Friday, December 31, 2010

note to self

Today is a new day - yes you have had a sucky few days but you need to go into today knowing its a new day. Put a smile on your face and do your job - your really good at it :)

No more emotional eating today either missy!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Was planning for a stressful not fun meeting at work. Then stress relieving 11-12 mile run then some family time.

Well that was the plan. Not any where near what happenned.

At 715 I got a text message from the night shift doc letting me know my partner called out sick and asked if I could work. It was so ridiculously busy they day before and I know if it was like that again then it would be unsafe so I agreed to go in and take off Saturday instead.

Meeting was canceled because one of the three of us was sick. But talked with the other 1/3 and turns out my schedule is going to SUCK from here on out. I got the short stick... or long stick shooved somewhere...depends how you look at it.

The doc I was working with was not very nice or thankful for me giving my day off and family time to spend time with him.

Didnt get my run in. Just felt crappy and sad and peeved off all day.

I shouldnt feel so sorry about myself though. I took care of a 30 something women with children dying of metastatic breast cancer today. My life is good. I have a loving family, good education, comfortable home, healthy body.

QUIT feeling sorry for yourself!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

stressed out

First my shake this morning - chocolate shakeology with 1/2 banana, 8oz unsweetenned vanilla almond milk and a couple icecubes in the blender..... shockingly good... so so so good! I literally was licking every last sip out of the cup! It tasted like fudgy chocolatey goodness. I was SHOCKED! And it left me very full and fulfilled until lunch time. I was very impressed.

Im beyond stressed out about work right now - management brought in another midlevel without much discussion with us. He wants specific hours/days and his schedule his way which makes my schedule SUCK. It could very well make my work life not happy. I love my job right now. I am very worried that the love will go away because of this. Tomorrow morning I have a scheduling meeting with him and my current other half at work. Im hoping it goes our way. Fingers crossed.

After the meeting I will have some stress relief with a 11 mile run. uhhhhh hope I can sleep tonight.

Good morning...

After a week off today is my first day back to work - I dont wanna go!!! I love my job but boy I love being home sooooo much more!

I havent had to wake up to an alarm in quite a while and you guessed it, today did NOT go well. I turned my alarm off instead of hitting snooze. I missed early morning spin class - my day is so much better when I get there! So now its almost 7 and Im finally up - thank goodness I woke up!

I will do some stairs at work today since I missed my spin class.

Excited about tomorrow - its supposed to be 50 degrees (yaaaaaa) and I have my first double digit run planned... 11 miles! Cant use the weather as an excuse :)

About to go make shakeology shake number 2 - I will have to post the calander of recipes that a coach sent me. Tons of options. Today Im thinking alittle bit of almond milk and a touch of peanut butter or just a banana, havent decided yet. Looking forward to trying the mocha recipe. I will let you know tonight how it was. I have to tell you though, Im missing the thought of having my english muffin with banana and peanut butter!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

shakeology cleanse day one and only

Im going to take you all through my day - which means I will just keep editing this post until the end of the day instead of posting 20 post. SO KEEP CHECKING BACK>>> I WILL BE ADDING AND ADDING AND ADDING>

Because of the power outage yesterday, G's wake up light didnt turn on so we didnt get out of bed until after 8am.... freaking awesome!

So today is day 1 (maybe day only) of my shakeology cleanse. Since there are practically NO real reviews of this product from people that dont work for the company.... I am going to take you step by step on my journey and my REAL thoughts.

So I made my first shake this morning. I only got the chocolate - no desire to try the other one. For the cleanse you can only mix the shakes with plain water and ice - No add ins. So I made my shake and first taste - YUCK. Such a bitter unsweet chocolate flavor with a dark chocolate aftertaste ... Im not a fan of dark chocolate. But I put it in a glass and grabbed a straw. About half way through it I dont mind the taste anymore. Still not awesome but definately drinkable. I think with some cherries or a tad bit of peanut butter and half a banana it would be really good!
Weird not having my regular breakfast. Weird not chewing. Weird not having my cup of coffee or strong tea with almond milk.
A plain shake is 3 weight watcher points.

0930 Headed to WW to weigh in - up another 1.6lbs from last week. But Im not stressing that number, its only going down down down! I have made peace on my behavior the past three weeks and Im moving on.

10-12 Hit the gym. Did 50 min on the treadmill. Ran 20 min then 20 min of speed drills and 10 min of hill drills. Was really worried that without my regular workout breakfast that I wouldnt have the energy or stamina to continue but didnt feel like that at all. I actually felt pretty good. Normally before I run I take a 5hr energy, I didnt today because I didnt know how it would mix with the shake but didnt notice a difference in my performance. I also brought a chocolate GU for after running and before my full weight workout thinking I would need the pick me up but NOPE didnt need that either. I have to tell you I was quite impressed.

Now for the bad. Around 1230 I headed home and did alot of thinking on the way home. I really want to do a full 3 day cleanse and know with working tomorrow it just isnt going to happen. Expecially with trying to run 11 miles on thursday. I want to give it my all. SO I decided to just do the regular shakeology at this point. One each morning for breakfast. I am going to try it for a month and see what I think. If at that point I think its awesome I will continue daily and do a cleanse after my marathon.

So for lunch I had some of my super yummy veggie soup, tuna with canola mayo and crackers. Then took a nap and now Im up and just enjoyed some yummy apple slices.

I have 18 points left today.

Sorry If I disappointed anyone for backing out of the cleanse but Im doing what I think is in my best interest. I will continue with my daily review of the brand though :)

About to go wake up the men in my life from their naps (yes it was a family nap today) and we have to head to BJ's and blow a ton of money. I think Im going to let G have a sleep over tonight. I work tomorrow am but hubby is off and Im sure he wont mind. Tomorrow is EARLY am spin class... have to go, the calendar says so :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

The good, the good and the UGLY...

I know I said the good, the good and THEN the UGLY but I think Im going to start with the ugly first and just get it over with!

So tomorrow is weight watcher weigh in day but at the gym today I decided to have the great idea to step on the gym scale to give me an idea of how tomorrow morning will go. Can you guess it... ummmm NOT WELL! Just 3 weeks ago I was sooooo excited that I was about to hit the 140s... well today I almost hit the 160s! Talk about swinging! 159.6.... OH MY FREAKING GOD! Am I surprised... not one bit. I ate and ate and ate. I practically binged on and off for three weeks. So no not surprised. Sad? mad at myself? pissed off? You bet ya! Something I needed to see? Definately! No wonder my pants are all snug - my pretty wonderful smaller sized pants... very very snug!

