Wednesday, August 17, 2011

dont know why

I dont know why its so hard for me to come on here and post how Im doing. Its so much easier when you are posting from a good place - when you lose that pound, finish that last mile, do something awesome. Not when you feel like crud, are gaining a ridiculous amount of pregnancy weight, havent worked out in 3 weeks and feel gross. Im sick of being a debbie downer. Sick of only coming on here to post about how much I suck... so I ignore this place all together.

Yesterday I broke down and asked my midwife for my antidepressant back... hopefully the normal me will make a reappearance soon.

On the pregnancy front - 4 months to go. She, yes I said SHE! She is an acrobat and moves constantly - which is such an amazing feeling. My pregnancy is going well - feel HUGE, look HUGE ... but healthy baby right now. I have gained 23 lbs or something like that... I still have 4 months to go :(

Work is going ok - I have 7 more shifts then I switch over to the other local hospital for 3 months working two days a week 19 hour shifts... yuck. NOT looking forward to it. It has been the source of ALOT of stress, mainly trying to figure out what to do with G when Im gone all night and hubby is on 3-11.

My little man starts school in less than 2 weeks... omg my baby is not a baby anymore :(

Sorry I have been gone. Sorry I keep putting myself down. I dont know how to fix that right now.