Saturday, March 31, 2012

Look back at March and April goals

Lets take a look at how March goals went...
March goals

1. Lose 5 lbs total - Nope lost 2.4lbs but tomorrow is weigh in and I may be closer to that goal but it doesnt count towards March.

2. Run 50 miles - Nope ran 36 miles... 1000/year is looking not so great

3. Go to a core workout class once a week - haha nope - completely forgot about this one

4. Spin class once a week - yes, twice a week actually

5. Buy a bathing suit and start swimming once a week  Nope

6. Start half marathon training yes yes and yes... and very excited about it too!

7. Date night with hubby nope this was a tough month on us and super busy. I have already put it on the calendar and gotten a babysitter for April though!

8. One on one time with little man yup why is this so much easier than alone time with hubby?

9. Me day nope

10. Journal my food EVERY DAY hahaha hell no

Im starting to wonder why I set goals. I dont reach them very well.

OK here goes...

1. completely artificial sweetner free
2. lose 5 lbs
3. run 50 miles
4. have fun in the 5k by the bay
5. Date night with hubby
6. a ME day
7. get that damn bathing suit
8. make my to do list the night before for the next day atleast 4 days/week

Friday, March 30, 2012

making a list

One of my favorite bloggers is Roni over at  recently talked about the power of a to-do list. I am a list person and this was right up my alley. Recently I have felt overwelmed by everything that needs to get done so then nothing gets done.

Here is tomorrows to do list...

This picture classically shows the life of a busy mom. Gavins bathroom is disgusting and needs cleaned. Baby girls room is a MESS since I have been switching out her clothing size (she is growing soooo fast!). We have to put up the April version of our learning calendar. I need a few things from the grocery store. Gavin has his last soccer game and I need to fit in a 5 mile run. A typical day off.. you should see how busy a working day is!

Its now 945pm. The kids are sound asleep. Hubby is at work. I just finished my friday workout - 10 min light run, 30 sec all out run, 90 sec walk, then repeated two more times. Felt great! Now Im enjoying some frozen grapes, watching this past weeks biggest loser.  Then its shower and bed... have a great weekend!

happy Friday!

Today starts spring break here - nothing really planned, feel slightly bad about that but we will come up with something fun for him to do while he is out of school. Im just happy Im off a big portion of it with him so he isnt in daycare.

Yesterday was 100% wheat, processed and artificial sweetner free... felt pretty good! I was hungry but that was because last week I was eating like a pig. I did have some goat cheese... baby steps :)

I did my workout plan for April - its just a skeleton, Im sure I will change things up throughout the month but its nice to have an idea. Crazy to think I will be running 10 miles in a matter of 2-3 weeks. Scary.

I still need to get a run in this afternoon/evening. I tried to get up this morning to do it but it just wasnt happenning.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

maybe alittle too gung ho

After having a pretty lengthly conversation with my chiropractor today - I think my post from this morning and diet changes may be alittle too much alittle too fast. I am probually setting myself up for failure.

Im going to dial it back a bit. No artificial sweetners, No processed food. And I will try to minimize dairy.

Im a bit confused on what constitutes processed though. Obviously I know that hohos are processed, frozen dinners ect. But what about jam or my almond milk? Need to do a bit more research :)

Todays food so far has been pretty decent

Breakfast was coffee with just the almond milk, old fashioned oatmeal with fresh berries. And a banana early this am before the gym.

Snacks included a grapefruit and some carrots and hummus.

Lunch was roasted red pepper soup and speghetti squash

Dinner is in the oven now - BBQ salmon, brown rice with mixed veggies and some brussel sprouts.

Will probually have some popcorn and frozen grapes later.

patting myself on the back and some food changes...

First off its 645 am - I have already been to the gym, poured my soul out in spin class, came home, showered and Im enjoying my coffee in a quiet dark house since everyone else is still sleeping :)

In addition on Monday before work I went to spin and Wed before work I ran 4.5 miles :)

Yesterday in the car I was listening to the broads on xm and they were interviewing JJ Virgin (what a name). She was talking about food sensitivities and how we are reactive to foods but so used to the reactions that we dont notice anymore - including fatigue, mood swings, swelling, inflammation ect. I have been toying with the idea of going processed free and it really felt like they were talking to me.

