Sunday, October 31, 2010

what am I going to do now?

Its 715 am. Im up, showered, hair done, make up on - still in my pj's. Was about to put my scrubs on and get out the door but then I got a FABULOUS phone call. Today is my day off but I agreed to come in for 4 hours to help out the intensivist at work since he didnt have a midlevel scheduled today. Turns out we have like 4 patients and he just called and said thanks but I can stay home... YAAAA!

Well Im too awake to go back to bed. So what am I going to get into today? Im thinking in a few minutes Im going on a quick cleaning spree. Definately going to get my workout in... havent decided if Im going to go for another LONG run or hitting the gym for the treadmill and the pool. And maybe... just maybe... I might try to get in for a massage! I am a member at massage envy... love it... and havent used my monthly massage yet. Im kid free until 3pm... wow!

A few other things... Im charging myself... yup you heard me right. I started yesterday and so far its worked. I dont keep cash on me and the deal is I have to put money in the jar right away or cant do it. Havent decided where the money will go at the end of each month - savings? donation? Any other ideas??? I need to force myself to stay away from the candy grazing I have been doing... one turns into 10 turns into an amount I cant even count! And yes you can have the occational piece of candy... but I cant. It makes me crave WAY more. I cant stop - like an alcoholic but with chocolate or sugar or whatever. So yes I let myself have a treat but those treats are something special and typically homemade... not the candy corn I have been shoveling into my mouth! I also need to be accountable for skipping my workouts - one skip turns into 2 turns into 3 turns into a week! Yes sometimes you need to change your workout plans - I have a pretty intense schedule. So my charge for missing a workout isnt for if I change a workout or downsize a workout... its for missing a whole day of doing something. So if I scheduled an intense workout and I am not feeling up to it, sore, ect... I can change that to a nice long walk with my dog or jumping on the trampoline with my kid... I still need to get out and do SOMETHING.

So here are the charges
1. $1 for each serving of candy
2. $5 for each missed day of workout

Im going to make a cute jar later today :) I may need to go to the ATM to have some money set aside :)

We are going into another month... what will you do just for you this month? Im going to make sure I get outside for fresh air daily and maybe just maybe if Im brave enough have a maid service come in (without hubby knowing it - he isnt in favor of the idea... thats where the brave part comes from :)

What will you do for you?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wonderful Family Day!!!

Had a great day today. Is started with breakfast out with the family (did good eating wise, stuck to my 1 egg, dry english muffin and 2 bacon). Then G had his first belt test... so cute!!!

Then it was a nice long family nap - my favorite kind when the whole family goes down at the same time and the house is quiet ... even the dog was snoring!

After nap we surprised G with a trip to Dutch Wonderland. He had NO clue where we were going. His guess was a farm to pick another pumpkin. We were about 2 blocks away when the GPS said "arriving at Dutch Wonderland Theme Park and he freaked out... the joy that comes off a 4 year old is amazing. We brought his costume and let him put it on, rode rides, played games, made our own smores, had hot chocolate and did their little trick or treating. A wonderful day!

Then we stopped at Pizza Hut on the way home for dinner - not so wonderful on my choices there but it happens.

Now G is at my moms for the night, hubby is down stairs playing a game and Im having alittle quiet alone time. I am thinking bubble bath and an early night :) I agreed to come into work for 4 hours tomarrow morning. Then since we arent getting G back until 3 I think I will let my hubby have some alone time and head straight to the gym from work. Tomorrow night is friends over for dinner and taking our boys trick or treating. Its been a GREAT weekend!

Friday, October 29, 2010

October in a nut shell...and Nov goals.

October by numbers wasnt a great month.
  • I only lost 1.5lbs total over the course of the month
  • I only lost an inch off my waist
  • I had serious periods of doubt on my success

But lots of other great things happenned too...

  • I ran my first half marathon
  • I proved to myself that if I stick to a routine and stay dedicated thing my goal is reachable!
  • I officially fit in size 8 pants!!!! Last winter I was in a 16.
  • My ring size has gone from an 8 to a 6.5... my wedding ring is resized and looks so cute!
  • I got over my fear of looking like an idiot and took some swim classes

So while I havent made huge strides in the weight loss department, I have made HUGE strides in my overall health and wellbeing. YAAA me!

But having said that - I am making some goals for november and consequences if they arent met.

  1. I will lose 5 lbs.
  2. I will journal my food and stay within my point allowances.
  3. I will start training for my full marathon.
  4. I will take my water bottle with me a majority of the time... cant drink it if its not there!

When I actually follow the WW point system, I lose weight and I lose a decent amount. But I am not held accountable to anyone but myself and obviously Im not enough. So if I dont reach my November goal then I think I need to actually go back to officially doing WW with meetings and all. Maybe that is the link Im missing. I dont really want to pay 40/month to go to meetings. I dont really want to have to find time in my already crazy busy schedule to get to Bel air once a week. BUT maybe thats what I need. So one more month on my own.

How was your October? What are your plans for November?

wow 45 and quick update...

I have 45 followers - holy crap! That makes me smile - HUGE! I have more followers that I dont personally know then I do... yaaaaa! Curious if people that follow actually ever come back and read my blog??? And how many I have that lurk.... dont worry I dont mind - glad your here!!!

If you follow my blog please just leave a quick comment below - even Hi! would work... just curious who actually reads this thing...

And when I get to 50 Im going to have a fun giveaway!!!

Ok now for the update - I have been having a poor me party for a few days now. OVER! I am in day one of a great 3 day weekend that is going to propel me into a happier healthier week! Started today off after G was dressed for his Halloween party and gone with a run... 7.5 miles with my hubby! This is a BIG deal... we have NEVER ran together. I ran about a minute or so a mile faster then my normal pace and he ran 4 miles longer then he normally runs... we had fun and it felt great to do it together. First run of many hopefully! Going to make a yummy healthy dinner tonight, curl up and watch a movie with hubby. Tomarrow G goes for his first belt in Tai Kwan Do and in the afternoon we are suprising him with a trip to Dutch Wonderland. Sun we are having friends over for dinner and trick or treating. GREAT WEEKEND!

Repeating history - different setting

First the weigh in - I gained a pound this week - back to 155.5. Am I shocked - nope. I havent really journaled, Ive eaten out twice this week and I have eaten a lot of candy.

Some moments I have had in the past few days ...

Last week I was on Carly's blog - Chubby Chicks Run too - she was talking about how if shocker if she actually follows WW then weight comes off. I commented that yes when I follow it I lose easily 2-3 lbs a week, when I dont follow it I gain weight... ummm hello if I know this, and yes I 100% know this... why dont I always follow it?

