Saturday, June 30, 2012

OMG July 1st!

OMG - tomorrow is July 1st. In less than 12 hours I can officially say I have started to train for my second marathon.  Starting tomorrow my runs are not just "runs" - they will serve a purpose to something bigger. My rest tie will have to be savored. I will need to sleep way more than I am doing currently. And I need to fuel my body a hell of a lot better than I am currently doing.

I have given this marathon training a lot of thought. Last time I ate EVERYTHING in sight. I gained 10 lbs during that 4 month training time. I missed so many scheduled runs - never my long run but there were many weeks that the long run was the only run that week. I did no speed work, no tempo work. My goal was to finish.

This time I have a different attitude about running. I feel comfortable calling myself a runner now. I feel like an athlete. I have PR'd every race I have ran this year after having my daughter. I want to continue that trend and rock the Philadelphia marathon. I want to give it the respect it deserves. I do NOT want to gain weight!

I have given a lot of time to the actual training. I have read a few books in the last few months - my favorite being Train Like a Mother. I have given special attention to start improving my core strength and trying to incorporate swimming to not constantly pound on my legs. I have restarted strength training. I have incorporated more stretching, icing, ect. I have started to look into running groups ect.

I got to thinking the last few days that I need to put just as much time and consideration into what Im putting into my body. I cannot expect it to keep up with what I want it to if Im fueling it with junk. Ive also been reading up on effects of wheat - Im reading wheat belly right now. You will be hearing A LOT more about this in the next few days... lucky you! I have played around with the idea of going wheat free quite a bit and July seems like a good enough time to do it. I will be running but it wont be 3-4 hour runs like in Aug/Sept. So come tomorrow morning - for 30 days - I will be wheat free. After that I will evaluate its effect on my health/energy ect. I will be fueling my body with complex carbs, tons of veggies, organic fruits, chicken, lean meats, good cheeses, raw nuts and many more awesome things.

** I must make a quick confession though... worried about how much I would miss so many yummy things - I have gorged on donuts, chocolate cake, bagels, cookies... and I feel like crude. Yuck!**

Friday, June 29, 2012

body pump and a rest day...

Today I went to my very first body pump class. I have wanted to try one FOREVER... but the ones I have seen mid day have been jam packed wall to wall with people and looks very intimidating for a first timer. My gym offers spin and body pump at 530 am allowing me to go before work some days and while I normally only go on spin days I figured what the heck, lets give it a try.

At 5am it was over 80 degrees already. It was muggy and thick and gross outside. I was so happy it wasnt a run day! Got to the gym and there was only one chick so far in the room. I told her it was my first time and what should I grab and she was super nice to go over everything with me. I got my weights and waited. The instructor was awesome. The first thing she did when she came in was ask my name and she made sure to make a special note to me in the transitions on how much weight I should put on my bar and motivated me by my name throughout the class.

I loved it!

Granted I could barely lift my arms over my head afterwards to blow dry my hair. I feel great now. We will see how tomorrow feels :)

I want to run tomorrow. But Im not going to.

Tomorrow is my rest day. I have 6 days of workouts planned before my next rest day. I need for tomorrow to be a rest day. Sunday starts marathon training :)

What does next week bring...
Sunday - cx works (core class), 3 mile easy run followed by 4 30sec strides.
Monday- 2 mile warm up, tempo 1.5 miles, 1 mile cool down
Tuesday - 3 miles easy run in the am, weights in the evening after work
Wednesday - swim before work
Thursday - cx works, long run 8 miles
Friday - spin class, weights
Saturday - Rest.

Time to get serious :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Note to self...

I need to remind myself of just a few things tonight...

1. YOU ARE DONE EATING for the night... FINISHED. You are NOT hungry. You did great today. Do not ruin it!

2. Diet cherry pepsi does not equal healthy awesome good for you water. It doesn't - sorry. Yes you can enjoy one with dinner but the rest of the time drink the damn water!

3. Tomorrow morning you are getting up EARLY to get your run/track workout done so go to bed!

making a crappy workout AWESOME!