She suggested dropping dairy, processed food, eggs, sugar/artifical sweetners, and gluten. Ive previously read alot of info on the dropping dairy and have thought about it before but this made me relook at it. I also spent some time reading up on gluten (wheat, barley, rye) yesterday. Last year I read Skinny Bitch and wanted to cut artificial sweetners out after that but lost my momentum. If FEELS like the right thing to do. So Im going for a week and see if I feel better after that week then will go from there. In this next week I plan to cut out all forms of dairy, as much gluten as possible, sugars, artificial sweetners and anything packaged. Im not cutting out eggs.

I think one of the hardest parts is going to be cutting out artificial sweetners - I like a diet soda at work and splenda in my coffee, oatmeal ect. Im drinking my first non splenda coffee with unsweetenned vanilla almond milk right now. Not horrible but not awesome. Guess I will get used to it.

Why am I doing this? A few reasons. First I feel like food is incontrol of me instead of me in control of what I eat. I feel addicted to processed food and sweets. Second - I want to get back to some basics. What we have done to the food industry in this country is sickening to me. Third - if I lose some weight and in the process feel better in my skin - bonus!

Monday, March 26, 2012

destressed before stress

Im expecting a rough emotional day at work. Sometimes my job is awesome, sometimes stressful and sometimes sad... today I'm prepping myself for stressful and sad. To prep myself for that I got up at 445 am and hit the gym and gave everything I have in the spin room.

Read a great quote this morning.... if you hate restarting then quit giving up. Awesome.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

5 lbs in one week!

And no the scale did not go down. It went UP and UP and UP. Yes I gained 5 lbs this week. Now for that to be 5 lbs of fat gained then I would have had to eat over 17,000 more calories than I burned. And I only missed one workout this week. So NO I do not think I gained 5 lbs this week of fat. Dont get me wrong - my eating was HORRIBLE but not that horrible. I probually gained 2-3 lbs and the rest is water weight. I had tons of dried sausage and tamales from Texas and some crabs. Way more salt intake than normally. And yes at dinner tonight I had that horrible thought of - well I ruined this "diet" already so I might as well have that scone I really want. But I didnt!

What I want to know is when does this "lifestyle" click? When does it become what I want to do and not doing it because its what Im supposed to do?  When does it become a lifestyle choice and not a diet? Im definately not there yet. No where close.

But today was weigh in day. I got on the scale. I made my workout and eating plan for the week. I journaled my food today and I drank my water. Its been a good day. Dinner is done and I even have 4 points left over for a small evening snack after the kids are in bed. I still need to get my run in but it will have to wait until the kiddos bedtime. Im taking back this week!

Friday, March 23, 2012

A good friday...

Today was a great day family wise. We started the morning off with a nice long hike. It was a GORGEOUS day in Maryland today. And there is nothing better than seeing a boy with his dog.

Im a bit out of my eating element and it shows my issues with food. I have been making more food than normal and bigger breakfast because Im cooking for an extra person and want to feed him well. Do I stick within my eating plans and eat just my smaller healthier meals with still making them all extra food... of course not. And by eating a little bit more here and there for meals makes me track back to my old eating ways. I eat something every single time I pass the kitchen. I will probually gain 3 lbs this week. I need to get back on track. As I write this Im officially making my kitchen off limits.

Workout wise its been a good week so far. Today I was supposed to get in a 4 mile run to finish this weeks workouts. That is the only workout planned that hasnt happenned yet - but I have one more day and it will happen. Granted it will happen at 430 in the morning before work but still :) I wish the gym openned at 5am on weekends too - I get such a better work day workout at the gym.

Now I need to make my workout plan for this coming week. This weeks half marathon training (week 2) needs to include a 3, 4, 3, and 5 mile runs. This is what Im thinking right now.
Sun  3 mile run, weight training
Mon  ealry morning spin
Tues early morning run - 4 miles
Wed  weight training/core
Thur 3 mile run
Fri  spin, weight training
Sat  5 mile run

May need to tweak that but its what Im thinking.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

great day today :)

I have highly enjoyed myself today- I love having my dad visit! I cooked yummy healthy food today and got my workout in and tons of family time. No I didnt track and I definately havent stayed in my points this week but I should come out even at the end of the week I think .

Got my run in after breakfast - first run with baby girl :) Today was a 3 mile scheduled run - felt like I could have easily ran farther but in training I stick to the plan.
And some random pics of today ...

I put my dad and husband to work building a little enclosure around our playset and filled it up with rubber mulch... OMG that mulch is EXPENSIVE but so glad we did it!