Then I was on Ronis - on and she posted this from youtube - PRETTY... its something that if you are a women you should 100% listen too ... it spoke to me. I dont have a very good relationship with my mom. We have never been close and she has continuously chosen men over her children (seriouslys, married 5 times, 2 of the weddings I wasnt invited to and one of them I was on vacation with an aunt and had never met the man until she moved me into his house AFTER the wedding when I got back from vacation). She never told me she was proud of me, never told me I was smart, never told me I was pretty, never told me that I could/would be amazing. Because of her I am terrified of having a daughter - of not knowing how to instill self worth in her, of not being able to make her a strong women because I seriously lacked in role models.

I do this thing where I get close to something - to a goal - and then I get exhausted and tired of doing it and completely 100% give up and go into a funk. I did it almost every semester in graduate school - I would be rocking class, a solid strong A and then a month to go I would just not care anymore. Suck at my last few assignments, barely study and get a B. But worse - when I do that - I pull away from EVERYONE. Friends, family, classmates. I go into a shell of myself. I start some major self loathing. I dont think Im worthy of anything. Its bad cycle. I do it with everything that means something to me, expecially my weight loss and right now Im starting one of those funks. Im starting to pull away from people. I am officially recognizing it - now how to I prevent it?

As for the Hot 100 challange
Goal 1- lose 1lbs a week... nope gained one lb...
Goal 2 - make exercise and my health a priority - yes and no, I have been taking my water every where I go. I have slacked the last 2 days at the gym.
Goal 3 special time with my family - I went on a date with my kid last week.. it was fun!
Ive completely slacked on my goals - Im doing the same thing to this challange that I do to everything.

Ok self loathing over - how do I fix it???

Thursday, October 28, 2010

reminder to me...

Here are a few things I want to work on and post about in the coming week... a list to myself :)

1. Seasonal affective disorder and how to try to prevent it... yes winter is coming. Dark in the am, dark by 430pm... I work 8-8 which means I see no daylight on my work days :(

2. Forming new habits - found a great reminder website that I want to share.

3. Weekly new recipe day - posting a recipe and pics with reviews from my hubby, myself and the preschooler.

4. Date day - once a week with my kid, once a week or biweekly with my hubby, once a week or biweekly as a family... just being silly, having fun, enjoying time together.

5. Reorganization - getting my house reorganized and myself ready for the holidays... both mind/body/house/family/life.

SO that is what is to come... any other suggestions?

taking back over my body

I slept and slept and slept yesterday. I took an almost 4 hour nap yesterday and then went to bed at 830pm! CRAZY! I still feel like my ears are all clogged up and that there are rice crispies in them. Kind of like Im under water. But NO fever, NO sore throat, almost NO cough. SO Im taking back over!

Im about to get ready for work and plan a light workout tonight when I get home - just a 30 min run. Tomarrow it will be back on my workout schedule.

Ive been sitting here going through some of my recent blog post this past week or so - wow Ive been down and sound kind of pitiful. Thanks for putting up with me!

Mind over body right?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crud day 2

Is that even how you spell crud? Not sure.

Either way - day 2 of feeling like crap. I feel like Im underwater. Im cold. I want to sleep - alot! Not condusive (damn I cant spell) for working in a hospital. Unfortinately there are only two of us in the ICU and we work opposite days so its just me. Luckily, I got to work and we only had 6 patients, none really busy and my doc said "peace out, feel better" so I got to come home around noon. YAAAA.

I went right to bed and woke up around 4ish - I picked up G on the way home, he napped until 3 and then was nice to watch cartoons and let mommy nap. He did whine that I would be sick forever and will never play with him again because of my stupid germs.... lovely.

I have chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove. My house is quiet - my wonderful hubby took G to karate without me.

No workout today - since I have no appetite the eating has been good today. Im going to eat some soup, take a long bath, some night time cold medicine and go back to bed. I actually do need to work tomarrow! I dont have a fever so I will feel like crap but will be feeling like crap at work.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Greek Yogurt - Im a huge fan!!!

I love greek yogurt with breakfast and dessert dishes but found all of these great ideas too - from the WW website... check it out here. I want to just list them but Im not sure how the copyright laws work.

whine whine

Yup thats me - big fat whiner.

Yesterday I had a massive stressed out mom moment. That is getting better - I should have reached out and asked for help before. I had several moms in the playgroup offer - the mommies network is amazing. If you are a mom and are looking for other moms to bond with you really should see if there is a group near you. I belong to Chesapeake Mommies and they are awesome! Click here to see if there is a group near you.

Now for todays whine - I feel like crude. A sinus/head cold type thing is moving in and Im a giant cranky baby when I dont feel good. I didnt work out today. And I have eaten pretty crappy- I was doing great until I just HAD to go out to dinner so my 4 year old and I went on a date. Granted we had alot of fun and had some bonding moments that we really needed - we swung into the mall to get some new scrubs and took the escalator up and down like 10 times. FUN FUN. But did I make smart eating choices... sure didnt!

Now Im sitting here feeling BLAH. I shouldnt be feeling blah - Im overall doing great. I even bought my second pair of size 8 jeans!!! But I dont. I am having a pathetic blah horrible me time.

On a side note - I made my full November workout schedule - its posted in my workout section. Its alittle overwelming knowing what our Novemeber work schedule is already without my work out plan. It also is freaking me out that at the end of the month I start marathon training.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stressed MOM

I am one stressed mom.

I work 3-4 days a week until 8pm. My husband works 7-3 for two weeks then 3-11 for two weeks. So for two weeks a month when we both work on the same days we have to find someone to pick our 4 year old up from daycare and keep him until 8pm. A few times a month that day falls on a karate day. This STRESSES me out!

Other things that stress me out -
* I am completely responsible for G's schedule... completely responsible for finding who watches him when we cant.
* I want to have another baby - BAD ... but then what the hell am I going to do with a 5 year old and a newborn with our schedules???
* I still have to find time for my workouts in addition to our crazy schedules.

My stomach hurts just thinking about it all.... what I need is a mom that has a hubby that works late who wants to make a little extra money and takes G those few times a month... I need a part time nanny. Right now I have amazing family and a great best friend that helps me out but I HATE having to keep asking for help. Paying is one thing... begging is another....uhhhh!

a 30 min day....

Not sure how this happenned but my day had a 30 minute theme to it.

Play by play of my day -

Woke up to having oatmeal already ready in the crock pot. I put honey and dried cherries in mine. I put some maple syrup and brown sugar in Gavins. He wasnt a fan - he immediately asked me to make him "real oatmeal" which I did. I wasnt in love with mine but I didnt hate it either. I think it was alittle overcooked maybe. But one thing it definately was - very very filling!

Then it was time to drop G off at school and head to the gym where the 30 min theme started... 30 min on the treadmill running, full body weight workout, 30 min in the pool doing laps. I could have and should have ran longer/further but I didnt feel like it. My weight workout ROCKED - I even put a step thing on 4 blocks on each side and did jump ups ... wow that was hard but FUN! Then the pool... it is getting better. Not easy but definately better. I ran into the trainer I hired to teach me how to swim. I have one more lesson already paid but I have been kind of hiding from her for some stupid reason - well today I got out of the pool and bam there she was!