Ok the ugly is done and over with only happy positive things from this point forward :)

It was COLD and windy outside today - so windy that our entire town was without power this morning.... ALL the stores, all the houses and traffic lights - great huh? Needless to say I was NOT going outside to run today. I also have a sick kid at home - double ear infection and possible strep throat (fun fun). Did I use these two things as an excuse to get out of my 8 mile run today? NOPE! I called the gym, while only 8 miles away is in a different town, to make sure they had power. Left my sick kid home with his daddy - its his kid too right??? And headed off to the gym and got comfy with a treadmill for a LONG 8 mile run... they seem soooo much longer on the treadmill!

Regardless I had to get my workout in because the scheduled workout was staring me in the face everywhere I turned...This is a pic from our big family calandar... C = me, E is hubby, G is kid... its the only way we can stay on track :)

As for food - did pretty good today. I was 100% on WW today.
Breakfast - banana, fiber one cereal with ff milk
Snack - apple
Lunch - pita pizza with goat cheese and turkey pepperoni
Snack - almond butter on english muffin
Dinner - HUGE bowl of homemade veggie lentel soup
6 points left over for snacking :)

Also decided to jump in and join the shakeology wagon. We will see. There is a beach body coach that belongs to the same playgroup I do and I have a few FB friends that are coaches aswell. Im not much of a "shake" kind of gal but have been inspired by the 4 coaches I sort of know and figured what the hell. I tried to do some research online about the shakes but I could only find one actual review that wasnt from a coach that sells the stuff and even that review seemed a bit bias. So if you are looking for a true review of the product, you will be getting one as this month progresses. I bought a case of the chocolate individual packaged shakeology

What sold me in trying the shakes is the ingredient list - its not just a protein shake... check all this out! Lets hope it lives up to the hype!

I am planning to do the cleanse which includes
3 shakes a day made with water only - breakfast, lunch, snack
2 servings of fruit a day
green tea before meals
salad with white protein for dinner
no dairy

Im changing it up a bit - I am not a salad person, never really have been. I made a big batch of homemade super veggie soup with ever type of nonstarchy veggie known to man - or known to me for that matter (green beans, carrots, celery, garlic, red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, cabbage, mushrooms) No corn, peas, potatoes. I will be subsituting the soup for the salad and having a side of white protein - mainly grilled chicken. No dairy. No soda. No coffee.

Now technically Im supposed to do that for 3 days then go to using the shake for breakfast. Here is the thing - I like to chew :) ALOT. And I go back to work Wednesday and Im a bit worried that the lack of actual food will make me super hungry and weak during my workouts so it may just be a one day cleanse :) We will see.

From what I read it doesnt taste all that great plain - after the cleanse I will be making it with unsweetenned almond milk and fruits not the plain it calls for during the fast.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A woman with a plan....

Yup that woman is ME :)
I am HATING the way my body feels this month. I feel GROSS, sluggish, bloated, my joints hurt, my pants are snug, my belly is extra jiggly, I have no energy and want to sit around and do NOTHING.

So its time to get my butt in gear and today I sat and gave it a ton of thought and got a plan in motion.

First I did our family January schedule - you know how it is with two working parents and a preschooler. Who picks him up here, who takes him there, ect ect ect. While I did the January family schedule I went ahead and did my January workout and marathon training schedule too.

That calander is placed pretty much everywhere. We have one of those giant desk calendar that we use on the fridge for our family calendar and I put my workout plan on the corner of each day. I put another smaller monthly calander with just my workout schedule on it taped to my bathroom mirror. Another is in my planner that I keep in my purse. There is no excuse for not knowing what is planned on a specific day.

Did you see some of those longer runs? This schedule COMPLETELY freaks me out. Come January 14th - only a tad over two weeks from now - I cross over the thresh-hold of the longest run I have ever done, ever. With much more pleasureable running weather at that time! After that I am in the island of unknown. It is very very overwelming to me!

Next my diet... it SUCKS right now. I feel so so so so so gross. I cant get over how gross my body/blood/skin feels right now. Tomorrow morning I am back on plan. What I REALLY want to do is a 3 day shakeology cleanse. I plan to try it also for breakfast for a month - to see if they hype lives up to the real deal. Now having said that - I am a VERY high immediate gratification kind of gal. One of the moms in my playgroup is a beachbody coach and Im trying to get in touch with her to get my one month supply. I understand its a holiday. Not everyone is home like I am... but I WANT IT NOW... wow no wonder my kid is the way he is :) Shame I didnt think to do it a few weeks ago right after the holiday - I could have it here and ready. Having 6 days off now would be the best time to do a cleanse... but no, tomorrow is monday and Im back to work on Wednesday.

Anyways thats my story and Im sticking to it.

Dreading the gym come the first - but it is what it is.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas.

I love love love being home! Gavin is just a perfect age - 4 years old is awesome!

I will post pics and what not in a day or so - no desire to do that right now.

My hubby did not do all that fabulous in the stocking department - a few movies and soaps yaaa. Got a snuggie - wth? Nothing run or health related which kind of surprised me since that has been my focus for quite a while. But its all good. We have gotten to spend the day together and thats all that really matters.

Gavin is playing with his tag system. Hubby is down stairs now playing his new PS3 game. I just finished a nice long hot bubble bath. About to make G lunch and nap time before heading out to my family's get-together.

Needless to say I have probually gained another 5 lbs this week! I havent watched what I have eaten at all. The second these holidays are over I am one 100% recommitted! I will hit the 130's before I get preggo! I will I will I will!

Tomorrow evening we get together with hubby's family but in the morning hubby is working so I think G and I will hit the gym and pool.

I am going to treat myself to a few more xmas gifts to myself this week too - a half mask running shild to block the wind - its cold and I really really want to run outside! And some underarmer cold weather gear.

My dad sent me a $100 check which will be going to a new pair of running shoes :)

Once I hit some big milestones I have some gift suggestions to myself too -
When I break out of the 150s - a Kindle... santa didnt read my mind that I wanted one :)
WHen I break out of the 140s - ??? Any ideas? Im thinking either a mini extended weekend vacation with hubby? Girls weekend? Family trip?

Hope everyone is happy and safe - have a great Christmas!

When you check back focused Christina will be back!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I spend ALOT of time on the computer - way more than I should.

I have the beginning of 6 days off and I want to have some amazing memory making times with my family.

