I may have breakfast one day with everyone, I think the rest of the days I will make my basic breakfast that I eat at home all the time. 
4. I plan to roast a whole bunch of veggies and a speghetti squash on day one to have as half my plate for dinners - the rest of the plate I can enjoy what everyone else is having. 
5. I am in love with the 20 sec sugar free flour free mug choc cake. Im bringing all of that stuff and will have that with fruit some of the nights while everyone else is having what they are having so I dont feel left out. 
6. No soda. 

Any other suggestions thoughts concerns???

Monday, May 7, 2012

taking back over my body

I have let this stupid cold/allergies run things for the past week but Im taking back over today! Im over feeling like crud. For the most part I can breath. The coughing is only horrible at night (last night I was up until 230am coughing)

I have the next four days off and I REFUSE to let them go by and continue to feel like I have been.

So Im making my to do list for the next few days. I logged on and reserved my daycare time at the gym.


This is my week, I own it and I am going to rock it! This past week I have lost 4.5 lbs - Im not letting that go to waste and keeping it going!

Todays to do list -
1. Run 6 miles during baby girls nap time
2. clean my bathroom - its gross
3. plan the meals for the week and go grocery shopping

This weeks workout goals
Today - run 6 miles on the treadmill :(  (no other choice) , insanity tonight
Tomorrow - morning spin, afternoon insanity
Wed - morning spin, 3 mile run
Thur - 12 mile run

Yes its alittle ambitious but the definates - I HAVE to get in 6 miles today, spin tomorrow and the 12 miler... everything else will be bonus!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


allergies SUCK!!!! And tmi but they suck way more when you are working 48 hours in 4 days and its that horrible time of the month. YUCK!!!!! I have nasty thick yellow stuff pouring out of my nose and running down my throat. Gross. Im so over it!

I havent been able to work out between not being able to breath and the meds making me feel spacey. This stresses me out because I have missed two important runs - one being a 12 miler! So this week will be a running week.

On a positive side, not being able to smell or taste has really helped on the wanting to binge thing and I have stayed within my calories ALL week! I lost 4.5 lbs this wee!

I know I said I wasnt going to weigh myself in May but I havent given Rach the scale yet and it taunts me.

Friday, May 4, 2012

allergies are kicking my ass

Im assuming its just allergies - Im not much of an allergy person but I dont have a fever and its staying within my head/sinuses area so Im saying allergies.

Regardless I feel like CRAP. I have a post nasal drip that is making my throat raw. I have NO voice which sucks for someone who talks A LOT. I started claritin with a decongestant. I feel better but blah - I hate that medication feeling. And I still sound like crap and have no voice.

Today is my only day off - I work all weekend. I had a 6 mile run planned for Thur that didnt happen because I couldnt breath and was a coughing mess. I had a 12 mile run on the books for today. I had a babysitter booked. Part of me almost went out still this morning for that run - I even did a bit of research to see what the running experts say about running with a head cold.  But I have changed my mind.

I just took baby girl to the sitters. Weird how I dont feel guilty putting her there to get my run done but feel horrible about putting her there for me to try to feel better and take some me time to go back to bed. Expecially because she was in SUCH a good mood this morning.

So Im about to go back to bed. Goal to wake up in a few hours and clean up my house before getting her back. If I feel "ok" then I might try to get that 6 miler in this evening with the plan for 12 on monday. I need to get that 12 done so that mentally I can progress to the half coming up.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tid bits

1. Not a huge amount to say - nothing exciting anyways. I was LAZY yesterday but I ate well within my calories. I didnt binge :)

2. I havent weighed myself in two days :) woohoo... need to still give my scale to Rach though.

3. Baby girl is getting into such a fun age ... she is almost 5 months and she is awesome!

4. The 5 year old left for school 45 min ago yet Im still sitting here watching Johny Test... something is just not right with that!

5. I need to revamp my workout schedule a bit this week. While I love when hubby is on days and we eat dinner together every night that Im off... my workout schedule "works" so much better when he is on evenings :)

My workout plans

Today - insanity once Bre goes down for morning nap, 60 min treadmill workout once she goes down for her long nap.
Wednesday - insanity in the am, treadmill workout after work
Thur - insanity in the am
Fri - 12 mile long run (already set up babysitter)
Sat - rest or spin

peace out for now! Time to quit being lazy... have about 8 loads of laundry on my agenda for today.