Sorry you are getting bullet points this morning. I had a GREAT post in my head last night but cuddling with the hubby and watching a movie won :)

  • Yesterday I didnt have a workout planned like I normally do. I had workout time planned since I had to request baby time at the gym. It wasnt when any of my classes were going on. It wasnt a run day. So what to do? I decided to push myself on a bike in the spin room then follow it up with weights. OK. Ridiculously hard getting both kids out the door for some reason. Finally get there. Get in the spin room. Put the bike shoes on. Turn on my ipod. And NOTHING... it was charged but it said I had NO music. WTH?!? I wanted a pity party. I wanted to just go sit outside by the pool for the 90 min then get the kids. But no I forced myself to workout anyway. I followed a workout that I have done in the spin class before. I used time instead of minutes. I was a sweaty mess. It was awesome. Then got my weights done. Got a shower and dressed all before having to get the kids :)
  • I sneak peaked a look at the scale this morning. I know I shouldnt but I cant help it. Was happy to see - Im down 1.5 lbs since Sunday. 
  • The 100cc water intake is going ok... hitting in the 90s. I am peeing a lot. A LOT. 
  • I need to go to bed earlier ... staying up to midnight or 1 am makes for one tired short tempered momma!
  • I just registered for my first nurse practitioner conference... in Toronto! I am so excited. I feel like a grown up! 
  • And most important for today... today is my best friends birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHAEL!!!! I am so lucky she moved to Maryland... I cant imagine life without her! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Marathon training - oh my!

I just sat down and mapped out July's workout schedule. HOLY MOLY! To make sure I get all of my runs in and make sure Im not back to back-ing certain workouts then I have to map out a month at a time. If not things get screwed up.

Im following the "finish it" plan from Train Like a Mother. Love that book! Yes not every workout will happen but right now its pretty much as follows

  • 3 to 4 days of running with a long weekly run, a shorter fun run and either a tempo or speed drill run
  • 2 days of CX works ... after trying that class this past Sunday I am HOOKED. LOVE IT! And love the way my sides feel right now! Such a good pain.
  • 1-2 days of cross training with either spinning or swimming
  • 2 days of upper body weights
It will be a commitment, thats for sure! I forgot how time consuming marathon training is - and in July my longest run is 12 miles. Imagine life when its 20!

How far out do you plan your workouts?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

challange and other stuff...

Happy Sunday everyone! I woke up in a crappy tired short tempered mood this morning. I almost canceled my gym time all together and instead mope at home. But today was the day that I would complete week threes challange (try a new class/equipement). I know "technically" its not in week 3 but I have been a week behind every week so why start now???

I initially was aiming for a friday early am pump class as my new class. I have been wanting to try one. But after the EXHAUSTING 13 hour shift I had on Thursday, getting up at 450am to head to the gym just wasnt happenning. My next time to fit in a new class was this morning.

The class... CX works. Its a 30 min quick moving all core class. The instructor said its from your underarms to your thighs. OMG I LOVED IT!!! I was so worried. I have had 2 csections and have NO core. I am sure I will feel it tomorrow but today was awesome! We did work with a circle weight that goes on a bar and the bands. It was so much fun! Im so glad I tried a new class! It will definately be moved into my regular rotation. I think it might help my running too!

As for this coming week - 100oz of water a day. Holy moly thats a lot of water. Seeing that I JUST saw this now with half the day gone - it wont really be starting until tomorrow. And I look forward to trying out some new recipes to share :)

This week I weighed in at 170 - lost 1.5 lbs this week.

This coming weeks goals -

1. 100oz water starting Monday :)
2. Try out that pump class I have wanted to try.
3. Make Julys training schedule ... marathon training is coming up!
4. Lose 2 lbs.

Friday, June 22, 2012

a few days off...

I have came a LONG way when I have 6 days off and my first thoughts are NOT - who will I meet up with for lunch, what cool desserts will I make, oohh sleeping in. Instead... I was excited to plan my workouts for the next 6 days :) And my reward ... on Thursday I get my hair did!
So my plans for the next few days...
Sat run 6 miles (70min)
Sun cx works/upper body weights (50min)
Mon  30 min speed drills, 30-45min swim laps (60min)
Tues  insanity video (45min)
Wed spin, swim (75min)
Thur 6 mile run/weights (70+30)

Fri rest :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

real quick...