So Im putting the computer away for a few days. I will be back after Christmas with lots of pics and fun stories to share!

Alittle about my next few days-

Today/Thursday- 10mile run planned, massage booked, lunch with my BFF, a little shopping to do still, dinner with my fabulous family, making cookies with G tonight, a glitter craft planned, need to wrap some gifts and then curling up with hubby for a movie night. oh and grocery shopping!

Fri - some cooking to do. Play like crazy with Gavin. Hit the gym - maybe take G swimming. Dinner with friends and their families and then all the fun xmas eve stuff - will go driving to look at lights then get G in bed to start putting together a few toys that will be "out" from santa.

Sat - so so so so so excited to be home on xmas with my family! We will cook breakfast together, lots of gifts, play, nap, ect. Dinner at my moms with my extended family

Sun - hubbys family heads into town and I get all of my neices....yaaa!

We may or may not get a TON of snow on Sunday - either a dusting or a few feet... I think Im the only one in the state hoping for a few feet! I want to go sledding and stay in my pjs and be snowed in with my two favorite men!

So a BUSY BUSY next few days.

Hope everyone has a fabulous wonderful Christmas. Forget about all the stressors involved and give a giant hug to the ones you love. Put a smile on your face - its contagious!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am so incredibly happy and grateful for all the people and things in my life.

Over slept :(

Well I couldnt get out of bed this morning - overslept and missed spin class :( I will work in some sort of workout this evening, sometime.

I have a busy day planned - need to work my 12 hour shift (6 days off after today!!!), then rush home so that G can help me ice and sprinkle his school cupcakes before he goes to bed, then need to head out to target to pick up some xmas cards for his teachers for part of their gift.

Between now and friday evening I need to buy a handful of small things for some family members still, finish wrapping a few things, make a few dips for parties, go grocery shopping - expecially if we get a few feet of snow on Sunday (FINGERS CROSSED!!!) and straighten up my house before Christmas attacks it. I have a 10 mile run scheduled for tomorrow and a massage booked too!

Busy busy.

I am SOOOOOO excited to be off for Christmas. Working in the healthcare field and hubby being a police officer - we do not normally do Xmas on the 25th... this is the first time in the four years that we have had G that we are both home for Xmas morning!

Im also very excited about friday night - first xmas eve spending it with friends instead of family. Looking forward to some laughs and just a good evening. My friend Rach is bummed out to be here for xmas - this is her first xmas not going home to north carolina to be with her large family... hopefully its better than she thinks it will be :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

random things...

First I did freaking awesome at work today! Today was the units big xmas party on the unit. Appetizers, dinner, tons of desserts. I ate NADA! I brought my lunch and snacks in and kept to them! Yaaa me!

No working out today but really didnt plan for much. About to go pack my work bag and lunch for tomorrow so I can hit the gym early for early spin class!

On a side note - having a slight pity party for myself. As an adult it is HARD to make new friends. It feels like freaking dating... like you want to write a note saying "do you want to be my best friend, check yes or no"... how do you know the ones that you feel the closest to feel the same way about you? You think so but how are you sure?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ok ready to talk about it...

OK Im back and ready to discuss the 5 lb weight gain.

I had to take some time and have a pity party for myself for awhile. I text my best friend and her response "wow"... yea I suck. I text my husband and his response surprised me, "sorry, we ate out too much" - he felt kind of responsible. He didnt force me to go WAY off plan. No one but me made the choice not to make any smart decisions. To have 4 large bowls of cereal for dinner, to have grilled cheese and fries for lunch most of the week, to have candy, cakes and more than half of a damn gingerbread house!

I do this probually every 2 months - typically when Im about to make a move from one big number to the next... this time from the 150s to the 140s. I freak out and then that turns into a week or a month of CRAZINESS! This time it last two weeks.

I am proud of me that I put my pride aside and got to a meeting. When I got there I told the women that I knew I gained and just put the number in the book, dont want to know. I wanted to look at it privately. She gave me a pity look, hate those, and told me "well atleast your target daily points didnt go up"... yippee.

The weigh in was what I needed. To remind myself how incredibly quick one can go back to really bad old habits and how fast the weight can go back on. It took me almost a full year to lose 50lbs... I could put that back on easily in 2-3 months. I dont have the strength to do this all over again... I cant go back to where I was!

So today I did what I know works. I journaled my food. SOmething so simple - works 100% of the time for me, yet I give up and dont do it. It doesnt take alot of time and its easy... I NEED to do it. I have stayed within my points 100%.

Before I talk about my exercise for the day - wanted to discuss one more thing food wise. When you eat crap your body craves crap. Simple as that. When I give in to all the processed sugary stuff then I want more and more and more. Today I have craved cookies sooooo bad!

So now for workout - plan was to run outside 8 miles today. I took G to school, ran my errands then headed to where I mapped my run. I ran about 1/2 a mile. It was COLD and WINDY. The cold wind hitting my face kept taking my breath away. I was miserable. So I ran the 1/2 mile back to my car. I was COLD and had a headache that wouldnt go away and was cranky. SO I picked up G and came home and took a nap. Then it was karate and dinner. Well after G went to bed, I decided I needed to get some miles in. So I headed down to the basement on the treadmill and got 5 miles in. It wasnt the 8 that I really wanted to do but guess it was better than nothing. I need to get back on track mileage wise if I am going to be ready for the marathon in March.

For the record... I HATE HATE HATE winter running.... HATE IT!

Todays food
8am almond butter/banana on english muffin 5.5 points
10am coffee with skim milk 1 point
1pm flat bread pizza with goat cheese, mushrooms, turkey pepperoni 6 points
3pm 4 meringue cookies 3 points
5pm 2 donut holes 3 points
630pm 4 oz chicken, green beans, mushrooms, brocoli 4 points
22.5 - 6.5 left for the evening.
Yes between 3 and 5 I could have made much better food choices. Could have had some fruit or cottage cheese or something but I didnt. Im about to go have an apple with almond butter....yummy.

My lunch is packed and ready to go for tomorrow.

It will be a good week
It will be a good week
It will be a good week

Confession time...

need to just put this out there... I will be back later to talk about it...

went to weight watchers this morning... I gained... 5 freaking lbs in the past 2 weeks! I knew I was doing horrible... but OMG!

There, its out there. I will be back...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

another note to me...

Some times I need the extra push...

You will suck it up and go to WW tomorrow morning. Yes they will tell you that you gained some weight... maybe quite a bit of weight for two weeks. BUT you WILL go and you will acknowledge that you controlled that weight gain... you made some bad choices... so lets face up to it and move on.