Then I came home and set my alarm for 30 min and cleaned my bedroom. It beeped and I stopped. I got WAY more done in 30 min then I thought I would!

Ate lunch - the new EVERYTHING 110cal bagle thins are really yummy to use as your sandwich bread and Im loving the baked ridges chedder potatoe chips!

Then when I got back from getting G and getting him down for a nap I decided what the hell... a 30 min nap! So I set my alarm again and was very well rested after the fact.

While waiting for G to get up I set the alarm for another 30 min and cleaned up some more in my kitchen/dining room.... again wow!

Made a yummy dinner followed by these muffins - click here - I forgot to add alittle splenda since I used unsweetenned almond milk so they are alittle bland. Thats hot though - Im hoping cold they have a bit more spunk to them. We will see. I havent given one to eric or G yet - my guess is G will love them and Eric wont. We will see.

Now Im ready to relax - it was a full day. Ready for another one tomarrow.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday take two...

Had a pretty decent day today. Enjoyed work - usually do. Was very productive today - got home and took my dog for a run, tucked G into bed, went grocery shopping.

I put breakfast in the slow cooker - Im a little nervous. Im trying these...Click here. I am a HUGE fan of this recipe web site. I havent made anything G and I dont like yet - guess Roni and I have the same taste in food :) Im really hoping that G will try it - he likes oatmeal so we will see. I love the fact of it being ready when we wake up and the fun of adding our own toppings.

Tomarrow is a crock pot kind of day - Im putting dinner in the crock pot too since we have karate at 5pm. Cheesy chicken - then putting it on top of my brown rice/veggie mix.

Tomarrow will be a busy day - dropping G off at preschool then straight to the gym. I was planning to spin tomarrow but turns out the fall schedule doesnt have a monday morning spin - totally bummed! So I will spin on tuesday and run tomarrow. Then it will be time for some much needed Gavin Mommy time. My little man has NOT been very good lately. He has been rude and selfish. I dont know how to fix it. I think we have spoiled him a bit too much. Then it will be karate, dinner and regular night stuff.

Off to bed... hopefully when I wake up this horrible pimple the size of a mountain will be off my chin!

Another quick post..

Sorry for all of the super fast post - with working 12 hour shifts and trying to get my workout still in, it doesnt leave alot of extra time.

Im about to get ready for work but thought I would check in. Im off tomarrow - yaaaa!

Last night when I got home after tucking G into bed I went right down stairs and did my weight training. This morning I tried to get up to run before work but my bed wouldnt let me so when I get off work tonight I will get an easy 3 mile run in.

Yesterdays eating went ok - I did splurge and had a bagel yesterday morning but when the nurses ordered chinese for lunch I stuck to my packed baked chicken and brown rice. Yaaa me. Still went about 3 points over my daily allowance. My goal is to stick to daily goal from now until weigh in. I would be over the moon with a third straight week of losing. After 5 weeks of maintaining Im ready to see some change!

I have a pretty intense workout schedule for this coming week - you can see it on the calander.

I have some other eating goals for this coming week. Monday and Tuesday Im off - I want to try some new healthy breakfast options - I have been wanting to try steel cut oats in the crock pot overnight for the morning so we will try that tonight for tomarrow morning. I plan for a big farm veggie shopping trip monday morning and will cut and prep all the fruits and veggies for the week. Starting this week on mon and wed Im going to also try to have a crock pot dinner planned since G has karate at 5pm... makes it hard to get back and make dinner at a decent time.

Im also off next fri, sat, sun! VERY excited about that since Eric is off too... doesnt happen on the weekends very often for us! So friday we are going to lancaster to ride a train and do some fall stuff with G. Sunday we will all be dressing up and going trick or treating. Looking forward to some awesome family time.

On a different note - yesterday at work I was reminded as I am over and over - life is good. I need to be more grateful for my life, family, health. I am very lucky to have all that I have.

Other than that - its same old same old.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Body Image

I realized today that I have a very poor body image. Yes I knew this but I didnt know to what extent.

This is what I know... I have lost almost 50lbs. I have gone from a tight size 16 to an 8/10. My clothes are way baggy. In pictures I can tell the difference 100%... but....

Naked I am so disgusted. I think my body looks exactly the same. I have the same rolls on my stomach. My thighs jiggle and are huge. I have back rolls. When does all of that get better???


Its saturday morning - I tried to get up to do my weight training but my bed was warm and the air was cold so that didnt happne :( So I will be doing it after work tonight.

Yesterday was a great day - got off work early and we took Gavin for a walk in HdG, played at the playground and went out to dinner. Then I took a long bubble bath and read my book for a while. Great Day!

Its been pretty slow at work - hoping that continues through the weekend so I get off early.

Nothing really more to talk about - wish I had something inspiring to say :) hahaha yea right!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.. off to get ready for work!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hot 100 Friday Update....

This is going to be quick... sorry, I need to get to work and not sure what tonight will be like.

And to my immense SHOCK... I lost 1lb this week!!! SHOCKED! I ate HORRIBLY the first 4 days of this week. Yes I worked out and yes I got back on track the last 3 days but before that ... BAD! SO I am taking my 1lb very happily. Second losing week in a row...woohoo!

Goal 1: Lose one pound per week... woohoo, YES!!!

Goal 2:Nicer and healthier to my body - yup yup. Vitamin - check. Water - check. 2 weeks no coffee! Sat and gave myself a pedicure yesterday.

Goal 3: Make exercise a priority - I ran my first half marathon last saturday! And within 36hours I was already back to my usual running. I am really working on the swimming thing even though it SUCKS and Im not good at it... I havent given up!

Goal 4: Make special time for hubby/son... G and I made cookies for his class last night. Thur we went swimming and I acted like a 4 year old... it was a blast. Didnt have much time with hubby though this week - my dad was visiting and he is working a long stretch. I will change that this week!

All in all a good week - if I would have eaten better it would have been amazing.

Weigh in picture done but not uploaded yet.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy day planned

WOW I have a busy day off planned -
1. Going to the gym - long day at the gym with a 5 mile run, 30 min swim and full body strength training
2. Meeting a friend for lunch
3. Picking G up from preschool after lunch or nap and take him swimming - he has been really good lately
4. Promised his teacher we would bring snack in tomarrow - what to make what to make - its E week and Im stumped on a theme for snack
5. Working 72hours in the next 3 days so going to bake some chicken and rice and veggies for the weekend...

wow thats alot! And Im sure my dog would like a walk somewhere in there. Hubby is going to his gym tonight so wont be seeing much of him tonight either :(

Tomarrow is weigh in - uhhhh dreaded weigh in. I did NOT have a good week. I worked out but ate like I would never get to eat again. The amout of candy that went into my mouth disgust me... Next week will be a losing week! I added a new goal for 2010 since I made the 4 I had already set... to get to the 140s

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you want to run a half or full marathon?

