Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random thoughts...

Yes, NO post in months and months and now you get 2 within hours. Weird how that works.

Some random thoughts that are in my head....

1. It takes 50 bags of dried beans to fill a regular sized sandbox :) Bre will be shocked to see the newest addition to the back deck.

2. Crossfit keeps creaping into my mind. I cannot afford both cross fit and my current family gym membership and I love my gym. And I havent really been all that stellar in the workout department and keeping up with things latley. So I made a promise with myself. I found this awesome website with WOD.  If I get back into the training realm and start consistantly also including these WOD then I will buy myself a 3 month membership to our local crossfit studio. And then after 3 months make some hard decisions. I am giving myself until Aug 1st to prove I can stick with something.

3. I just re-read my post from last years Bird in Hand Half (HERE). What an amazing time that weekend was. BUT I think this year we will surpass it! First my step mom and my dad are flying in from Texas that weekend for a visit. Second, my step mom is running with me! Third I already booked a family suite and we are ready for a relaxed country amish weekend! SO SO SO excited!

4. Im procrasinating... Im supposed to be on the treadmill right now for 3 miles that is on the schedule. It feels so freaking awesome outside right now and Im totally bummed hubby is at work and I have to run inside. Blah.

No excuses...

Its amazing how difficult it is to get myself to post anything when Im not doing well on the diet and exercise front. Its as if I dont say anything then it doesnt really happen. My clothes dont really get tighter, my scale isnt  drastically going up and my body doesnt really feel like crud... the problem is all of those things are true. Whether I admit to them or not.

And to be honest I miss having somewhere to put out all the crazy thoughts that are going on in my head. So here I am several months later and about 5 lbs heavier.

I need to make a comeback. I need to feel good about myself and proud of myself again. I need to shove the mean girl down the freaking trash and take back ownership.

Im back.