You will also not bail out on your first longer run - 8miles tomorrow. You need to get back on track for your marathon training... it only gets MUCH longer from here. 8 miles tomorrow, 10 miles later in the week and you are back on track... then up and up and up.

Yes you have a super busy day tomorrow but everything is worth it. You cant skip ANYTHING. Its only one day... in a few days you have 6 days off and can relax a bit. Regardless of how busy you are tomorrow you have to atleast minimally do the following
1. Go to WW
2. Get your run done... outside!
3. Make some fun crafts with Gavin... laugh, have fun and give him lots of love.

This weeks schedule...

Not sure if you can actually read that... Im so bad at this computer stuff! On the left is my workout and dinner plan on the right is the getting organized daily stuff... starting small so I dont get overwelmed.

This weeks workouts incase you cant read it
Sun 3mile run
Mon 8 mile run, strength training
Tues 10 min jump rope
Wed Early am spin class, strength training
Thur 10 mile run
Fri Spin, strength training
Sat I put a 5 mile run but I may take that day off seeing that its Christmas :)

Todays run - DONE. Time to get in the shower and get to work.

The only other news - I decided to wean off my antidepressant... again! UHHHH - Its been 2 months since we increased my dose... I have been really dizzy lately, scary dizzy which is one of the potential side effects. Seeing that I want to get preggo in the spring and cant be on it anyways, I thought now would be a good time to wean off. Hopefully the dizziness subsides. So Im weaning, I went cold turkey last time and it was NOT good. Hopefully my mood doesnt take a dive :(


Its 5am and Im actually up and dressed and about to hit the treadmill before work....yaaaa me! Yesterday I made my schedule for this week. Today is an easy 3 mile run. While I wanted to sleep and stay warm and cozy - the schedule said run so Im up to run :) I will post a pic of the "schedule" tonight.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Tomorrow is weigh in - it wont be pretty, I havent eaten very well. But I WILL be there.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I am doing a few things to reach my "new years" resolution.

First, I took one of your advices and checked out I will officially be starting that on Monday since I work all weekend.

Im going to plan meals on a weekly basis and make my shopping list accordingly - only buying whats on the list!

I am making a weekly list that has EVERYTHING on it and printing it out - it will include my workouts for that week (I need to make sure Im staying up with my marathon training), whats for dinner so I can make sure it gets made/prepped ect, and what flylady thing they have me doing.

Think thats too much? Im a MASSIVE planner and anal... can you tell???

Friday, December 17, 2010

New years resolutions and a quick rant...

I have been meaning to get on here for an hour or so to give some thoughts about my new years resolutions but I need to vent first....

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I have had a certain person air some family business on face book. I commented that fb just wasnt the place. That led to her private messaging me a few not so nice words all in caps... man I hate when people type in caps... it annoys me! She is CRAZY and that led to her pulling me into the not so niceness and it went down hill from there. Now it appears she is stalking me... uhhhh.

Ok deep breath. Move on.

So my resolutions. I have two. And I have given it some thought and think that there is NO reason for me to start on the first... why not start right now?

1. I have been so stressed about the number on the scales. To get lower, lower, lower. I have only focused on the number. If I do things to make that number smaller Im happy, if I dont then I send myself into a spiral. Its a bad game of see-saw. I have only focused on the number and not the rest of the successes. Hell Im in the lower 150s~! thats freaking awesome! I am healthier. I can find cute clothes. I can run. I love going to the gym. SO my first Now Years Resolution - no more focusing on the number. Time to focus on being healthy. Being fit. Being happy with where I am RIGHT NOW. Yes I want to lose about 15 more lbs. But if that doesnt happen right away - Im happy with how I am now. Lets work on eating things that make my body feel good and sweating more. Work on toning. Work on overall making myself a happier healthier fitter person, not just a smaller person. I think with that mind set - I will get much farther in my journey!

2. I NEED to get more organized! I have said this every year but never work towards it. My house is a disaster most of the time. My car is a disaster. My purse is a disaster. My dresser is typically covered in clothes. I can never find anything that Im looking for.... ever! My house overwelms me when its time to get it clean. I need to do baby steps and alittle all the time. Stay on top of things.

Any one have any suggestions on either one of these....

What are you wanting to change/improve/work on in the new year?

What to do what to do???

I have an 8 mile run mapped out this morning in Havre de grace. A cute little town by the water. I love running in HdG. Its not very big - about a 3 mile loop so I maped out running up and down pretty much every road to get my 8 miles in. It is my first outside longer run. From here on out I add almost 2 miles to each weekly long run.

Here is my issue - it snowed yesterday. My road looks a mess still so Im good at assuming that some of the roads I plan to run on are an icy mess too... having said that they didnt even make schools late today so maybe the rest of the roads arent that bad.

Where I want to run and my gym are in opposite directions from G's school.

So what to do what to do?

I think I will drop G off at school. Drive to havre de grace and check out the roads. If its ok go for my planned run - what I really want to do. If not, drive all the way back to the gym and get my 8 miles in. I have NO desire to run 8 miles on the treadmill - yuck!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

another day another dollar

wow I spent alot of money today - and still not 100% done my xmas shopping! UHHHH I thought I was so ahead of the game but everything snuck up on me!

I cant believe xmas is a week away!

What I really really want for myself is a super cute running skirt... oh my I have seen some ADORABLE ones lately! I want to feel more girlie when I get my sweat on!

Look how freaking cute these are!

I really like THIS one from
and THIS one from The women that own seem amazing!

So so so cute! Maybe after the holidays - not quite in my price range right now.

Tomorrow is supposed to be an outside 8 mile run... it snowed today so a bit worried about the roads being icy. We will see...

rant time...

My four year old is a spoiled ungrateful brat... I love him but that is him in a nut shell sometimes!

We do the count down to xmas with his "elf" leaving him little candies and notes. The notes typically say we are signed up for a family activity. Back story - last week when we took him to see santa we knew he was asking for a race track. He surprised us with "all I really want is a saxaphone"...what?!? weird. He also loves all those singing dancing xmas themed things - at walgreens yesterday I saw a singing dancing saxaphone playing santa... adorable! So I put it under the tree and in slot 16 it says "look under the tree"

He walks to the tree and says "Thats it? All it does it sing and dance, I dont like it!"

errrrrr - I did something wrong with this kid. He is so lucky to have all the things he has and two parents that love him as much as we do. Pets, a great family, comfy house, ability to take karate lessons, lots of toys... he thinks he is so entitled and I dont know how to fix that!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yup its me again :)

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone had a great day. Mine was good. I worked until 6pm - love when I get off early!

