Monday, April 30, 2012

Looking forward (sort of) to MAY

I have been thinking about my May goals for a few days now and I came up with some answers but waited to post them because then it becomes real.

I havent been doing so hot in the eating department and I keep gaining and losing the same 2 lbs.  It is very frustrating.

Im nervous about May because we go on our annual family vacation to the Outer Banks with my husbands family. It normally involves full blown breakfast, awesome dinners, nightly desserts, tons of alcohol and minimal workouts. I am not even attempting to plan to be perfect that week - it wont happen so I need to make a plan to atleast get through it without feeling deprived or mad at myself. Im working on that right now.

Running wise I have a 10K on the books, my longest long run will be 12 miles and I will start tapering for a half marathon June 2nd.

As for my May goals -

1. Im backing away from the scale. I weighed myself yesterday (170.5) and I have asked my best friend to take the scale out of my home and hide it in hers until the last week of May.

2. I recently found an awesome blog - RUNSFORCOOKIES.COM - and she didnt binge at all... not once through her entire journey. I have some major eating issues. I do GREAT for 3-4 days and then binge for 3-4 days making me stay the same on the scale. In May I am putting out there the goal for NO binging for the entire month. Does that mean I cant enjoy something I want? Of course not. It means that after I enjoy x, y, or z that I dont then start eating anything and everything I can put in my mouth until I go to bed.

Anyways there you have it - only two goals for May... but they are biggies. Yes I have a workout schedule made up, ideas for foods ect but these two are what Im focusing on.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

happy off day :)

Hi everyone - the last two days was EXACTLY like I expected. Thur I went in expecting it to be horrible and even despite working out first I was in such a crappy mood. No surprise, the day sucked. Friday I went into it in a much better place mentally... so didnt matter. I got beat down emotionally over and over again. Thank god this isnt how my job normally is - I would have to find another one. W

So I am super excited to have a few days off to chill out and get myself back in a happy place.

I started this morning with a 9.5 mile run - aimed for 10 but miscalculated. It was slow but felt great! Unfortinately though soon as I was done it was jumping into mom land and no nap. Took baby girl to get her ears pierced (will post pics tomorrow) and took the kids out to dinner. They are in bed right now and Im EXHAUSTED!

On another note - I got re-energized on a coming run. The bird in hand, PA half marathon in amish country.  Its a smaller race and very family oriented. I just booked our hotel room for the fri/sat. Im going to sign Gavin up for his first kids run. There will be hot air balloons and a bon fire with smores. Im super excited!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

going into a crappy work day

I already know tomorrow will be bad. horrible. annoying. frustrating.

First I work with one of my least favorite people workwise tomorrow - I dread it for weeks leading up to it. Second we are going live with a new computer order entry and its my first day doing it. Those two together will not be pleasant. These are the days that typically lead me to french fries, chocolate and sodas.

I KNOW that it is how the day will be ... so Im preparing myself for it. I will get through the day with a smile on my face - even though it will be very fake and move on. I am going to start the day at the gym pushing myself on the treadmill running out some of the frustrations I am bound to feel tomorrow. I have already packed and logged all my food for tomorrow. Besides what I packed - NOTHING is going in this belly!

I work the next two days and need to get my work outs in before/after the 12 hours at work so see you all Saturday.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

feeling pretty awesome (and productive)

I'm sitting here sweaty and yucky and smiling from ear to ear and feel AWESOME.

It still amazes me how GREAT you feel after eating well all day and getting your sweat on. Yet again and again I chose to feel bad about myself and gross in my skin by skipping my workouts and binging on what ever gross food I can put into my mouth. Why cant I remember what THIS feels like ALL of the time???

Anyways, I feel awesome. Have I said that already?