I am feeling so inspired after my first amazing half marathon.

I am planning and will be training for my first full marathon in March.

I have been inspired, pushed and helped all along my training and I want to pay it forward.

Do you want to run a half or full next spring? Are you not really a runner right now? Thanks 100% ok.... you have time to get there. I promise! If I learned anything... if you trully commit yourself, 100% give the time... then it WILL happen. I gave the time and I had amazing success. It was not any harder than any of my lower mileage training runs.

So you out there in blog land - if you want to do it. If you have the committment to training through the winter. Train with me. I will be there EVERY step of the way - I promise. I will help you make a training program. I will be your cheerleader.

And if you are on the east coast and want to join up with me and do the Virginia Beach Shamrock run in March that would be amazing...

Any interest???

just another busy day...

My dad left today - it was a nice visit, Gavin enjoyed having Pappy here. I can get my eating back on schedule now - hate that I took suck a turn this week.

I got back from the airport just in time to pick up G. We are sitting here watchign Dino Dan right now - he is in awww...

Nap time is coming, I want one too but Im going to try to restrain. Then we are heading to the gym - aiming to try swimming again. Then some family swim time. After that it will be home, dinner. I still need to get my weight training in today since it didnt happen yesterday.

Im going to work on my blog a bit tonight. And tomarrow is back to work.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Since weigh in last friday I have eaten HORRIBLY. BAD BAD BAD. I have made very healthy meals but have eaten nonstop all day long and tons of halloween candy... Hate that time of the month!

I peeked today. I have gained 5 lbs since friday :(

Part of me whats to throw my hands up and say F-it... start again next week.

Im not that person anymore. Im not that person. Im not that person. Im not!

wow its early...

After giving myself such a good pep talk yesterday - its 6am and Im trying to wake up then Im heading to the gym for some swimming... hope the pool is warm!

edited at 7am...
ummm who would have thought soooo many people would have the same idea. No lanes open at the pool with a wait. Lesson learned - get there at 530 when they open or wait until the worker bee's head to work and bring regular workout clothes with you just in case so its not a waste of time!

Going to run during G's nap today. Every day off or almost every day will be a 5 mile run until training starts. Who on earth would have thought 2 days after the 1/2 that I would be ready for a run.... not me thats for sure!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

March Marathon training...

I just sat and mapped out my training for the March marathon! If the half marathon did anything for me... the main thing it tought me is if you trully train for something and put the time in then you can 100% succeed!

So my official training will start the week of Nov 28th - 16 weeks of training to end at the March 20th marathon. Until the official start of my training I will be running 5-7 miles three days a week, 1-2 days of cross training, and strength training mon/wed/fri. Cross training will include spinning and swimming.

Here is my actual training schedule for the marathon...

Note to self...

Note to self...

Yaaa you for completing a half marathon. Yaaa you for working towards a goal and rocking it.

BUT... that is NOT an excuse to eat what ever you want and sit around.

You need to get 100% back on eating plan... you have slacked for 3 days now, back on track!

You need to get back to the gym. The big run is over - life moves on. Lets get back on track!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

13.1 done!!!!

What an amazing day!!! Here is the run down and then lots of pics and then Im out because I am TIRED!
* Woke up at 630am, checked out facebook :) enjoyed my hot tea, got dressed, had my normal running morning meal (peanut butter on english muffin with a banana)
* Hubby woke up early with me to go down and check out the beginning of the full marathon. OMG there were soooo many people!
* Hooked up with my amazing friend Nicole - who without her support and helpful training I wouldnt have been able to do it.
* Ran, and ran and ran and ran :) Stopped around mile 9 to pee. Ran the entire thing. Ran up some BIG ASS hills. Ran against full blown wind. Felt freaking awesome. My calves were tight at the end but I felt really good the entire race. I am so incredibly proud of myself!!!
* Only two bummers... 1. Something was off on my timing chip. It says I completed it in 2 h 50 min. But I finished a few min before my friend Nicole and it says she finished in 2h 30min. Which is closer to what I thought I was - I was thinking 2h 20 min. Yes I know its not about the time, I finished it strong but I really just wanted an accurate idea - you know!?!? and 2. I really wanted to finish with Nicole - side by side. We will for the full though!
* Oh the amazing people. EVERYONE I met today was awesome! I chatted with a few other runners as we ran. The sideline people were fabulous! And if you are going to run a run... wear your name on your shirt ... I heard ALOT of people cheering me on by name. It was awesome!
My family was there cheering me one which was awesome. And I have such a great positive experience from the entire race that I look forward to training and completing the full marathon in March! Hubby said I inspired him and in March when I do the full, he will do the 1/2... so excited!
So now for the pics that may or may not be in any particular order :)

Gavin and I right after the race - his shirt says GO MOMMY GO The front of my shirt...
and the back...

My dad and I afterwards

My hubby and I

The race...

About a mile before the end of the race - I rushed up on my family without them seeing me. Gave hugs/kisses and then this is me running backwards afterwards joking that the missed getting pics of me!

Not in this pic - just to give an idea of the amt of people... 60,000

Nicole and I afterwards...

Its here!!!

I am officially nervous! I am sitting here trying to calm a bit. I am dressed and ready to go. I have had my normal breakfast routine. I am ready.

In about 20 min Im going to head out and check it all out.... wow! Tons of pics to come!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

wow... tomorrow...

Im sitting here lying in bed - in a hotel room in downtown Baltimore. My son is in the connecting room with my dad, who has been a great sport today and a huge help.

We got my number today at the expo. I would have loved to go through the cool running things there but it was packed and I had G so didnt stay long. Went out to dinner. And now Im relaxing.

Tomorrow is the big day! I will be up bright and early to head out to see all the events unfolding. Eric promised he would get up and take pics for me in the am. Its going to be COLD.

Very excited - hope tomarrow goes well... I will give you blow by blow tomarrow night...

Here is to finishing strong!!!

Weekly friday update...