Food wise I went over a bit but only by 5 points. I ended up having 1 piece of chocolate at work. Yes only 1 piece! That is huge for me! Before I would keep sneaking back to the break room to have just one more piece, over and over again. Today I enjoyed one and only one. I drank a TON of water. When I got home I treated myself to an almond butter and marshmellow english muffin. This used to be 5 points - its now 8! But so worth it! Regardless its 9pm and Im DONE eating for the day. I just enjoyed a nice mug of hot tea - pumpkin :) If I get in the "I want to munch" mode then I will floss and brush my teeth.

Workout wise - I went straight to the gym after work. I have never been to the gym in the evening before....ummm not a fan! In the am it is busy but mainly women doing alot of cardio and classes with a few men in the free weight section. I rock the morning! I do a class or hit the treadmill then take up a corner of the free weight section and do an awesome free weight workout. I love my weight training time. I really enjoy it. Well - night time ... different! About double the people, mainly men. There were three classes going on but not really full. Treadmills and ellipticals almost all full. TONS of men in the weight section. Now I can stand up to any guy on the treadmill. I push myself - everytime! Today wasnt a really run day so I just did 30 min on the treadmill to get my heartrate up. Did 60 floors of stairs on the stair climber (ouch). Then headed over to the weight section... yea, not happenning. There were guys everywhere and I got alittle intimidated. Decided to push weights to tomorrow. Oh well, got my cardio in!

What did you do today to get your heart rate up?

Operation 149 day 3!

So far so good!

This will be quick - I need to get ready for work and get G up and ready for daycare and both of us out the door by 715! uhhhh hate these mornings!

So alittle disappointed in the biggest loser last night - compared to previous finales it seemed disorganized and most didnt look as good as I expected them to.

Regardless - last night I became motivated and registered for my first marathon! There is NO turning back now. It is soooo much more real! I wasnt going to register until after the holidays but the half was almost full and needed to sign up hubby so I went ahead and did both of our registrations. Wish I would have done it a bit sooner though - the hotel department didnt go as smoothly... my first 10 choices were fully booked already...uhhhh... but we are booked. Paid if full with no refunds... like I said No turning back now!

A small little part in my head said well if I "accidently" get pregnant then I dont have to run the marathon... I was giving myself an out. We all know that if I got pregnant it wouldnt have been an accident! Yes I want to be pregnant NOW but waiting 3 months isnt going to change anything but will allow me to accomplish something amazing.

So needless to say I am very happy I registered and Im psyched!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Operation 149 day 2... take 2!

Yup this is my second post today. I have had a pretty awesome day today!

First I got G off to preschool and headed to the gym. Yesterday I ran and typically I dont run two days in a row BUT I was in running mode so why not? Its not like I was super sore or anything... SO I hit the treadmill. I ran 70 min straight ranging in speed of 5.2 to 5.6. Then I did 5 one-minute speed intervals at 8 (7:30min/mile) then did 5 one-minute hill intervals with the incline at 7 and the speed at 5. So a total of about 90-100 min. I was a sweaty mess... it felt AWESOME! When I was doing my speed work I even had people come up and comment on how great I was doing. It rocked!

Oh and my weight at the gym today 152.8... so 3.9 lbs in this two week challange would be AWESOME!

I was starving after that but did good - went to my favorite coffee place and instead of getting the awesome homemade scone I really wanted.... I got a coffee with soy milk and a small fruit salad!

After getting G, feeding him and putting him down for a nap - I enjoyed a LONG HOT bubble bath... soooo nice, and quiet!

I had a super special midwife appointment today - I got my IUD out...that is a HUGE step for us. We arent ready to offically start trying - not until March but not its 100% a definate that we will be trying! I also start prenatal vitamins and come March will have to wean off my favorite med ever - my antidepressant.

Made a super healthy, super yummy dinner of speghetti squash, sauted mushrooms, ground turkey and speghetti sauce... yummy!

After dinner we built a gingerbread house and watched rudolphe (sp?) - wonderful family evening.

Now Im waiting for the biggest loser finale to start. I have already prepped for tomorrow - I have to work 12 hours tomorrow so my lunch, dinner and snacks are packed. I have to make my gym bag. Im going to attempt to go after work tomorrow - I only need to do weight training, maybe 30 min of cardio. Not to difficult. I have all the stuff to do it at home but I dont - I do SOOOO much better at the gym!

Todays Food and Points
8am almond butter/banana on english muffin 5.5 points
11am coffee with soy milk and fruit salad 1 point
1230 egg white/cheese sandwich on english muffin and apple slices 6 points
4pm banana 0points
6pm speghetti squash, turkey, mushrooms, sauce 7points
7pm 3 cookies 4 points
8pm fruit roll up 2 points
25.5 points - have 3.5 left over for one more snack :)

Tomorrows planned meals
630am egg white/cheese on english muffin and grapefruit 6 points
10am banana 0points
1pm left over speghetti squash dish 7points
3pm apple slices 0 points
5pm 100cal cottage cheese fruit thing 3points
7pm 4 oz baked chicken with steamed veggies 4 points
20 points - I will have a cup of coffee or two with lite creamer so thats 2 points and that will leave me a post workout 7 points unless I eat something else during the day.

And yes I gave myself times already for my meals for tomorrow - I have to have an idea in my head when I will be eating each thing I bring. It may not happen as scheduled but it makes me feel better and more in control of my hunger and food.

How did your day go?
I promise some more pics soon :)

Operation 149 day 2!

So yesterday I was right on with my points. Today restarts my extra weekly points - yaaa!

I went back and forth and back and forth about trying to get to weigh in today - I really should. But it isnt going to happen - its about 20 miles away and Im just not getting up that way today. There is snow on the ground :) and I need to get G to preschool and get my workout in during that 2 1/2 hour break I get. So I will weigh myself at the gym today - not the same scale but oh well.

So my plans for today - another jam packed kind of day. Taking G to school and heading straight to the gym - planning to run 70 min straight this time and then 20-30 min of drills. I wanted to spin today but my pinkie hurts and worried gripping the bike will hurt so Im running again today. Then it will be time to go back into mommy mode. I also REALLY need to get some cleaning done today. Figure out what to cook for dinner thats healthy and yummy - any suggestions??? Then promised G if he is good we will decorate our gingerbread house tonight and maybe a short xmas family movie night.

