Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another ON PLAN day!

Woohoo... been 100% on plan today, very proud of myself.

630am PB muffin with banana 5.5points
10am apple slices 0points
1pm 4oz chicken breast with streamed brocoli 4points
4pm pineapple 0points
5pm 1/2 brownie with caramel - estimated 6points
6pm coffee with creamer, cottage cheese 4points
830pm 1 egg, 2 egg whites on bagel thin with small amt light mayo 7points

Still have 2.5 points left over - I want to much but Im not letting that happen. Will drink some more water. Maybe have a light snack and then some hot tea then off to brush teeth and floss so Im not still tempted.

That 1/2 brownie was freaking awesome and so worth the points.

I am very proud of myself because my nurses did a run to baja fresh. I LOVE baja fresh. I decided I would order. I looked online at their menue and nutritional info and decided on the chicken bare buritto bowl that was 13 points. Yes thats alot but I could have worked it in and went alittle light this evening for dinner. I was drooling thinking of all of the awesome salsas ...yummmm! But then as I was about to close the nutritional info I happenned to notice the sodium content... 3000mg! Thats INSANE! And I weigh in tomorrow so I know that would make me hold on to water and I would be so disappointed in my weigh in ... so I said NOPE. And I made sure I went in and ate my lunch before their food got there so I wouldnt have to smell it. YAAA me... I tried to only eat one bite of the brownie too but I have no complaints for enjoying the half... like I said it was AMAZING!

So tomorrow is weigh in - fingers crossed! Im getting up and getting G to preschool tomorrow, then rushing to WW for weighin and meeting, then heading to the gym to get a 6 mile run in then weight training to finish just in time to pick G back up from preschool and get him home for a nap. After nap Im letting him put up his own little personal xmas tree. Then to get him to tae kwon do, dinner and evening bath/bed routine.... doesnt that all sound exhausting?!?


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I think all your excellent food choices will pay off.

    Exhausting? Sounds like the life of a typical momma. :)

  2. Oh my gosh exhausting is right!!!
    But it it keeps you busy and away from the fridge. That is a good thing right?
    Congrats on making the right food choice..

  3. It does sound exhausting! Good job staying on plan - I'm sure you will see the results at your next weigh-in!