And we ended the day with a bon fire and smores :) ignore the ghettoness of my fire area - we are working on it :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random good things

I have noticed that Im not very good at patting myself on the back or accepting compliments very well. When someone tells me Im looking fit or having a good hair day or "skinny"-er ... I immediately make a funny face or say "yea but look at this" and point out something that Im not doing so great. This week I have decided to spend the week patting myself on the back. When I get a compliement I will smile and say "Thank you I have been working hard". I will focus on what Im doing well - not what I suck doing. So for starters....

  • Yesterday I ventured out for my first outside run since getting pregnant and having baby girl. I have been dreading going outside because outside I lose control of my speed and do not know EXACTLY how fast or far Im going. BUT last year I craved those outside runs and dreaded the treadmill... funny how fast things can change. So I mapped out a 4 mile run from my house, woke up in the am, put on my running clothes and headed out the door. I planned an out and back run since its hard to get smaller distances in a big loop from my house. Out and back had 4 pretty killer hills. I have only been running 2-3 miles consistantly and they have not been feeling good. Turns out I needed to pass the 3 mile mark... once I hit three miles I felt awesome and in my stride. When I got back home at 4 miles I didnt feel "done" so I grabbed my dog and headed back out for an extra mile around the neighborhood. So 5.2 miles and it felt GREAT. Even without music since my ipod was dead :)
  • My dad is here from Texas - woohoo!!!!! SOSOSOSO happy to see him! G was excited too at the airport waiting for him yesterday.

  • I dont want to lose any time in the next 5 days that he is here with him because of my workouts so instead of heading to the gym at 9am that is typical for me - I went to bed early and got up to spin at 530am ... getting home before anyone was up. I almost went back to bed but remembered a quote I recently read (dont remember from where) ... You never say "man I really regret that workout" but will say "man I regret not working out"   and it was definately right. I feel awesome, that extra hour of sleep wouldnt have made me feel any more rested and I would have regreted not going.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

a new week

169!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!

Yup you read that right... 169. I have made it out of the 170s. I did a little dance on the scale this morning and woke up my confused sleepy hubby in the process. If I wasnt too lazy to go out to the van and get my camera there would be a picture of it right HERE. But nope sorry no picture.

I have decided to move my weigh in to Sunday. It was on Mondays because of me trying to get to a meeting the same day every week but since Im not doing meetings anymore it made more sense to move it to the beginning of the week seeing that I make my meal plans and my workouts starting weekly on Sunday. So todays weigh in was technically a day early but its the new weigh in day :)

After seeing some progress on the scale I was even more pumped to get my early morning workout in so I went from the scale to the basement and jumped on the treadmill - I was going to run outside but its really foggy and dark and really didnt want to get hit by a car.

And a few side notes -
  • My dad is coming tuesday... so so so so excited! He hasnt met baby girl yet!
  • And baby girl has finally decided to let me see her roll over. She rolled over 5 times in a row in her crib last night. I was so excited!
  • This morning I officially started training for the zooma annapolis half marathon :)
This weeks workout schedule
Sunday - run 2 miles
Monday - early morning spin
Tues - run 4 miles
Wed - early morning spin
Thur - run 3 miles
Fri - run 4 miles
Sat - rest

Ok baby girl is whining need to get her out of bed and feed her before the sitter comes and then off to work. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

reevaluated goals/plan

Sorry for being MIA. This blog is a funny thing. Sometimes I am so excited to share how things are going good or bad and this blog helps me a ton. Other times Im burnt out on it and frustrated with there just not being enough hours in the day. Right now Im in the second portion. I decided to stick with things though.
We have been re-evaluating things around here.

Homeward bound
After doing our taxes this year we were reminded that we make a nice amount of money but have HORRIBLE budget skills and we have NOTHING to show for all of the money we made. So we decided to take a better look at our finances which 100% stresses me out. I really dont like money talk or work. And the stress carries over everywhere. I sat down and looked at the month of February and what I spent - omg I spent way too much money at Target and coffee shops and what not. We have decided to try to get things to where we can live just on my salary and use hubbies to pay off bills, home improvements and get a significant savings set up for a rainy day. To do that I had to make some sacrifices. I canceled my monthly massage service and weight watchers (more on that in a minute)

Weightloss bound
Yes I got rid of my weight watchers membership. I just couldnt justify spending $42 a month when all I really do is to weigh in. So I went and got one of their 3 month journals and a new point calculator since I wont have access to their website. Im still 100% following it and I have been journaling too. I will be doing my own "official" weigh in on mondays still and will be continueing to post them on here.