Dont have time for a long post but just wanted to say...

WOOHOO!!!!! I got up when I said I would, got my workout gear on and was outside getting my run on at 5 am this morning! Yaaa me! 5 miles with 4 hill repeats at the end. Im sweaty... its already 75 degrees outside but I feel AWESOME!!!! Now to get ready for work.

Im well on my way of hitting my 6 hour workout goal that I didnt hit last week!
Sunday 2 mile run + full body weights and a hike with the family = 60 min
Monday early spin class = 45 min
Tuesday swim laps + insanity = 75min
Wed - rest
Thur - 5 mile run with some hill repeats = 60 min

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

need to tackle night time eating

In the short hours between the kids going to bed and forcing myself into bed - the night time eating monster takes over. Sometimes I can consume 1000 calories in those short few hours. Im not exagerating. Its bad!

For example, yesterday I did AWESOME during the day. Followed my eating plan to the letter. Made it to the gym not once but twice (early morning spin then swam a few laps in the afternoon). Then night time rolled around. I promised myself I would be in bed by 9pm since I had the goal to get up and run before anyone woke up. Instead I grazed and ate WAY too much food and stayed up until midnight. I wasnt even hungry and I was definately tired. And now 7 hours later Im up with the baby. My fingers feel swollen. Im EXHAUSTED. I did not get my morning run or alone time in this morning. And I feel like crud.

Earlier today I was messaging with a friend who is getting married this fall. She has lost 20 lbs in the last few weeks and has the goal of another 20 before the wedding. She isnt starving herself. She is eating right. Logging her food in MFP and getting to the gym. I told her I was jealous. Her response...
"the eating was the issue for me but then I had to get a reality check that if I wanted to get this done then I was

 going to have to stay within my calories."

LIGHTBULB moment if I ever had one - hit me on the head moment. HELLO... I need a reality check. If I want to do this then I need to DO it. Not whine about it not happening. Not come up with 5 million reasons why its not working. Not blaming everything under the sun. I need to just DO it. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Its going to be a great MONDAY

Its Monday people - that doesnt mean much with my schedule, its like a weekend to me since Im off every Monday. But there is still something about the sound of Monday that reminds me of beginnings, restarting, ect.

I started this Monday on a great note - spin class at 530 in the morning! I am home, enjoying my coffee, workout done before anyone in my house is even awake. LOVE IT!

It will be a full, sure to be exhausting day - house stuff to do, kids to occupy, errands to run. Maybe the pool if it doesnt rain.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

challange stuff and followers...

I just realized I lost two followers this week. While the brain in me may say "well some people may just be cleaning out what they actually read or have closed their blogger account". What I actually think and say to myself goes more along the lines of - who wants to read about you telling everyone how you gained weight this week? Who wants to read that you have lost your umphh? You are boring, fat, not funny and not interesting.

Yes I say these horrible things to myself - way more than I would, and worse when I say it - I also believe myself. I would NEVER talk to someone else like I talk to myself.

I went off my antidepressant last month. Normally when I get into one of these funks I blame the meds. But I have these mini funks when Im medicated too. And I told myself 3 months of no meds and re-evaluate. Im sick of relying on meds to make me happier. Not to mention I suck at remembering to take it.

Anyways sorry about the mini self rant - I have not been doing well lately. I do not really know why. I LIKE to exercise. I LIKE to eat good healthy food. But I continously sabatage myself. Damn it I am worthy!

As for the challange this week - 6 hours of exercise. Well it didnt happen. I blame being away for the funeral until Tuesday but I could have taken my tennis shoes with me. I did NOTHING Friday or Saturday. Friday I worked 12 hours and had a bit of a head cold and yesterday I opted to massively clean and rearrange the bedrooms. So I only got in 3 hours of exercise this week.

I will have to take a look at the gym schedule and figure out what new class I would like to try. There really isnt any equipement I have not tried at the gym. There are several classes I have wanted to take though. 