FINALLY a losing week! I lost 3 lbs this week! YAAAA! Granted when I cheated and peeked yesterday I was 154.5 ... thats why you dont peek! I am very happy this morning! I need to keep this momentum going!!!
Tomarrow is the big run... OMG!!!!
As for my Hot 100 challange updates...
Goal #1 - Lose 1lb a week.....woohoo I can FINALLY say I did this!!!
Goal #2 Overall healthier and nicer to my body - YES YES and YES. I have gone all week with my switch from coffee to tea... and dropping my caffeine intake by like 600%! I have taken my vitamins. I not only drank my water, but bought a cool new waterbottle that goes everywhere I do. I have worked out, did weights. ANd every day have actually done my hair and makeup and feel pretty.
Goal #3 Make exercise a priority. Yup - besides the fact that Im running a half marathon tomarrow!!! This week has been odd since I have had to cut back my mileage to get ready but I have gotten up early and taken the shorter runs with my dog and got 2 full body weight workouts in.
Goal #4 Make special moments with my son and husband... I was thinking about this one this morning when my four year old climbed into bed with us at 7 this morning... all three of us snuggled close together and went back to sleep. It was sweet and awesome. Better yet my, who is from Texas, is up visiting this week! My son is in heaven following around his "Texas Pappy"
All in all its been a really good week goal wise :) Im slightly concerned since we have house guest I will eat more than I would like. But I have taken steps for being good - I have planned a very healthy menu and filled my house with tons of fruits and veggies.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


SO many wonderful things to talk about :)

1. Tomarrow is weigh in day and unless I MASSIVELY binge tonight (yes I have done that before), Im pretty sure I will FINALLY have a lossing weight again!

2. My dad is already at the airport about to board a plane to come to Maryland....yaaaaa!

3. My awesome friend Nicole made me iron ons for my running shirt - yaaaa, so I will be making an adorable shirt today. I meant to order one but time got away from me.

4. Tomarrow we head down to the city. Im going to stop in and see my old work :) GO to the expo, dinner in little italy and a hotel room without my 4 year old since he is bunking in Pappy's hotel room :)

5. Im enjoying some hot tea (see #6) then will be heading out for a short easy 2 mile run with my dog. Thats as far as my dog can go comfortably. This is my take it easy week leading up to the big run. This is my last run before Saturday. But also looking at it a different way - its my shortest run probually until March since when this is done I will be in marathon training!

6. Im officially coffee free - 100% coffee free! Its been a week and I have no desire for a coffee. I am very much enjoying all my different flavors of tea. Im enjoying no huge mess with grinding beans. No more my son telling me I have a stinky breath.

Tonight I will catch up hopefully on everyones blogs. I miss you all!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am weak

Yup I am a weak person! No I didnt go off plan.... but I said I wouldnt weigh myself until friday but when I woke up this morning the devil on my shoulder said "do it do it do it" - my conscience said NO dont! If you didnt lose weight you will be bummed and binge today. If you did lose weight you will think you deserve a treat and binge. Either way BAD BAD BAD! Dont do it!

well guess who one? Not the smart decision not to weigh in... nope... im weak.

But guess what? I had a GOOD number on the scale... not saying what yet... its my lowest weight yet! Guess you will have to wait until friday! And no I will NOT go off plan because of it - its staying on plan that has gotten me there! I will do good!

Last day of work and then 6 days off!
Tomarrow my dad flies in!
72 hours til I run my half!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

good here - another quickie:)

Sorry folks - I went from 3 post a day last week to barely getting on and just giving bullet points. I will be back full force soon - promise!

This week is shaping up to be a great week so far! Yesterday at work was 100% better than this past Saturday. I could actually breath and do my job right. Last night when I got home instead of coming on here like I wanted to - I headed to the workout room and got my weight workout in. This morning I actually got up when I wanted to and got outside for a faster pace run with my dog, Gracie. Only ran 2 miles since Im on cut back week but I ran them much faster than I normally do - it felt great! Now relaxing with my cup of tea and toast with natural peanut butter and jelly.

Those of you that were wonderful and sweet and have given me awards on your blogs - I will get there, promise! Thursday I should have some down time and will get cought up... I havent gotten to hardly anyones blogs and Im curious how everyone is doing!

Now the bullet points for today :)

  • Yesterday, a nurse practitioner that works with the cardiology group was coming through the ICU - she stopped, looked at me and said "are you getting smaller"... LOVE THAT!!!
  • Everyone is wishing me luck on the run this saturday... thank you!!!! I feel prepared and so excited!
  • I really dont miss coffee... shocker I know! There are so many great flavors of tea out there and since you make it one cup at a time, I can try a different one each time. My fav right now is Chai green tea and a local pumpkin spice tea. Didnt care for vanilla chai... too fake vanilla for me! And I only need a single cup in the am and 1-2 cups at work... compared to the usual 6 cups of coffee in the am and several esspresso drinks at work. HUGE DIFFERENCE!
  • I havent weighed myself since Friday!!! YAAAA! Granted fri and sat I was off meal plan - big time but sunday and yesterday 100% back on. So that will cancel out those two days.... so my guess is Im still 158 right now but I have the rest of the week to get negative and I am staying on plan. And Im not weighing in til friday! THats a big step for me
  • Im meal planning like crazy for when my dad is here - I LOVE LOVE LOVE I found tons of breakfast, dinner and snack options. Im going to try a ton of new recipes and will post my success and failures!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, October 11, 2010

quick monday thoughts

I have to head off to work in a few min and have no clue if I will have time to get back on today - Im hoping its alittle slower at work!

I work the next 3 days then Im off for 6! And my dad comes! And I run my first half marathon!!!

Im very excited!!!!

Some other things...

1. Im day 5 of no coffee and feeling 100% ok... actually prefer all the awesome teas I have been trying. My fav right now is Chai green.

2. 100% back on plan as of yesterday morning. I have packed my lunch and snacks and will stick to them!

3. I bought a new water bottle yesterday - love cool new things! I will be carrying it around with me to really help keep my water intake up!

4. I have decided not to daily weigh in this week - it will take EVERYTHING in me - since I suck at staying off the scale. But I am aiming to just weigh in on Friday. I want to be surprised and I want a loss so freaking bad!!!

5. Hopefully today I will have some time to meal plan and make a grocery list for when my dad is here!

Hope everyone has a great monday!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Had a GREAT sunday today! It was massive family day.
I woke up when my alarm went off at 730 - enjoyed some morning ALONE time and a cup of hot tea and then headed out for my morning run. I decided to do a 5 mile out and back with 5 hills, one of them being TOUGH. And yes I was panting like crazy when I got up the super tough hill but when I was done I felt strong and could have ran much further.
Then it was time to get the family up and moving and out the door. We went to a local farm that ended up being a complete bust and we left there to go to a smaller farm and had a blast picking out pumpkins. We carved 2 of the 4 pumpkins - the first time I have EVER carved a pumpkin. It was fun!

Made a healthy warm fall type meal - chicken in the crock pot (i put it in from frozen and it was perfect!), homemade stuffing, lite'r mashed potatoes and brocoli.
Then the three of us went out and kicked the soccer ball for a while. Now its time to relax. G is about to go to bed. Eric is watching football and I see a bubble bath in my future.
Didnt get some of the stuff I wanted done - done but E is off tomarrow and wed and promised to do some of it for me :) wonderful husband!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rough day...