Today I...
1. Went and bought new running shoes that felt great on my run today. I usually wear Brooks but I switched over Mizuno's. Love them!
2. Got three miles in on the treadmill this morning before baby girl decided I should stop ignoring her. So after she went to bed I had to get in the additional 3 miles :) But I did it!
3. Scrubed Gavins bathroom while Bre was napping.
4. Grilled TONS of chicken for this week.
5. Spent some time being goofy with the little man.
6. Stayed within my calories and enjoyed what I ate today :)  (again friend me on  - chrissyrn04)

We didnt go to the gym after school to swim like I wanted to - they took the dome down already! CRAZY... its still cold outside! I didnt get around to putting all my clothes away or doing my insanity video but you know what? That's ok! I was going to do the clothes when I got off of here but instead Im going to take a bath and curl up with my book. It will be added on to my to-do list for tomorrow.

Tomorrows to do -
1. Gym tomorrow evening with kids - spin class.
2. Insanity video in am
4. 5 million loads of laundry (and put those away too!)
5. Clean my bathroom
6. Pack breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks for Thursday

Good night!

holy moly May...

First I have to say I am very tired this morning... Bre decided to wake up every hour on the hour which makes for one tired mama! The second hubby was awake I was right back in bed for another hour - what a difference that hour made!

Last night I did the family May schedule. When I do the family schedule I do my rough draft workout schedule. HOLY MOLY. It made me exhausted just writing it! I have some stellar long runs coming up - 10 miles this week, 12 miles next week then I start to taper thank god! I am continuing to incorporate some speed work (it helps... hello 29:40 PR for my last 5k!). I want to get in minimally 1 spin class a week. I love my spin classes and do not want to give them up. I have also committed to doing insanity with hubby but have decided to back off slightly and Im only doing it 4-5 times/week based on the week. Its a lot. Granted I highly enjoy my workouts but still... its a lot. I just reminded myself that its a rough draft. The only thing I HAVE to do is get my weekly long runs in - which is the hardest part. If I can do that the rest is easy :)

In May we go on our family vacation to the beach too with hubbys family. I am SOOOOOO looking forward to this! I even have a pic of the beach house as my screen saver right now to constantly remind me. In less than 4 weeks I have some down time. Yes I will still need to run that week but I will not have nearly the "to do" list I have here.

For example... todays "to do" list
1. Run 6 miles (have to do it on the damn treadmill since I couldnt get up early to do it this am outside thanks to missy not letting me sleep)
2. Put away the piles of laundry stacked up in my room
3. Clean our and G's bathrooms
4. Go buy a new pair of running shoes (tried to order online last night but there are just too many options)
5. Take G and the baby to the pool today after school
6. Complete tonights insanity workout

fun fun!

oh and dont forget - if you are on myfitnesspal please please please friend me :)  chrissyrn04

Monday, April 23, 2012

I have rediscovered a love for I downloaded the app on to my kindle fire so it now goes everywhere for me. And I think the app is alot more user friendly then the actual website which is a first for me :)

And the happy spot was I am 11 lbs lighter than when I weighed in on there before...granted that was a long time ago but still!

If you are on too please friend me!   chrissyrn04

plan what you eat...

Plan what you eat, eat what you plan!

That popped into my head yesterday and has been my new mantra for the last few hours. I have the exercise down but my weighloss 100% relies on my eating. It makes or breaks my efforts. The exercise is an added bonus. It makes me feel strong, lean and destresses me. When I eat well, I lose weight. When I dont, I gain. Its pretty simple. I am also a HUGE planner. I plan my meals pretty often. I dont always follow that plan unfortinately.

So todays food plan - and Im planning what I eat and will eat what I plan!
8am - 4 egg whites, 1 slice dry toast, coffee with almond milk.
11am- protein shake
1pm - baked chicken sandwich with carrots.
330pm - greek yogurt with berries and cereal
6pm - pork chop with veggies
9pm - a fruit

This weeks workout plan
Monday - insanity video
Tues - run 3 miles and 10 strides, insanity video
Wed - early spin, insanity video
Thur - run 5 miles, insanity video
Fri - insanity video
Sat - 10 mile run
Sunday rest

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy weekend...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Weekends mean absolutely nothing in our house - both hubby and I work in public service and weekends/holidays/day vs night really means nada. So its Saturday and I worked 12 hours and hubby is at work right now. The kiddos got to spend some quality time with grandma.