We wanted to do those last two last night but G was NOT having a good night - he cried and threw a fit over EVERYTHING.. needless to say he went to bed very early.

So the tip of my right pinky is nicely purple and swollen and very sore :(

I love a good challange - I do so much better when I set big challanges for me. So dont be surprised if there are multiple post daily as I work through the challange. I almost alway make it though!

So two questions this am -
1. What active things are you doing today?
2. What are you making for dinner?


Monday, December 13, 2010

Operation 149!

Thanks for the great idea on the last few comments! I am now bringing you all in on operation 149... two weeks to break into the 140s! I will be sharing my food journal daily - or atleast try. And my workouts.

Im not making it to WW tomorrow for weigh in afterall - I have my reasons but part of it is fear and it just doesnt fit into my schedule. My last official weight was 151. 8. My weight at the gym today was 155. So in two weeks I will be in the 140s. I can do this!

Todays food
8am PB and banana english muffin 5.5 points
1130am coffee with soy milk 1 point
Noon banana, 4 oz chicken breast, steamed veggies 4 points
5pm baked tortilla chips 3 points
7pm egg whites and lite cheese on english muffin 6 points
total 19.5... have 9.5 points left for today - crazy! I will have some form of snack this evening in the 3-5 point range.

Todays workout - 80 min on treadmill, upper body weights and abs.

So come with me on this 2 week journey... how about even making your own 2 week goal and share with me and my readers (via the comment section) your daily steps to reach that goal!

sorry I have been MIA

I havent posted in a couple days and that very much isnt like me. Sometimes I post multiple times a day, but generally atleast daily.

The reason for my missing in action... I have SUCKED. I went off on a binge and couldnt stop myself. I have no clue what started this particular binge - I havent been my stressed, sad, mad, nothing... but regardless it happenned. For example, on Saturday I worked 12 hours. This was the food I consumed on saturday -
7ish Peanut butter and banana english muffin
on way to work - 2 donuts and coffee
lunch - grilled chicken sandwich with cheese and full serving of fries
3-5pm multiple pieces of holiday candy
8pm 2 cupcakes and multiple cookies
830pm 2 tacos from taco bell, apple empanada
9-10pm 2 things of fruit snacks and 2 fruit roll ups

WTH?!? I wasnt hungry - obviously since I was very full most of the day. The amount of sugar and junk I put in my body was disgusting.

Yesterday was alittle better - did great at work... egg whites and english muffin, apple slices, baked chicken and veggies for lunch, banana, egg white sandwich for dinner. Then it fell apart - multiple cookies and fruit snacks before bed - about 10-12 points worth.

So frustrated with myself. Its like Im scared to hit the 140s - that I dont deserve to be in the 140s. 140s is too much of a normal weight and I still feel like a fat chick.

Today has been much better - started the morning with a hard workout at the gym. 80 min on the treadmill - turns out that is when the gym treadmills automatically turn off :) Did 60 min of solid running which was my goal for today and then 20 min of speed and hill drills. Followed the cardio with some upper body weight training and abs. Felt awesome until I was putting my weights back and dropped a 12 lb weight on the tip of my right pinky... pretty sure its broken. Its blue/black, very swollen and sore. Fun fun.

Eating so far so good today too - pb and banana english muffin this am. Lunch was 4oz of baked chicken and a ton of fresh steamed greenbeans and brocoli. I had a few apple slices off G's lunch plate. Tons of water. Dinner will be more of the chicken and veggies - I made a ton and we will be getting back from karate right at dinner time so easy meal. I will add mac and cheese for the boys in my life... never tempted with mac and cheese, just isnt my thing.

Hopefully starting my week off right will help me continue on a good path this week.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I ate like total crud yesterday - my plans went RIGHT out the window. We went out for mexican last night. We got a lb of homemade italian cookies that I couldnt stop eating. My sodium intake yesterday but have been ridiculous - my fingers are soooo swollen, I had to struggle to get my wedding rings off.

I know the new WW program works. I know I enjoy everything that I was eating. So why cant I keep doing it! I dont need to keep over doing it - the crap Im shoveling in my mouth isnt even all that awesome - except those cookies :)

I meant to atleast bake the chicken I marinated once I got home for work today but that didnt happen. So Im going to bring in my healthy snacks, fruits, ect and get some grilled chicken and veggies at work for lunch.

Im trying to talk myself out of going to the ww meeting on tuesday because Im scared of the scale and looking like Im a big fat loser. BUT that was what I did before. When I didnt do well I would skip it and then that turned into a month of skipping. So I will be there. I will suck it up and take responsibility for my actions.

Friday, December 10, 2010

An awesome friday...

That note to myself did the trick and Im half way through an awesome two days off.

First things first - I got my butt outside in the 32 degree windy morning and got my 6 mile run in! It was cold but I was dressed appropriately. My new awesome Garmin watch kept my distance and pace for me. My goal was 6 miles in 60 min. I have been running faster than that lately... ummm not today. I ran exactly 6 miles in 63 min. Close. I felt awesome though. My mind stayed focused and I actually enjoyed the run.

Yesterday we went and cut down our first real xmas tree. We had so much fun! We let G play hookie from preschool and had a family day :) Our poor tree wont stand up straight but who cares - we love it anyways. Stockings are hung. Cant find any mistle toe though to replace my dried up bunch.

Once G wakes up from his nap we will head off for some family pictures and to go see santa - G was scared of him last year so curious how this year will go.

Chicken is marinating - making a huge batch of baked bbq chicken for this weekends meals.

And I see a family movie night or gingerbread house making tonight... I LOVE this time of year!

message to me...

Christina -

You have committed to a marathon. Which means you have committed to marathon training. Yes you knew it would be cold outside... hell you live in Maryland... its cold in the winter! But its only a short period of your day. You will be happy with yourself when its done. You bought cute warm running gear. GET OUTSIDE and GET THE damn 6 miles in! 6 miles is nothing - you have successfully ran an awesome half marathon... GET MOVING.

And on a side note - just because you are off and the hubby is off and you are spending time as a family does NOT mean eating out 3 meals a day and splurging!

Love, Christina

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

redeemed myself...

I had a very long but very awesome day at work yesterday - didnt get home til 9ish. Only went 4 points over into the weekly points for today!

Last night not only did I pack my gym bag but put it already in my car!

Now at a ridiculous hour of the morning Im up, just had breakfast and about to head out the door for early morning spin class before work! WOOHOO!

Im tired but I will thank myself later!