Website bound
Yes there will be some changes on here too - it is just too much to keep everything 100% updated. I was alittle too ambitious to plan to post every single day or multiple times a day, updating the daily workout list and what not. I have real life things that need my attention and time - like those actual daily workouts, trying to get my house organized and clean and what not.

So I will be here, not every day but I will be here. I am in an exhausted cycle right now. I had yesterday and today off but both days have been jam packed. My body is tired, my brain is tired and Im tired. Unfortinately my house is a DISASTER, I work 48 hours in the next 4 days and then my dad is coming up from Texas to visit. Super excited about my dad being here and I have some time off so it will be worth the busy days until then.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Sorry but the last few days I took some time off to reevaluate things. Not just how I am keeping the blog, but my form of weight loss, workout goals, household organizing and budget. Im still working through a few things and just dont have the time, energy or desire to blog about it yet. Be back soon - promise!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

a little down

I will elaborate later but just a quick post since I have 5 million things to do this morning. Im in a funk. No clue why, no clue what started it. I worked 12 hour days the last three days and Im just tired. I havnet worked out in the last three days including today and its just not happenning today or tomorrow. And when that goes out the window so does my eating. I have been eating HORRIBLY. My fingers are so swollen from the increased salt intake. I even went through the drive through on my way home yesterday.

I need to get moving to pack up things for a trip to see my husbands family (without hubby :(  ) and we have a soccer game for G before we hit the road.

Im going to take this weekend to really think about the whys of what Im doing when I tell myself Im not worth it, the whys of the increased food intake, pushing off the gym. As for the gym I was exhausted the last two days - it happens. I planned to go this morning and get a run in but the thought of getting up early, packing for our trip, getting both kids to the gym, coming home to shower then back for soccer then straight onto the road was just too much for me.

I will be in a better place. See you all sunday night.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a good day and lets do it again

I will make this short and sweet - Im tired and ready to go to bed.

Woke up at 455am (2 min before my alarm woohoo), got dressed and out the door in about 10 min flat and made it to spin class without having to rush in last minute. Not my best spin class but I got my sweat on and it was the best way to start the day! Then it was off to work for 12 hours.

Came home and it was time to prep for tomorrow so I can go to bed, get up and do it again. The second I came home it was so much fun (NOT) - made Gs lunch, packed my lunch and dinner, packed Gs school bag, packed Bre's daycare bag and got everything but the lunches waiting in the car. Workout clothes are sitting out and ready. Tomorrow will be up at 5am, 3 mile run, get me ready, get the kids ready, drop the kids off at daycare and be at work by 8.

Not massively interesting reading - sorry - but life isnt all that interesting sometimes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am a very productive weiney!

First off I am a big old scaredy pants... trully pathetic really :)  I planned to go to a class today called 'Butts, guts and beyond'. I highly enjoy the teacher that teaches it when she teaches spin. I love the idea of getting work out ideas with the basu and the big ball and promised myself one core class a week. Today was going to be it. I had my daycare time situated and everything. Then this morning I woke up and chickened out. I tried to tell myself it was because I wanted more of a cardio class for my weight loss goals this week but we all know that was a pile of horse crap. I was scared of trying something new. Scared of looking like an idiot. Scared of not being able to keep up with the class. Scared of the pain I would be feeling tomorrow. So I bailed and went to a spin class instead. It was a great spin class - but still so dissappointed in myself.

on a side note - I have been VERY productive today. Here is a birds eye view of my day so far
545 am - wake up with Bre, go back to bed
645 am - wake up with Gavin, make his breakfast, pack his lunch and pull out his clothes for school, feed bre a bottle and make myself breakfast
830 am - head to the gym
845-1015 Gym time
1030 pick up some local eggs
11 home, feed Bre and take a shower
1130 Grocery shopping
1pm - home and get bre into bed and then start prepping for dinner and for tomorrow. Made roasted red pepper soup, 3 servings of my dark chocolate oatmeal, and a large bowl of assorted sauted veggies.
145pm - eat lunch and relax on here for a few min

Its now 215 - Bre should be getting up any minute. I still need to finish the soup with the blender (too noisy during nap time). Need to thaw and marinate the salmon for dinner tonight. G will be off the bus at 4 - then snack, homework, reading and some playing time. Dinner. And at some point I need to run out for some formula since Walmart was out and pack my gym bag for early morning spin tomorrow. I work 36 hours in the next three days just in time to be off the weekend, go to Gs soccer then pack up and head to Jersey for the rest of the weekend. And at some point my tub needs cleaned and my kitchen floor needs mopped.