I didnt get my workout in this morning :( was aiming for an insanity video. Eating was doing well until someone broke out donuts and chocolates at work and then it was all down hill. Granted I didnt order chinese with everyone else :) Tomorrows weigh in will NOT be good. I need to get back on track. I know what to do but I need to actually do it. I like my workouts. I like the food Im eating. What is the problem!

I need to revamp this coming weeks workout plan - they came out with a new schedule at the gym and I need to revamp around it. I will do that tomorrow night.

I think an early bed time is in order. Have a great weekend. Good night.

so confused!

I just finally got blogger to work for me with its new format. Now I need to get to work so no time to tell you how awesome I am... granted you knew that already :)  I will be back... need to go make some money.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

if you want to do it...

Im sitting here feeling blah about myself. I gave in, decided not to work out and decided to eat instead. So I just had some tamales that my dad brought from Texas when he was visiting. Now if I had done it after getting my workout in then I may not feel so bad but here I am now.

While eating I went through some of my favorite blogs. One gal posted a video she found on youtube... see it HERE

Besides the fact that it is an amazing inspirational thing to see... it was the ending words that got me.

If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it.
I can call myself a marathoner, even an iron man but best of all I can call myself happy.

Can I call myself happy? Not even a little bit. Yes I have very happy periods but overall... no I cannot call myself happy. I want to do it... all I have to do is do it.

three things thursday

1. WHY OH WHY did I keep putting off my workout today? I was going to do it after we woke up but I hadnt seen baby girl in a few days so I was playing with her. Then I was going to do it after I took her to daycare before my massage but I didnt feel like I would have enough time. Then I had both kids, dinner, homework, walk, baths, bedtime. Busy. Now its a bit after 8pm. Im waiting and waiting for Bre to stop being a bobble head in her crib so I can get down stairs and get it done. But the longer I wait the harder and harder it is to get down stairs to do it. I want to be lazy. Lazy is being very very close to winning.

2. I am fully stocked in Gu :) I ordered a big box from amazon that came today. Not knowing it would come today and having a run planned for tomorrow - I swung by charm city running and bought a few so now I have like 30 of my favorite. Chocolate Outrage is freaking awesome.

3. Tomorrow is a 10 mile planned run. First 10 miler in 15 months. Im a bit nervous. I was super excited to be running with a friend but lives are busy and she cant join me :( very bummed out. I need a few more running friends....

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tomorrow is prepped and ready to go :)

I work the next two days and I am prepped and ready to go :)

Gym bag is packed and in the car, work bag is packed (including my mini blender for my protein shake)

Tomorrows food plan is done and it took me forever to pack :)

7am - plain greek yogurt with berries and 1/2 cup cereal mixed in, coffee with skim milk
1030am - protein shake with pb2, 1/2 banana, chocolate almond milk and a cup of fresh baby spinach
2pm - 4oz chicken in a pita with a wedge of lite laughing cow cheese and spinach, apple
6pm - 4oz chicken and 2 cups mixed veggies, cheese stick
9pm - peanut butter on an english muffin
and if Im hungry in between I packed a small cottage cheese. All of this takes me right around 1500-1550 calories.

Tomorrows workout will be a 4 mile tempo run in the morning and an insanity video after work.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have had the BEST DAY EVER!!!!

1. I lost one pound this week - wasnt really expecting a loss because of my diet choices but regardless I lost a pound!

2. I HIT MY GOAL BABY!!!!! sub 30 5k! 29:40 to be exact but that is 4 minutes shy of my previous best time. I wasnt able to talk through the run and the last half mile or so I was sucking air but regardless I did it!!! SO SO SO excited! It felt awesome!