Monday, December 6, 2010

note to self...

Just because my weigh-in is done today and my points dont restart until tomorrow... that is not a licence to EAT and EAT and EAT.... put the damn food down!

totally digging the new weight watchers!

I cannot say enough good things about the new weight watchers program! It was just what I needed to get back on track! I have been pleasantly satisfied food wise and overall feel like Im eating SOOO much better!

Some of the things Iused to eat every day has changed though - I had alot of carb'y snacks through out the day before that I have cut back on significantly now. Before I snacked alot on pretzels, triscuts, greek yogurt with cereal, baked potatoe chips, 100 calorie cookies/snacks. Now dont get me wrong - none of these things are bad and actually they all are decently healthy but very carb'y. Before I would have all of those every day - they fit in my points but still. Now I will maybe have one of those each day and my other snacks through the day are a variety of fruits, steamed veggies, celery with homemade dip, carrots and hummus. I tend to eat a more carb filled breakfast with some protein but stick to protein and veggies for lunch and dinner.

And guess what?!? IT WORKS!!!!

This week I weighed in 1 day early. I had a splurge day. And despite all of that... I lost 3.2lbs this week! OMG!

Hopefully I will keep the 1-2.5 lbs/week from now until the first of the year. If I lose 1.9lbs this coming week.... I will be in the 140s! OMG OMG OMG! I havent been in the 140s since like 8th grade! Im 30!

The rest of the day has been jam packed. I hit the gym after WW and ran for an hour on the treadmill and then did upper body, core and abs. Went to the grocery store and completely restocked on my healthy eats. Now G is sleeping and I REALLY want to lay down too but I dont sleep well the nights I nap and I work tomorrow. After TKD today I think we will have whole wheat banana blueberry waffles YUM and a batch of oatmeal banana chocolate chip muffins for the week - super filling.

If you havent checked out yet you really should - I get great ideas and have learned to cook more from scratch with more natural products because of that site!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another ON PLAN day!

Woohoo... been 100% on plan today, very proud of myself.

630am PB muffin with banana 5.5points
10am apple slices 0points
1pm 4oz chicken breast with streamed brocoli 4points
4pm pineapple 0points
5pm 1/2 brownie with caramel - estimated 6points
6pm coffee with creamer, cottage cheese 4points
830pm 1 egg, 2 egg whites on bagel thin with small amt light mayo 7points

Still have 2.5 points left over - I want to much but Im not letting that happen. Will drink some more water. Maybe have a light snack and then some hot tea then off to brush teeth and floss so Im not still tempted.

That 1/2 brownie was freaking awesome and so worth the points.

I am very proud of myself because my nurses did a run to baja fresh. I LOVE baja fresh. I decided I would order. I looked online at their menue and nutritional info and decided on the chicken bare buritto bowl that was 13 points. Yes thats alot but I could have worked it in and went alittle light this evening for dinner. I was drooling thinking of all of the awesome salsas ...yummmm! But then as I was about to close the nutritional info I happenned to notice the sodium content... 3000mg! Thats INSANE! And I weigh in tomorrow so I know that would make me hold on to water and I would be so disappointed in my weigh in ... so I said NOPE. And I made sure I went in and ate my lunch before their food got there so I wouldnt have to smell it. YAAA me... I tried to only eat one bite of the brownie too but I have no complaints for enjoying the half... like I said it was AMAZING!

So tomorrow is weigh in - fingers crossed! Im getting up and getting G to preschool tomorrow, then rushing to WW for weighin and meeting, then heading to the gym to get a 6 mile run in then weight training to finish just in time to pick G back up from preschool and get him home for a nap. After nap Im letting him put up his own little personal xmas tree. Then to get him to tae kwon do, dinner and evening bath/bed routine.... doesnt that all sound exhausting?!?

Still the weekend...

Which means Im still in work mode - I work ALOT of weekends. Weekends arent really weekends in our house - with my husband being a police officer and me working in healthcare, we do our share of weekends and then some. We try to get off the same days during the week so that we have our own "weekend". This week we are off Thur and Fri together so we will be doing tons of fun family things. So its 630 am and Im up and saying high to all of you. Enjoying my hot tea and breakfast.

Had the strangest dreams last night - all marathon in nature. I was running it with Rachael and if any of you know Rachael then you know that is sooooo not happenning (love ya!). First I had to take a before run poop (tmi sorry) and the port a potties were GROSS.... shit everywhere! Then the first 16 miles was straight UP hill and it started to pour rain. It took us 10 hours! It was not a pleasant dream!

Tomorrow Im heading in to weigh in a day early. Im nervous with doing things 24 hours early. But having said that - I feel like its been an overall successful week. I actually feel smaller if thats possible. I have gotten 4 or 5 hard workouts in this week all with cardio aswell. I have been smart with my meal planning. Yes I ate out twice this week - one being mexican and not the smartest choices made but the rest of the I stayed within my daily points target. Sushi was very smart choices - proud of that. So I really really really hope that the scale shows it. I know I have had successes off the scale this week but I really would like the confirmation that what Im doing is working, you know?

Oh and alittle food for thought. Roni over at said something that hit home in her podcast yesterday. Forgive me if I butcher the quote but it was about if you feel like the grass is greener on the other side... time to water your lawn. I have had NUMEROUS times when everything else seems better then what Im doing/experiencing/having ect. Other marriages at times looks much happier and more stable than mine... instead of wishing we were like that or having those horrible thoughts of what if? ... I should be watering my marriage. Nurturing it, making time for my husband, talking, ect. Of course I look at other people that are taller, thiner, prettier, ect than me but instead of self loathing about it - Im watering "me"... right now Im working on things to make me a better person, health and personally. Im a much happier, friendlier, more easy going person than I was a few years ago!
So will let you know tomorrow....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great eating day!

Today has been a spot on eating day and I am very proud of myself!

Breakfast at 7am was 1 tbsp natural peanut butter (2.5pp) on a lite english muffin (3pp) topped with a banana for a total of 5.5 pp.

10am snack apple slices - zero points!

2pm (late lunch because we were SLAMMED at work today) 4 oz chicken for 4 pp, cup of steamed brocoli, cup of green beans for 4 points total!

430pm 100calorie cottage cheese double

6pm coffee with ff creamer (1pp) and a banana (zero baby!)

830pm Dinner - 3 egg whites, 1 slice WW cheese, 1 veggie sausage on a everything bagel thin = 7 points

I have 5 or 6 daily points left. Im going to have some apple slices with peanut butter I think... we will see.