I have had a rough two days. For those of you that dont really "know" me - I am a nurse practitioner in a community hospital. Some days are better than others. The last two days have been ridiculously busy. And in addition to today being super busy, super sick, super critical patients - we had some really sad cases that really pulled at my heart today. I work 12 hour shifts - but easily did 13 or 14 each day. Today I didnt eat lunch until 5pm... dont think I drank anything all day until 5. By then I was STARVING and made really bad decisions. Yes I pack healthy on the go snacks for mid day but when you are in steril garp putting in central lines, arterial lines and intubating most of the day - rest of the time running from room to room, rushing to a code on the other side of the hospital and spending alot of time talking and explaining things to grieving families... well that isnt very productive for getting to my snacks.

So now Im home, exhausted and kind of blah. I meant to get up early both days and workout - didnt happen. I wanted to work out afterwards but I can barely stay up let alone actually work out.

Tomarrow Im off - my only day off, then 3 more days on then my dad comes from Texas so no time to rest.... lots and lots to do and not to mention I need to do some planning to stay healthy come monday back to work. I need to get a run in tomarrow. I need to clean my house, grocery shop, plan meals for when my dad is here. And I run a half marathon in 6 days!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday 100 update

I had too many goals for the challange so I have decided to trim them a bit. Here are the revised and new goals and how I did this week.

Goal 1: Lose 1 lb a week
This emcompasses a few of my old goals and is very realistic. It is a few others goals and they have inspired me to make that mine aswell. Didnt do so hot with it this week though. I gained 1 lbs this week despite a great consistant workout week because I had 3 days where I let what ever I want into my mouth. This is week 5 of not losing. I need to get back on track. I need to plan better starting right now.

Goal 2: Overall healthier and nicer to my body
This will include a few other goals - taking my daily vitamin, drinking my water and cutting out coffee (switching to tea, mainly green tea). This has gone very well. I have been consistantly taking my vitamin. I started drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning and have been also getting my water in. Im on day 2 of no coffee and going strong! I drank ALOT of coffee and I was sick of the control it had over me so bye bye coffee. I couldnt go cold turkey on caffein because I would have a headache from hell so switched to tea and then will cut back the actual caffein.

Goal 3: Make exercise a priority
This I have actually done well with. This week I started the biggest loser fitness program which consist of 3 days a week of pretty serious weight workout. I have been SORE SORE SORE but have kept going! I am also 8 days away from my first 1/2 marathon!

Goal 4: Make special time every day for my son and husband
I want to make sure I make a nice memory every day for my son. We laugh, wrestle, act silly, play dress up, make up stories, cook together. He is my sunshine. I also want to also remember that I have a relationship with my husband seperate from us being mom and dad. I have succeeded on the mom front, need to work alittle better on the wife part. Any suggestions?

SO those are my new goals from 9 down to 4... how have you done?

Friday weigh in 10/8/10

Ummm ewww I need a pedicure!
Well you heard it here first... if you workout like crazy and have the most consistant workout week you have ever had... yet you eat like crud 50% of the time... you GAIN weight!

Yup I gained a pound this week.

I havent had a losing week in about 5 weeks.

I need to get back on the losing train.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


OMG today has been the LONGEST day ever... it has been NON stop and I am ready for it to be OVER. Not to mention I ate HORRIBLY today and I feel like a big fat mess!

The day started with getting up early enough for me to be showered and dressed before the floor guys came so up at 7, got G ready and to school, back here to see the floor people. Then off to my midwife appt where she also felt the lump and ordered an ultrasound. Then lunch with hubby followed by dropping my dog off to be groomed. Then saw Rach for about 20 min before it was time to head to the ultrasound where they found nothing just regular tissue (yaaaaaa). Then to pick up Gavin, come home to check and sign off on the floors, pick up Gracie from the groomer, back home. Dinner, bath time for Gavin and bedtime routine. And Im DONE. Everywhere I drove today was the farthest it could ahve been from the next place so I did ALOT of driving today.

And I ate out with Eric and brought a pizza home for me and G because we were at the point of starving. It has NOT been a good food day.

I decided to take today as my workout break day. Tomarrow am I will get my weights done in the am and sat will run before work. Busy busy.

Here is my gorgeous new floors sorry about the lighting... we are about to work on that too...

Yes the carpet looks "ok" in the pic but its 20 years old and in real life yucky!

And After...
Dreading tomarrows weigh in... feeling pretty crummy right now...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday take 3 - over and done!

I KICKED butt at the gym. I got my entire first floor ready for the new floors to be installed tomarrow - so so so excited!

I made "C" shapped ricecrispy treats for C week at preschool - I try to bring one treat a week. Yes, I am super mom...well 50% of the time, the other 50% I feel like I dont see my kid nearly enough and get frustrated way to easily!

I had a pretty good Wednesday.

Tomarrow, Im not quite sure what tomarrow holds. The floor people will be here between 8 and noon... really hoping closer to 8 since I want them done in one day! But that means then the rest of the day my house is off limits. My dog is going to my moms yard. Cats are being locked up downstairs. Gavin is staying in daycare after preschool.

I have an appointment at 11 to have my breast looked at - I have a small lump I want to get checked out. Sometimes its harder to find then others so really hope its find-able tomarrow so I dont seem like an idiot.

And I have no clue what my workout will be tomarrow - I dont really want to run 2 days in a row on the back down weeks before the 1/2 but wont be able to make it to spin and make the doctors at 11.

Tomarrow is also my last day off :(

Wednesday take 2...

Yup its probually going to be a 3 post day again today .... LOVE having a few days off!

First I ROCKED the gym today... I was super woman and I feel freaking awesome!

I ran 40 min straight then did 10 min of hill training at an incline of 7 and then 10 min of speed drills running at an 8 for 30 sec, rest 30 sec, repeat. I was a sweaty mess. Then did an hour of weight training following the biggest loser fitness program. I love it! And THANKS Julie for following along!

Eating is going much better today too... ok off to clean my bedroom before G wakes up from his nap!

OOHHHHHH and hear it here first... I drank my LAST cup of coffee this afternoon after the gym. Im going cold turkey - for atleast a week :) then we will see... and no Im not going cold turkey on caffeine... Im substituting hot tea for my coffee... will tell you more later. This is a BIG step for me!


Today I will be good to myself.

Today I will stay within my daily WW points!

Today I will workout as hard as I can.

Today I will play and be goofy with Gavin.

And tomarrow I get my new floors!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yes a third post today...

How I have had time for three post today, I have no clue but here I am...

And Im rejuvinated. I was feeling alittle sorry for me - I ate WAY too much today and didnt get everything done and felt super tired and wah wah wah... I am over that. I have come to terms and Im moving on.

I took a nice long HOT bath - just what I needed. Now Im sitting here watching biggest loser. THe beginning reminded me that...