3. Decided to have some special time with my little man. We did lunch and then I took him ice skating for the first time. It was hilarious!

4. And the evening finished up with a date with my very handsome loving amazing husband. We went to the melting pot and it was freaking awesome. So yummy!

And because I am in such a great mood - im NOT going to think about how much I better (and thinner I thought I looked tonight).

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sub-30 min 5k?

Tomorrow is my first race post baby... super excited! Part of me almost typed that its only a 5k... but hell a 5k has its benefits. This particular race holds a special place in my heart. The womens 5k by the bay is the first race I ever ran back in 2009. It took me alittle over 36 minutes to complete.

Im not a fast runner. Not even with a half and a full marathon under my belt. Im just not built to be fast. BUT I have been making an effort to put in some speed and tempo runs into my training. My average mile used to be 11:30 - now I feel pretty comfortable at a 10:30 for the most part. Granted my body would love to run at 11:00. At 11:00 I can fully have a conversation and feel like I could run forever.

Tomorrows 5k I want to PR. I thought about it all day today on what time I would like to do it in. I know the course pretty well - there are only 2 hills and only one of them really sucks. 34 minutes would be easy. 32 minutes would be totally doable. 30 min ... not so sure.

Then I talked with Nicole who is also running it and asked what she is hoping to run it in... sub 30. So atleast 29:59. ummm really dont know if that is realistic for me. Nicole is my long distance running partner - we ran a half and a full together but during my pregnancy she added atleast 2 more fulls (maybe 3?) and drastically picked up her pace. Her comfortable run is now at a 10:00 and to be honest... yes Im a tad bit jealous.  I told her at that pace not to expect any talking from me for the 30 minutes and boy do I love to catch up when we run.

Then I thought - maybe I havent been pushing myself enough. I can knock out a 9:30 mile but not sure if I could do that for 3 in a row. Then I thought back to something I read in "Train like a mother" (LOVE THAT BOOK!)... you set an over the moon I would LOVE that goal as your A goal and a more realistic B goal so that if A doesnt happen then you make B happen and still enjoy hitting your goal.

So here is my goals for tomorrow
Goal A : 30 minutes
Goal B : 32 minutes
and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Friday, April 13, 2012

5 things friday

1. I ran 8... count them ... 8 miles!!! WOOHOO. There were some KILLER hills. I was really hoping to show you the elevation from my Garmin Forerunner but I cant seem to find the CD to add the software to my laptop :(  Either way - my fastest speed was 7:31, average speed 11:04 and it took me 1 hour 32 minutes to complete the 8 miles.

2. I got my hair done today. It was going to be during one of my meal times so what did I do????
Yes. I packed my meal :) Granted I looked pretty funny with foils in my hair and putting together a sandwich.

3. I picked up my first race packet since before I was preggo :)

4. I spent some time with my two favorite people tonight curled up watching a movie :)

5. Im having an issue with night time eating. I need to just go to bed!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

morning everyone

Just a quick hello before I get ready for work - those last few minutes enjoying my coffee before the annoying task of blow drying my hair then getting the kids up and dressed and all of us out of the door. Fun Fun.

Completed insanity the last two nights. Still havent gotten up in time to get the shorter tempo (4 miles) run in. I HAVE to do it tomorrow since friday is my long run and sat is a run rest day since I have the long run on friday and a 5k scheduled for Sunday. But I NEED to get my training miles in.

My husband has been going on and on and on about how I wont be able to stick to insanity AND my training. I have decided to repeat month one of insanity instead of going up to 2 and keep my running schedule as it is. I KNOW I can do this and I really really dont want to prove he is right so I need to make sure those runs happen.

On a side note - I was reading the beach body nutrition plan and Im intrigued. More on that to come.

Ta-ta for now.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Prepping for the week

So how do you plan a healthy work week when you work 12 hour shifts and have 2 kids? With lots and lots of planning.