Monday, March 5, 2012

awesome weigh in!

I was SHOCKED this morning... down 5.2 lbs!!!! SHOCKED!

I actually stayed for the meeting this time around. While I love the monday workout class I usually go to - I think every other week or so I need to plan it like I did today. Meeting then gym time but just run instead of a class. It was a nice mix.

So Im now 172lbs. I SOOOOOOO want to lose 3 lbs this week and see 169. So I have a plan. Tonight I ended up going about 25 points over for today with my work dinner tonight. I wrote down everything I ate and owned up to it. I think I over estimated but I prefer to over. I marked it in my tracker and Im moving on. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and stocked up on some produce. I have 6 days of workouts scheduled for this week. The only other thing Im worried about is that on Sat we are heading to Jersey for my nieces bday - just me and the kids. I am packing my breakfast for the next day there, packing healthy zero point fruits and veggies and making sure I get in a workout before we head out. I got this!

backing off the computer a bit

I am online ALOT. I typically eat my breakfast in front on my laptop instead of eating with my kid before he goes to school. I have it on and go back to it throughout the day and spend most of my evening on it.

This past week or so I have felt so overwelmed. There are just not enough hours in the day between working, parenting, trying to get my gym/running time in, hubby time, and my house. What suffers is that quality time with my family and my house. What will I say in 5 years? I wish I spent more time stalking facebook or I wish I spent more time sitting and chatting with my child before he goes to school? Not a hard question... yet my actions say differently.

So this week Im going to try to back off the computer a bit. My goal ... 20 min in the morning for breakfast ONLY on work days when G is still in bed and Im up alone and 1 hour max in the evening after the kids are in bed.

Starting right now - so off I go.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

ww tomorrow and starting to train

Tomorrow is my weight watchers weigh in. Since I couldnt get infant time at the gym until 1030am I will be able to stay for the meeting too. I havent done that in a while. The first 4 days of this week I was SOOOO excited to get to weigh in. I felt awesome. Then I had an off day - a big binging horrible off day. Yesterday and today was back on track but the scale doesnt appear to be my friend and Im up on my scale. So needless to say I am very nervous about going and having a bad weigh in. Being overweight is just so much easier.

March means starting 1/2 marathon training. This year I have one 5K, two half marathons and one full marathon on the agenda. I decided to do the 5k for speed, the first half for just finishing then pushing myself towards the end of the year and PR on the second half and the full. Im following a 10 week half training program ... find it HERE. I did tweak it a small touch by repeating week 5 once and making it an 11 week program. I will officially be started on March 18th but Im pretty much doing that first week already as it is.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I survived chinese food!!!!

I am so freaking proud of me!!!!

Yesterday was a BAD binge eating day... I cant even fathum how many calories I injested. It was bad, bad bad and quite disgusting.

Today Gavin had a play date this evening - the mom just happens to be my best friend. They stayed for dinner. I had left overs and thats about it in the fridge. We talked about going out for Mexican and talked each other out of that - I would have lost control and if I hadnt binged the day before I totally could have enjoyed the dinner out but I didnt have the bank of points for it. So we opted for chinese food.

I got steamed chicken and brocoli with sauce on the side. I ate 2 oz of the steamed chicken, all of the brocoli and 3 tbsp of the sauce. Thats it. No wontons, no egg rolls, no fried rice. And no it wasnt nearly as yummy as what the others were eating but it did the job. I didnt feel deprived. I easily stayed within my points and it was still good.

Very very proud of me right now.

taking back over

Its amazing how quickly I can go down the binge eating hole - but I have climbed back out and today is a new day.

I started this morning with my water, then coffee then my chocolate oatmeal yumminess. Then I hit the treadmill and got in alittle over 3 miles. I was aiming for 4 miles but little man was down there talking to me and bugging me and made me lose my mojo. Im going to get the extra mile in tonight after they are in bed.  Afterwards little man ran a full lap at 4.1... he is taking after his mama!

Today is a jam packed day - need to shower, little man has soccer at noon then lunch. Hubby works this evening so Im on kid duty the rest of the evening. Its raining and yucky. Gavin has a playdate scheduled for this afternoon/evening. Then dinner, bath, reading, bed.

Its going to be a good weekend... Im in charge damnit!

Friday, March 2, 2012

note to self

QUIT EATING... you are NOT hungry. You have done SOOOOO good the last 4 days. You dont need to ruin all of the hard work you have done this week. JUST STOP!