I deserve to be taken care of just as well as I take care of everyone else. I deserve to give myself just as much attention. I am worthy.

So I decided to sit here instead and write out my workout for tomorrow - if anyone is interested in joining me it will include... (and yes I may never be able to walk again, thats how it feels!)

Warm up - 5 mile or 1 hour run which ever comes first

Upper body
1. bicep curls 2 sets of 12
2. lay down over head triceps 2 sets of 12
3. pushups 1 set of 10
4. Sitting shoulder press 2 x12
5. bent over row 2 x 12
6. Over head pull over 2 x10
then repeat from 1 through 6

1. crunches 2 x12
2. plank 60sex x2
3. back extensions 1 x8
4. captains chair 2 x12
5. side crunches 1 x12
then repeat 1 through 5

Lower body
1. Lunges 2 x10
2. calf raises 2 x25
3. plie squats 2 x10
4. bridge pose with balance ball 1 x8
then repeat 1 through 4

Ummm first Im already REALLY sore so Im alittle worried. Im hoping the run will loosen things up... hope. Second, I HATE running on the treadmill... HATE. 5 miles will be the longest I have ever ran on a treadmill. Third, Im alittle nervous of doing pushups in the weight area... with the guys... I may or may not look like a moron. I may add them to the core area since Im already on the floor doing floor like stuff.

And if I have to tell my son one more time "get your hands off you penis"... uhhhh... the life of having a boy!

Tired tuesday...

While it is still very much SORE TUESDAY lets add tired to the list!

I got alot of things done today but not much from my actual to do list. I had a great spin class - my ass is sore now because I hadnt been to spin in almost 3 weeks! But I stuck out the class and really pushed myself. Then it was off to do some shopping with a friend and bought a pair of size 10 jeans!!! I was a 16 last fall! WOOHOO.

Eating has not been great today - at all! I lost count of points quite a while ago so Im just assuming ALL my extra weekly points are gone for the rest of the week. I ate lunch out with a friend and although I made the smartest choice there it was still WAY over what I would have done calorie wise if I was at home. Then G and I made homemade pumpkin vegan cookies and I ate several of them. I got the recipe from Roni over at GreenLiteBites - you should check it My husband was NOT a fan. My son loves them and Im indifferent. They are very filling and low cal and will be great with coffee in the am :) Then I made tacos and instead of my original plan of eating my turkey black bean taco on a lettuce leaf with no cheese and homemade salsa I said "f it" and had 3 regular tacos with cheese. uhhhhh.

Needless to say I dont see my daily weight happenning in the am :)

Right now Im watching my hubby and son play football on the living room floor - so cute!

Tomarrow is lots of errands, cleaning bathrooms, big workout (4-5 mile run and full weight training again - oh my poor legs). G has karate tomarrow too... nothing is cuter than a 4 year old in karate... absolutely adorable.

Tonight I see a bubble bath in my future - wish I would have gotten to cleaning the bathrooms today though.

Tomarrow lots of pics... promise! And healthier eating. And hopefully more energy!

sore tuesday...

After yesterdays workout I am sore sore sore... but I wont let it stop me from continuing. I used to say "oh I cant workout until the extreme soreness is gone" well not this time. I am going through it until the major soreness doesnt come anymore.

I have another busy busy day planned.
-Get G to school
-Spin class
-Shower and swing by rachs to love on her baby so she can shower
-run some errands and maybe lunch out
-clean out freezer and fridge since its trash night
-Clean all three bathrooms
-making tacos for dinner with homemade salsa

busy busy! TTYL~

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Monday :)

I woke up to this gorgeous little man and my doggy that was giving him a kiss. My my house is a MESS.

This is going to be a very long post... if you have the patience and time to read it then thanks!!!

I have had an awesome day even if it was a cold rainy day in Maryland!

Last night I was reading back through a biggest loser workout book and the Clean Eating book and noticed both said the same thing about mornings. That you are starting your day dehydrated from overnight and you should drink 16oz of water as soon as you wake up. Normally the first thing to go in my mouth is coffee :) Which is a diuretic... making me MORE dehydrated... not smart huh? So I decided to start the morning off with a large glass of water while I was waiting for my coffee to brew. Baby steps :)

Then I made the "boiled omelet". I need to reread the recipe because its supposed to slide right out of the bag... not so much in my experience. I had to put a spoon in and spoon it out which turned it into scrambled eggs. BUT it was very tasty... and much more moist then my regular egg whites and I didnt need any cheese!

Boiled Omelet Recipe -
4 egg whites
1 cup veggies (I used green pepper, onion and mushrooms)
Place in a freezer ziploc back, make sure all the air is out.
Put bag in rolling boil pan of water

13 min (they stressed to be exact)
Take out of bag and enjoy!

Very tasty - looks alittle blah but really really tasty - I added to mine a lite english muffin with a smear of local made pear butter. I should have added a side of fruit for a more complete breakfast but oh well... 3 point breakfast and very filling!

Then it was off to the gym. I had a FABULOUS workout ... way more than fabulous... it was freaking awesome. I felt great leaving the gym and have had tons of energy all day! I have decided to follow the biggest loser weight training program. I will be doing this on mon, wed, fri. I really dont know what took me so long to start this. I have been saying for about 2 weeks I was going to start but for some reason today felt like the day. I actually really enjoy weight training and now that I have gotten more comfortable in the gym - I have NO problem heading over to the "guy" zone, claiming a bench and do free weights. I like free weights much better. And alittle thing I noticed. When I head over there another women or two joins in... yaaa GIRL POWER!

SO this was my workout today

Warm up - 4 mile run on treadmill (took about 45 min)

Upper body workout
1. Hammer curls 2 sets of 10 using 10lbs
2. Triceps kickback 2 sets of 10 using 8lb
3. Dead lifts 2 sets of 10 using 20lb
4. Chest presses 2 sets of 10 using 10lb
5. T raises 2 sets of 10 using 5lbs
6. Bent over row 2 sets of 10 using 10lbs
Core exercies
1. Bicycle abs 2 sets of 10
2. half rollups 1 set of 8
3. Vertical leg crunches 2 sets of 10
4. Side plank (OMG HARD) 2 x 30sec
Lower body exercies
1. Squats 2 sets of 10
2. Plie Squats 2 sets of 10
3. Wall squats 2 x30 sec
4. Reverse lunges with leg lifts 2 sets of 10

Then I spent some quality time stretching. I was very sweaty and wet and it felt freaking awesome! I may be sore tomarrow but regardless come wed will be doing another round!

Then it was off to run errands with my little man and home for lunch. After lunch I decided to make a big batch of veggie lentil barley soup. YUMMY!