I have written out my workout plan for each day based on my husbands schedule... I need to make a few changes since I planned to do early spin tomorrow but they dont have early spin on tuesdays :(  Totally bummed about that since its the only day this week I could get in the early spin class.

Next you plan your food. This takes the longest. If you dont like eating the same thing several days in a row then this can be much more difficult but I dont mind.

First I made my breakfast for the next 4 days - chocolate berry oatmeal (looks gross taste great, promise)
Next I made a TON of veggies as the main part of lunch and dinner for the next few days while hubby grilled a ton of chicken. I made the veggies in batches - first brocoli, carrotsand cauliflouer then asparagus, zucchini and onion and then brussel sprouts...

Since Im going to the gym in the am - my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are packed. Yes I have a large lunch bag! I packed the oatmeal, huge thing of veggies, 2 pieces grilled chicken, carrots, an apple, strawberries, hummus and a small thing of microwave popcorn. That will even out my day. I will probually have a banana before heading to the gym.

The little mans lunch is already packed as well and his clothes are laid out to head back to school tomorrow from spring break (YAAAA!)

I still need to pack my gym bag since I will be showering there before work.

So workout plan
Tonight - insanity
Tomorrow morning - 4 intervals of run 10 min, 1 min hill, 1 min walk
Tomorrow evening - insanity
Wed morning - insanity
Wed evening - rest
Thur morning - insanity
Thur evening - rest
Fri morning - long run 8 miles
Fri evening - insanity
Sat morning - spin
Sat evening - insanity

So that is the week in a nutshell. Add in there work the next three days 12 hour shifts, spend a little bit of time with the little people, keeping the house up and getting my hair did :)

Doubt I will be back on here until Friday... see you then!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

note to self

Dear Me -

Today was wonderful and fun. You went a smidge over board between breakfast and dinner and all the candy in between but you planned for it to happen and its not a deal breaker. Tomorrow is a new day and time to be 100% dedicated and back on plan. You can do this. One day at a time remember?

Here is what your week looks like - its a bit tough but you have it in you. You ended up resting today which was not the plan but again its ok. The rest of the week...

Monday - off work, TONS of little things to get done between Bres doctor appt, Gavins swim lessons and everything in between. Dont forget your 3 mile run, 4 strides and getting your Insanity video done.

Tuesday - work but hit up the gym and early morning spin before work starts. Insanity after work

Wed - gym after work to get your running done... insanity before work.

Thur - insanity after work

Fri - long run 8 miles, no insanity.

Sat - spin, insanity

Yes its alot... but I have faith in you and you like a challange and you love your work outs!

Now get to bed!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I feel strong!

Ive been a bit busy between work, working out and family stuff. Regardless of how busy I have been this week - my exercise has taken priority.

Today I ran my first real longer run since prepregnancy - 7 miles! It felt AMAZING. I had to walk up a hill - hills suck butt but other than that it felt great. I got a baby sitter so I could have a 2 hour window to run, eat and shower. It was gorgeous outside. I had new music on my ipod. It was just a great run - my breathing felt even. It was awesome. So I started the morning off with a workout and I just ended the day with another workout. I decided this week to give Insanity from BeachBody a chance. Today was day 3. Lucky for me day 3 is cardio recovery so it was a perfect addition to my long run day.

Insanity is HARD. Yesterdays made me think I was going to vomit. Bu its fast paced and I feel AMAZING afterwards. I feel strong (and super sweaty). I was just going to do it as my cross training but instead I have decided to go full blown insane :) While I wish I would have tried it a month ago - now is better than a few months from now when Im running 12-16 miles at a clip.

Eating has been pretty decent. I did give in for a cookie earlier today. It was too sweet.

Tomorrow is weigh in.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today has been a day FULL of temptations - they had corn fritters and chocolate cocunut cake in the cafeteria at lunch, someone brought in fresh warm rasberry turn overs at work, there is still that damn giant chocolate bar in the fridge. My workout had temptations to quit - the dog barely made it a mile making me drop her off at home before heading back out.