This weeks workout schedule is crazy ambitious but I never do it all so if I only do half I would be happy. Plus the more I push myself the better I do. I like not leaving myself time for self doubt!
Sunday 2 mile run, full body weights and insanity. Maybe a short hike with the family
Monday early am spin class, insanity
Tues swim laps and insanity
Wed early morning spin NO insanity
Thur  early swim, insanity
Friday pump express/cxworks ****NEW ACTIVITY!!!!
Saturday 5 mile run, insanity

My goals this week...
1. JOURNAL MY FOOD... all of it, every freaking day!
2. Get the 6 hours minimum of exercise in that I didnt do in this past week
3. Try the pump/cx works class I have been DYING to try but SCARED
4. Daily remind myself that I am awesome

Friday, June 15, 2012

Im here Im here Im here...

Im here  - promise! Ive been working - blah. But I have to pay the bills.

I havent been doing so great in the eating department. Every day starts off great and ends badly. I have no clue why I do this. Its 100% self sabatage. Why dont I think I deserve it - that is the question that I ask myself over and over.

This weeks goal exercise is 6 hours - with being gone until lunch on Tuesday I dont think thats going to happen either.
Tuesday ran/weights                 90/90/360
Wed  spin class                        45/135/360
Thur   Spin class                       45/180/360
Fri  speed waking with dog       60/240/360

That leaves 2 hours of working out tomorrow - not going to happen. Not 100% the workout plan yet for tomorrow but doubt it will cover 2 hours.

Im playing around with the idea of restarting insanity... we will see.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

back to my regular program

While I was hoping to wake up in my own bed next to my wonderful husband and kissing on my adorable baby... we did not make it home last night. About 3 hours from home at 10pm - we hit horrible rain and fog rolling in the tops of the mountains. We opted to play it safe and got a hotel room for the night and finished our drive home this morning. So we did not get home until lunch time.

I wanted to take a nap and then get on with my day but life does not stand still waiting for me to get ready for it. So instead I unpacked, went grocery shopping and prepped some food for the week. I roasted a speghetti squash and made homemade red sauce. Tomorrow I will make some red pepper soup.

At 730 pm I forced myself downstairs to get the workout in that I planned on Sunday. I mixed it up a bit though. I did five 10-min intervals on the treadmill - some were tempo runs, some were with sprints mixed in, some with hill repeats. In between those intervals I did my weights/core workout. I am still a sweaty mess.

This weeks goal - 360 minutes of exercise.

Current 90/360

Tomorrow I will be back on track with tracking.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

week one down, on to week two

Its time to be honest with myself... and all of you. 

Week one of the summer sizzle challange has NOT gone well.  The week started off very well. I put EVERYTHING into food journal. Even made sure I had enough for that 1/2 of funnel cake I enjoyed. The scale rewarded me - on Sat morning I was down to 168lbs... thats a 5 lb weight loss this week. 

Ok so maybe the week did go well. Saturday was the downward turn though and its been down down down yesterday and today. I havent written a single thing down. I have not watched what I have eaten and every single meal and snack has been out. Granted Im away from home. My great grandmother passed away this week and my 5 year old son and I came to join the family in Ohio. I could have packed meals. I could have packed my mini blender and made my protein shakes. I could have brought my tennis shoes and did some time on the treadmill. I did none of this. 

So while the scale showed 168 Saturday before I left Im sure with the added salt and junk its way up from that in the short 48 hours. One more day - tomorrow is the funeral then we are heading home. Its going to be a long long day tomorrow. Wake up, breakfast, viewing, funeral, drive 8 hours home. It will be exhausting. 

The week is over, time to plan and move on. Tomorrow is a wash but I have the rest of the week.
And on to week 2 of the challenge. The challenge? 6 hours of working out.

Initially when I read that, I freaked out a bit. Ok more than a bit. 6 hours of working out is ALOT. Expecially when you are gone for two of those and have to work two of them. 

But I am taking this challenge head on. It will be what I need to get my mind back into the swing of things. Working out is my therapy. I enjoy it. It also helps that the more I work out the better I feel, the more energy I have, the happier I am, the better I eat. And it goes on and on and on. 