1. Tons of veggies - I use what ever is on hand. My go to veggies are onions, garlic, cabbage, fresh greenbeans, carrots, celery, red pepper, green pepper, zuccini and mushrooms.
2. Chicken broth - I use 1 1/2 large cans or containers
3. Can of diced tomatoes or 2-3 fresh
4. 1/2 cup to 1 cup each of dried lentils and dried barley (1st time adding the barley)

This takes a long time to make but doesnt really require alot of time in the kitchen except cutting the veggies. I cut up all of them at the beginning and put them in seperate bowls based on when Im adding them.
I start with sauteing the onion with pam in the big pot im using. Then add the garlic. Then add the broth and the lentils/barley. Put the top on and bring to a boil then lower to simmer for 20-30 min.
Then add the green beans/carrots/celery and simmer for 15-20 min
Then add the cabbage and simmer 20 min
When the cabbage, carrots, green beans are almost at the amount done that you like then add the peppers. Saute for 10-15 min then add mushrooms and zuccini for the last 5 min or so.
When all the veggies are done add a can of tomatoes and mix. I also add some fresh thyme and crushed red pepper to taste.

Lately also I have been adding a cup or two of speghetti squash for bulk - yummy.

Do you use speghetti squash? Im a huge fan! I put it in my soups and chilis - doesnt change the taste at all and gives you more food for less calories adding a ton of bulk. I also use it in place of pasta for me when we are having speghetti and meatballs - my hubby isnt a fan so he does regular pasta. Its not a perfect fit to replace pasta but very close and I dont feel like Im missing anything.

I have tried to cook the squash several ways and found the easiest way also the tastiest. I tried to roast it but it takes on a sweet taste that just turns me off.

I put a few holes in it and right into the microwave. Start at 3 min and every 2-3 min I check it and turn it. Its done when the skin allows you to push it in a bit... I know real helpful huh? You really need to try it a few times then you will get it right every time. Too long and its mushy and gross, too short and its very aldente. A small one takes about 7 min and a large one 10ish. Then slice in half and scoop out the area with the seeds and then use a fork and workout the rest. I put it in a container and put in the fridge and use it for about 3-4 days.

Ok its only 4ish and I have still so much to do this afternoon but think this post is long enough :)

I rearranged my living room to get things where I want them before they come in to put the new Bamboo floors in ---- yaaaaa, new floors!!! And my wonderful hubby agreed to take Gavin to Karate on his own. Now Im taking a breather before starting dinner. Not a very clean dinner but not horrible. Im going to bread and bake some chicken breast, rice and brocoli. Then relaxing the rest of the evening.

I got sooooo much done today! I wish I had more days like this, I would be so much more productive!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Stay tuned - I have a few days off starting tomarrow... yaaa me! I will be posting a day in the life off of me :) Nothing much exciting on work days since I work 12 hour shifts...

So tomarrow see what a typical day is like for me and hopefully will try some new recipes too!

Good morning!

Its sunday - I need to get my butt moving and get ready for work. After today I have 4 days off woohoo!

I have 5 million things to do on those five days off since I work multiple days after that all the way up until my dad comes to visit from Texas so lots to do!

In those 4 days though - just a preview - I will be posting TONS of pics, TONS of new clean eating recipes I have that I want to try and we be doing some organizing... and thursday I get my new floors installed - YAAAAA!!!!!

See you all tomarrow!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Im feeling pretty good this morning. Yesterday I started a new food journal - love having new stuff! I also checked out The Eat Clean Diet book... Im not going crazy with my eating but it had some great pointers in it for each meal. Im going to really try to eat alittle cleaner and make my lunch and dinner more lean protein and green veggies. Found a great recipe also for a omelet in a bag... I will try it out monday and post pics!

Im very sore this morning from my massage. I had a TON of knots in my neck that she really worked on leaving my neck very tender.

Today Im getting off at 1pm and have the afternoon to myself. Im going to go get some shopping done - I have NOTHING to wear that fits. I plan on dropping another size soon though so cant go crazy with new clothes. I cant wait to be at goal and really be able to buy some classic well fit clothing knowing that it will fit for a long time. Going to either get a nice run in today or hit the gym again and have to pick up the materials for my new floor tonight.

Time to get ready for work - ttyl!

Friday, October 1, 2010

good and some vent...

I had a pretty decent day - had an AMAZING 90 min massage at massage envy ... love that I give myself that monthly gift. After G got up from his nap we headed to the gym so I could get some running time in. I HATE running on the treadmill. And it seems like running after only eating a small bowl of soup is not the best idea. I was alittle light headed. Well I got an hour workout in. I ran 3 miles then did about 30 min of hill drills. I was a sweaty mess and it was awesome!

Now for the vent. I can 100% vent about my husband on here because I know without a doubt that he doesnt come on here. Hell even with me telling him about it and him seeing me posting every day I bet he doesnt even know that I have a blog. Yes sometimes he is that clueless. We havent had alot of "us" time or family time lately and while it bothers me it doesnt seem to phase him. I get home from work and he heads to the basement to play a game until after I go to bed. He has a few days off and NOTHING in the house is done (ok maybe some laundry but still) so when I have a few days off I have to do it all. Then this afternoon he gets home from work and while Im chatting about me and Gavins day he just walks away into another room - while Im in midsentence. That is so freaking rude. Then when I say something about it he says well you and gavin are both jabbering on and I cant focus. He wasnt even listening to me. He does this ALL the time. Then despite our son is going to grandmas for the weekend since we both work and despite the fact that he worked late and hasnt seen either of us the day before and despite the fact he is off at 2 tomarrow and noone will be home to bug him... he choses tonight to go work on his truck (not the one he actually drives everyday). Doesnt spend any time with us. He never ever ever just decides to be silly and play as a family. He will with Gavin but not with all three of us. G wont have any funny fun all of us family memories.

Just frustrated...

Friday weigh in 10/1/10

Alot is centered around fridays right now and seeing that its the first day of a new month and Im trying to yet again get back on track and make some changes... Im changing my weigh in to fridays.

Todays weigh in - no surprise...

I stayed the exact same. I have maintained for about a month now - yay for maintaining but Im ready to get back on the losing train, you know? Im badly in need of a manicure - yuck, sorry!
I also retook my measurements. I will update that section tonight. Since August I have only lost 1 inch from my abs, 1/2 inch from my bust and nothing from my hips. Previously I wasnt measuring my arms and legs so I just started that today. 13 in for my arm, 24 for my thigh.
Im going to stick with my plan that I discussed a few days ago here
with cleaner eating, carbs mainly in the am, more protein and veggies, less processed crap.
I also need to get back into the workout routine. My run is quickly coming up and I havent exercised in 4 days! I was doing so much better with cross training, I cant even remember the last time I was at spin class - its been weeks! And I have decided not to swim until they put the dome back on - its just too damn cold!
Here is to a good week...
Weekly Goals
1. Stay within my WW points and track them, every bite
2. NO restaurant meals this week
4. Get to 155!
5. 4 workouts minimum, and restarting weights!