And I didnt give in to one single temptation today :) I wanted to. Boy, did I want to! But I kept telling myself my new mantra... just get through today. Just this one day of doing things well and maybe tomorrow you can splurge or have a snack or rest. But not today.

And you know what??? It works!

Todays food -
Breakfast - 4 egg whites, 1 dry piece wheat toast, coffee with almond milk
Lunch - roasted veggies and grilled chicken, grapefruit
Snack - 100cal popcorn, coffee with skim milk
Dinner - spinach salad with chicken, egg, veggies, and roasted red pepper dressing and a grapefruit
snacks - carrots with hummus, 1 slice cheese, frozen grapes

getting through today

It worked so well yesterday with me just focusing on the day - I am doing the same today. Eventually it wont be so difficult - right?

So I need to just get through today - from wake up until bed time. Things I need to specifically focus on today since Im at work -
1. NO crackers and peanut butter. If I get hungry then eat the food I packed ... who knows how many calories I have been adding daily to this yucky work habit!
2. Keep water at my desk... and drink it!
3. When I go down to the cafeteria to get the chicken breast to add to my lunch that is all I get!
4. No candy from the gift shop!

Also I need to get an easy 3 mile run in tonight.

Just need to keep telling myself - its just one day, its just one day.

Oh and pat on the back to me - havent stepped on the scale in a few days. Im trying really hard to stop my several times a day weighing in. Trying not to step on it until my official weigh in on Sundays.

Ok off to get ready for work.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

day by day worked today :) and INSANITY

Today I decided JUST to focus on TODAY. To pay attention to everything I put into my mouth, to work on getting little extra movements in and lots of water. To stay away from sweets today - which was super hard today since hubby needed chocolate so there is a GIANT chocolate bar in the fridge and yummy cookies with icing. I wanted a bite many many times today but kept telling myself "no, just not today. maybe tomorrow but not today"

And do you know what?  IT WORKED! My eating has been right on point today and I didnt give in.
Breakfast - coffee with almond milk, old fashioned oats with banana/cocoa powder and berries
Lunch - 6 in subway chicken breast sub with the inside bread scooped out with veggies, side of carrots and hummus
Dinner - a charcoal grilled cheese burger in a lettuce "bun" and roasted veggies
Snack - 100 cal popcorn and frozen grapes. Yummy.

On a side note I decided to try out my husbands Insanity... OMG... my calves are going to EXPLODE and I have NO core. I was a jiggly mess. More on that to come.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

one day at a time

First off I feel pretty awesome right now. I didnt wake up to get my run in this morning. I had a busy day planned ending with an impromtu sleepover with two silly giggling boys in my basement. I didnt think it was giong to happen. I just wasnt feeling it. At 830 I had the boys settled in with their sleeping bags. Baby girl was in bed. I changed my clothes and hit the treadmill thinking if I can just get half of it in. Well I rocked it! 10 min running, 30 sec sprint, 90 sec walk x 6 times. So 75 min on the treadmill with a total of 5.8 miles. Felt great. I could have ran raster for the running but the goal today was to complete the task time wise but I really really pushed myself  in those sprints.

I keep focusing on the end result. Completing a month of this or that. I set myself up for failure over and over.

I need to take it one day at a time.

Tomorrow I need to just focus on that day - getting from point a to point b ... from morning to bedtime. Just focus on the day . Tomorrow I will...
-Start with a heathly filling breakfast
-no processed meals, no artificial sweetners
-no sweets tomorrow (this doesnt need to be a daily thing and I had MORE than enough today, trust me)
-no eating out
-get my workout in
-water water and more water

I got this!

i am awesome

Why do I have it in this silly head of mine that I will only be "perfect", right, happy, healthy when and if I do everything in life perfectly. When Im a size 8. When I eat right 100% of the time. When I lose the baby belly.