So here is my plan for this week to get those 6 hours in...
Tuesday - 5 mile run, weights (90 minutes)
Wed - early morning spin, 30 min doing laps in the pool  (75 min)
Thur - early morning spin (45 min)  **12 hour work day**
Fri -  Early morning speed work on treadmill before work, (60min) **12 hour work day
Sat - 30 min swimming laps, weights (60min)

Thats 5.5 hours scheduled. Plus there will be playing in the pool with Gavin and walking the dog that will easily get me over the 6 hour goal. 

Im also debating letting G swim early tomorrow before breakfast and getting some lap work in tomorrow. We will see. 

In addition Im going to try to roll alot of these challenges into the next one so once Im home I will be going back to journaling the best I can. Drinking TONS of water and carrying my water every where with me. 

I hope everyone else in the challenge is rocking it! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

so so

Yesterdays eating sucked. We got some bad news that my great grandmother has made a turn for the worst and will die sometime in the next few days. This wasnt sudden. She is 92 and has been on hospice for a while now. She hasnt known who we are in years. She is not suffering. It is not a bad death. But my heart goes out to my grandmother - whom I am very very close with. My grandmother is not taking it very well. My grandma and her mother have not had the best relationship. She would keep trying but her mom would keep pushing way. So yesterday my heart was breaking for her. And I turned to food.

Today has been much better. I have made smarter choices. I got to the gym. I logged my food. I even left calories for some funnel cake at a local carnival with the family.  But its taking everything in me not to tackle the kitchen right now.

Monday, June 4, 2012

a little motivation does wonders :)

I wish I could feel like this every day :)

Eating has been pretty awesome today. Yesterday I put the pantry on the no-go zone. The day isnt over yet - the night time is my down fall but I will not give in :)
Breakfast - old fashioned oats with banana and berries
Snack - wasa crackers with lughing cow cheese and strawberries
Lunch- 3 oz chicken, TONS of roasted veggies and 1 oz goat cheese
planned for later...
Snack - protein shake
Dinner - grilled chicken, veggies, 1/2 serving rice (maybe)
Snack - greek yogurt with berries

I also hit a fear square between the eyes... I put on my bathing suit and goggles and hit the lane in the gym pool. No it wasnt pretty. No it wasnt even fun. But I did it. 30 min in the pool doing freestyle, back stroke and some kick board action. It was a beginning.

Now I need to get off my lazy butt and clean my house!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

summer sizzle slim down week 1...

I have been talking a lot lately about re-finding my ummphhh. Yesterdays half marathon helped rejuvenate the running portion. Then I came across Rochelle's blog and her summer challenge... read all about it HERE.

If you know me - then you know I'm all about a challenge! To be honest though - between me and me (and I guess all of you)... I quit. Alot. So please feel free to call me out :)

Week ones challenge is a two part'er. First today we have to post our measurements, weight and pictures. Just completed that.

For your viewing pleasure... or the complete opposite of pleasure...
Date -        6/3/12
Height -     5'1"
Weight -    173.5lbs
Bust -        40 inches
Abdomen  38 inches
Hips          44 inches
Thigh         27 inches
Arm           13 inches

OMG not the most flattering pics. But normally I either make sure I'm on the other side of the camera and if not then I suck in my gut, make sure you get me sort of at an angle, lots of makeup and actually do my hair :) But the point of this exercise is to be honest with ourselves. This is me. All of those chins, the bad skin... its all me. I need to own up on it.

I have a feeling when things get hard I will be going back to this post again and again and look at those pictures.

Ok on to the second part of this challenge. This weeks week long challenge is to be accountable for every bite of food that goes into my mouth. I am a big fan of   ... please friend me Chrissyrn04. I can use all of the support I can get!

My downfall is my sons more processed snacks. To combat that - I just went into the pantry and pulled out every single thing that is "my" food... my pb2, oats, protein powder, wasa crackers ect and moved them to another cabinet. There is NO reason for me to even open the pantry when I'm looking to snack. There is NOTHING in there for me.