I actually packed 2 servings of the chicken and veggies with the plan to eat the second one for dinner around 6pm at work but work just wasnt helpful in that plan since we were ridiculously busy. I wanted to eat dinner at work so I could workout when I got home since I didnt wake up to run this morning. But since I was STARVING when I got home I had to eat. I did jump with the jump rope while my eggs cooked :)

I got my water in today since I made sure I had a full bottle near me at all times today so inbetween running around I drank. I really wanted a diet soda but a trip to get one didnt happen - happy about that actually! I really wanted a chocolate candy bar they were selling at work but I was good :) Proud of me!

Tomorrow is back to work. I will eat the dinner I had packed for lunch tomorrow. I have some pineapple that I didnt get a chance to eat today. I also have another big bag of sliced apples - love those precut bags... awesome!

Yesterday I FINALLY found some unsweetenned chocolate almond milk - Monday Im going to try some new dessert type recipes, thinking a banana chocolate chip chocolate muffins :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

friday part 2...

Yes this is my second post today - within 2 hours of each other.

But something just struck me and I wanted to get it down on words.

"Dont expect different results if you keep doing the same old thing" me

Back story - Next spring I want to get pregnant with our second child. Its months away and I have convinced myself that I will be at goal weight... without really doing the work... by March since I will be training for the marathon.

With lots of talking, Hubby and I decided that I am going to get my IUD out now. My periods are HORRIBLE and long and frequent and my sex drive is nonexistant... hubby swears that started with the placement of the IUD. He has been trying to get me to take it out for years now. Well with talking about it today I finally have agreed.

Part of me wants to get pregnant soooo much but I have decided I will continue to wait until spring. I want to be as healthy as I can be before getting pregnant.

But if I keep going the way I am then I will be exactly where I am right now come 4 months from now... yes I am MUCH healthier than I used to be BUT my BMI is still 29 (overweight). I still have 15 lbs I want to lose. I want to tone up my core. I want to be in a better place health wise so that I can continue that through my pregnancy.

Yet here I sit always thinking it will happen but then return to my partially doing the plan, partially eating healthily and part very much not so... yet I expect different results than I am seeing.

Well DUH - how do I expect to have a different result if I keep doing the same thing over and over and over.

Well now its real - Im calling Monday to make an appt for the IUD to come out. While I will be following my ovulation pattern and what not so that I wont get pregnant - it could happen. And if I keep on the path Im on now with doing everything half assed then I wont be where I want to be.

So I need to change my practices to see those different results...

Friday -

I so need to get better at titles... I suck at coming up with them!

Today all in all was a good day - went to the gym and got my sweat on, met up with a friend and did some power xmas shopping, ate healthily at the sushi place (one eel roll and steamed veggies with brown rice and sauce on the side). Then I picked up G and everything kind of went down hill... my child is being evil today. Everything I tell him to do he does the opposite.... he is going to bed very very early - luckingly for me he cant tell time!

I really hope that as I get into the marathon training, I start enjoying it and wanting it again. I really am not all that excited to train for 3 months in the freezing cold dark winter to then run to the point where I may lose toenails, get blood blisters and cramps from hell. Im really only seeing the negative right now - which is a shame because after the half marathon I was so gung ho and felt so empowered. I want that feeling back.

I work all weekend :( Plan to get up early tomorrow and get a run in with my dog before heading in.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Alittle bummed this morning - was planning to work out with Nicole but busy mom/wife/life stuff got in the way so we arent meeting up until after my workout :( Having her there would have ensured an amazing workout on my part because I would have pushed myself harder then normal... guess Im going to have to find that feeling anyways and run with it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

almost didnt post

I almost didnt post today. My last two days have been so awesome and today I rolled down the mountain and I didnt want to fess up about it.

Well here I am... ready to fess up. Only had 10 points left over for afternoon/dinner and decided screw it. Ate 3 oreos (5 points), took my son out to dinner just the two of us and he wanted mexican... so chips/dip, shrimp tacos. Stopped at walgreens to pick up a few things on the way home and got a bag of those caramel things with the white stuff in the middle... ate every single one of them. Why oh why do I do this??? So I lost track of points after the oreos and Im assuming I used all my 49 extra weekly points - maybe and then some.

Thats the bad part of the day... now for some so so good.

I got up and went out for my run this morning. My first cold outdoor winter run. It was COLD - upper 30s low 40s. But I was prepped for it - running tights, long sleeve shirt, vest, earmuffs. Wish I had some gloves for the first part of the run. My earmuffs didnt make it more than a mile or so and went in my pocket. LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Garmin forerunner watch... LOVE it! I did almost 5 miles - 5 was my goal. Walked alittle more than I would have liked. BUT the new watch let me know that when I was running, I was running way faster than I normally do. Did a mile or so of 8:50, most of it was 9-9:45... before I was running 10:30 max!

Tomorrow I will be back on track with the eating, even with going out for sushi - I will make smart choices! And Im having a killer workout with Nicole.

Ahhhh I feel better confessing...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rocking day...

Day two and still LOVING the new weight watchers plan. I have been more satisfied and have made such healthier options all day long. The truth will come on weigh in next week I guess.

Got a new book in the mail today - first marathon stories... so looking forward to reading it... hoping it will help inspire!

Also had a rocking day at the gym. Spin class was so hard, wanted to vomit kind of hard. Then rocked a full weights/strength training workout. I felt awesome!

This will be a great workout week -
Yesterday ran
Today spin/strength training
Thur - running with hubby
Fri - spin class with the awesome nicole then strength training

SOOOO looking forward to friday - girl day with my Nicole :) We havent seen each other since the half marathon in October! That is forever ago! SO we are hitting the gym first, then finishing our xmas shopping and sushi! WOOHOO!

Its a great friend week too - works out well since E is on evenings. Tonight Rach and I took the boys to TaiKwonDo and home for a healthy dinner. Tomorrow I get to see Katie - its been MONTHS... and we will aim for a healthy dinner again :) and I already told you about friday... then work the weekend but this awesome week is worth it!

Gavin has a train 25 days to xmas with the 25 doors. This morning there was a candy bracelet and a letter from Milo the elf saying that he is watching for Santa and hopes he likes the bracelet. Also said that they really want cookies to be in the santa cookie jar - that it was a tease, so they filled it for me... you should have seen his face when he went and looked and sure enough there were cookies in the cookie jar :) Tomorrow Milo is leaving a coupon for a family lunch at the train garden.