OMG that sounds HORRIBLE. I am NOT defined by my size, what I eat day to day, what the scale says or what size jeans Im wearing. I am so much more than that. Why do I let that small part of myself make the rest of me feel like a failure?

I am strong.
I am an AMAZING mom.
I care about people.
I think Im pretty darn good at my job and I LOVE it.
I have a healthy marriage.
I am a good friend.
I am a runner.

I do so many things well. I have a full life. WHY OH WHY do I let the scale dictate how I feel about myself??? Does the scale make me a good mom, nurse, friend, wife, runner?

I need to remind myself that one thing doesnt get to dictate my mood, feelings, emotions, and actions. It does NOT define who I am.

I need to be more content and in the moment NOW... life wont magically be "better" once Im a size 6 or 8. I need to life and love life NOW and enjoy life through the process of getting healthier.

I am in a funk

Im sure its mainly related to what has been going in my pie hole - that and its that time of the month but still... I am in a funk. I feel swollen and blah - but I have eaten alot of crap that makes me swollen and feel blah. The 3 donuts for breakfast didnt help matters. I didnt get up this morning to get that 75 min workout done either :(

Im going to destress today with my bestie. I will get that run in today. And I will stop this mindless eating. I will get out of this funk.

Monday, April 2, 2012

exhausting day:)

I am TIRED... but had a great day with my family. Granted - I have no pictures to prove it since I charged my camera but forgot it! uhhhh!

Started the morning off bright and early at the gym for 530 am spin. 530 is getting alot easier to get up and go. I plan better and go to bed at a decent time and lay out everything I need before I go to bed. It also helps they just implemented a three strikes rule. If you sign up and dont show up for 3 classes in a three month period of time then you lose your sign up privilages for a month ... yes they mean signing up for spin but its all sign up which would mean I would lose signing up for childcare! No can do! So I get my butt out the door!

Got home at 630, showered out the door by 730 to go out to breakfast with the family. By 930ish we were on the ma and pa trail taking the hike to the big playground. Lunch was boston market. Got baby girl new carseats. Cleaned out my van and vaccummed it. Straighted up the house. Went to a chiro appointment. Took Gavin to swimming.

And now Im pooped. G is out with daddy doing yard work. Bre is taking a nap and Im sitting here relaxing and eating some frozen grapes and filling out my to do list for tomorrow. Everything on todays got done except clean up my room but it WILL get done tonight!

On a side note my eating has been HORRIBLE today. Im just now drinking my first glass of water and its 7pm! I have munched all day. I have picked not so great for me food options and I have snuck snacks today. I dont know why I do this! I was doing so well off processed foods... didnt even really crave anything. But I allow myself to have one thing then thats ALL I can think about and I eat and I eat which makes me feel bad and then I eat some more. Makes me so frustrated with myself.  I just read on another blog - I will come back and link to it... you only need to work on being better than you were yesterday. I am going to remind myself that ALOT tomorrow (hell - tonight :)

Tomorrows to do -
1. Enjoy some gal time seeing hunger games, shopping, lunch
2. Get my treadmill workout in -
3. sign g up for summer camp

ok fast forward 2 hours - G insisted we dance in the kitchen which led to cuddling watching tv, getting them to bed and a hot bath. off to write up the treadmill plan for tomorrow and go to bed.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

mondays to do list

I didnt have a to do list today except for go to wok and get to bed early - win win.

Tomorrows to do is a bit more complicated

1. early morning spin (530am)
2. clean out van
3. clean bedroom
4. something fun with Gavin - maybe a hike?
5. gavin has swim lessons at 430
6. dinner is a crock pot meal

I like list :)

Today weigh in 170.5. I have the hardest time getting below each 10 spot. Its a mental thing. Once I finally over come it getting to the next 10 spot isnt difficult... but then I will struggle again for a month or two at that 10 spot. Its my MO and I know it. Its the fear of succeeding.