My goals by the end of this challenge
-lose the double chin
-minimal processed food
-marathon training without gaining weight like last time
-lose 20 lbs

For the others on this challenge - I look forward to pushing each other!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What will june bring?

Yes its a two post kind of day. Please read my awesome time at Zooma Annapolis HERE

Now lets talk about June. The half marathon did exactly what I hoped it would do... it re-energized me. I now have a month until marathon training starts. The first week of July my long run will be 8 miles so I cannot slack in the running department but at the same time I want to focus on a few other things in June aswell. Here is the schedule I came up with....

When it says work that means I work - duh :) but just fyi thats from 8am until 8pm.
Weights will include a full body workout based on my biggest loser book - love that weight workout!
Spin is spin, early spin is spinning before work and showering at the gym.
The runs will just be enjoyable paced running - but I will try to do some speed drills at the end of each one.
And the newest addition - SWIM.

I have been wanting to work in swimming for FOREVER. Im not a swimmer - I need some major practice. And I feel very uncomfortable with the etiquette of lanes, timing ect. But hopefully by putting it in twice a week it will work itself out :)

I will also get my eating under control. I will focus on fresh ingredients. I will log my food. I got this!

Zooma Annapolis half marathon report...

Sorry Im the idiot that forgot my camera so you will have to wait until they put out official pics and/or I get some pics from Nicole.

Today was my first half marathon post baby. I have been shocked so far this year how well my races have gone. I PR'd in a 5k and a 10k already this year. I have a horrible memory and while I dont think my chip time for Baltimore 2010 was even remotely right - I guess per that chip I PR'd in the half marathon distance as well!!! My goal was to finish by 2:30. I made sure to stay ahead of the 2:30 pacer group just incase I needed to stop to pee or something. I finished at 2:22 :)

Had a GREAT weekend too - decided to go down the night before with my best friend Rach. We went for some super yummy Thai food and awesome drinks, walked around, got icecream and were in bed by 9 pm. hehe.

Ok my thoughts - good and bad.

The bad...
1. I HATED the ending... it was in the grass and UP hill for the finish.
2. I prefer a race that has alot of spectators, music, ect.
3. I was surprised to see quite a few young men running this race. Unless they were running in honor of their mom or something, I personally dont want to see men running an all female race.
4. I was hoping for more hoopla... funny shirts, boas, ect... it was a pretty serious race.
5. I wish so many people didnt run with ear plugs in their ears. There wasnt any chatter... thats normally my favorite thing about this distance.
6. The expo sucked - it was too far away from downtown annapolis so I couldnt walk there, it was super small and had nothing cool or new to see in the way of female running.

1. It was an extremely well put together race. The stops were were they said they would be. The people that ran it were VERY nice. Love that they had gu.
2. Annapolis is just a beautiful setting or the run.
3. The hills... yes this is going in the awesome catagory. I didnt look at the topagraphy until the day before. I was NOT prepared for hills. OMG the hills were INSANE... but it goes in the awesome catagory because I ran up every damn one of them! woohoo!!!
4. Love my little run necklace... I was expecting slightly nicer but I really like it.
5. Great shirt.
6. I got to meet the gals from "Train like a mother" - they rock!
7. Since it was an all girl run - sort of - I didnt feel guilty about leaving my kids and husband at home and heading down there the night before with a friend. Had a BLAST!
8. Running with Nicole again was awesome - knew I missed it but not sure until today HOW MUCH I missed it!
9. I ROCKED!!! I am so proud of me!

It was what I needed to help get the love of running to come back. It was asleep somewhere and didnt come back immediately post baby. Cant wait until the next one!

Updated - I lied... here are a few pics of Nicole and I before, during and after the race.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I have sucked....

I have sucked lately.

I havent journaled my food. I have barely drank any water. I havent worked out in almost a week.

Im sabataging myself. I do this alot. I deserve way better than how I treat myself.

Im worth it. Im worth being healthy and happy. Im worth the time.

Having said all of that - its time to put myself first again. Today I leave for Annapolis for a girls weekend. Tomorrow I run the Zooma Half Marathon... I love an all girl run! Im a bit worried since my foot is acting up but I will do my best and enjoy the moment.