Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New weight watchers Day ONE

So day one is almost over. I have to admit - having to go through points and looking at food again has made me be better about what goes in my mouth. I also have to admit I have been very satisfied today food wise.

Here is what I have eaten

banana = 0 points
english muffin with jam = 4 points
(Not the best breakfast but day one after GI bug, didnt want to push it)

sandwich on bagle thin = 6 points
chicken soup = 3 points

apple slices = 0 points
few pieces of sons cheezeits = 2 points

egg white boiled omelet with cheese and peppers = 2 points
english muffin with pumpkin butter = 4 points
veggie sausage = 2 points
tomatoe with fresh basil = 0 points

Total 23 points I get 29 a day so I still have 6 left over which I plan to have a greek yogurt and fresh berries for 3 points and maybe some popcorn for 2... that leaves me one point under.

Boiled omelet - yup boiled... super easy and yummy and FAST. Boils some water. Mix in a freezer zip lock bag (after spraying inside with cooking spray) what ever you want in your omelet - you can make multiple bags at once as long as it fits in the pot. I made mine today with 3 egg whites, 1/2 serving of ww cheese and a handful of frozen peppers. Get as much air out as you can and plop into the water. Boil for exactly 13 min. No clue why 13 but it works! Every once in a while flip the bag over. When done slides right out and is in perfect omelet form! And like I said you can make the entire families all at once - G likes to mix his up on his own!

the NEW weight watchers ... pros/cons

Today I went to my WW meeting - holy moly was it PACKED! There was standing room only... a MASSIVE amount of people! They made it very clear to everyone that if you dont always come to meetings that this week is not one you want to miss since they are rolling out their new plan. I was down 1.4 lbs for the past 2 weeks since I didnt go last week - not bad since I ate HORRIBLY... sure the stomach virus helped with the weight loss this week.

Now my final thoughts on the changes will be rethought next week after actually following it for a full week but here are my thoughts after the meeting.

  1. It is VERY different. So everything I "knew" is gone. All the points values that were in my head - gone. I have to learn a ton all over again.
  2. Since it takes so many more things into account - fat, fiber, carbs, protien - there is not a slider. So you either have to look EVERYTHING up online or in a book (that you buy) or with a calculator (that you buy)
  3. I wasnt at the minimum points before but with the new plans Im at the minimum points value of 29. Yes that seems high but ALOT of foods are at much higher points values.
  4. Some of my favorite go to meals/snacks that was pretty low point isnt anymore. For example my pb/jam on a lite english muff - used to be 3.5 points - now its 7 points. There is no difference in points values for a regular english muffin or a lite high fiber version.


  1. Fruits and most veggies are free! So before when I was using 5 points or so on fruit - thats 5 points I can use elsewhere! And bananas are free! Yaaaa!
  2. It really does focus on eating more whole some healthier options - not the low calorie super artificial foods. For example 100 cal almond pack = 2 points. 100 cal cookie pack = 4 points. And some of my go to favorite things that really werent all that healthy for me but were lower in points will really not seem worth the extra points. This will make me lean more towards wholesome healthier options then the junk snacks I was eating before. And using fruit and veggies as an inbetween snack much more often.
  3. While this is by no means a low carb diet now - its much closer to a low carb then it was before. It factors in the protein/carb combination to decide the points value so things that are higher in carbs is much higher in points so they will be limited. For example brown rice or whole grain pasta half serving was 2 points - now its 5.

So definately things I like and things Im not crazy about for this new plan. I think in the long run though its a MUCH better plan. I think for long term maintaining weight loss and learning to eat healthier - not just smaller portions of the junk you were eating - will be such a benefit.

We will see.

Monday, November 29, 2010

yet another illness

Seriously? I just cant catch a break lately. Last week it was strep throat. This week GI bug :(

Saturday I went to get my hair cut and dyed. Towards the end of coloring, my hairdressor got SICK... and had to go home. So rescheduled my actual cut.

Fast forward to 2am Monday morning... yup... my turn! I HATE HATE HATE vomiting. TMI - by spent ALOT of time in the bathroom today with a trashcan in front of me. I have had a fever on and off all day. But it looks like its making its way out - havent vomited since noonish. Finally was well enough to sleep for a few hours this afternoon and about 30 min ago I ventured to eat my food of the day... half a banana... and yes its still down - woohoo!

Unfortinately I passed it on to my wonderful husband - who is laying in bed febrile right now and has been for several hours when he isnt in the bathroom.

My fingers are super crossed that we havent passed it on to the little man. Luckily we both worked Sunday so he spent the day with my inlaws. But I forgot to put my blankets from the couch in the dirty clothes this morning and when Hubby got G ready for school he curled up in my "sick" blanket so my hopes arent too high.

My mom was nice enough to keep him tonight so I can disinfect the house.

Pretty sure I will be up and about tomorrow ok - tomorrow is my weigh in at weight watchers. The weigh in itself will suck - I know that already but I have to go to get the new info. I cant say Im really thrilled about the changes after reading some of my fav blog people that went today.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

new week new thoughts...

This is a big week for me -

1. I start marathon training this week. Yes its the beginning of marathon training so not huge mileage this week BUT Im starting to train for a freaking marathon! My first marathon!

2. I have SLACKED the past 2 weeks. That ends NOW. New week new chance right? I WILL be journaling this week. I will be drinking my water this week! I will NOT be sneaking food this week. I will NOT be eating just to eat when Im no where near hungry.

3. Weight watchers changes this week - Im not 100% sure what that means and it scares me. They just say that to make sure that you come to a meeting this week so that we can understand the new plan. Very curious what is in store.

Other things to note -
  • I have seen on several different magazines and online lately that hitting the snooze button is not the best idea. First you dont go back to a good deep sleep in those 9 minutes. And its not the best way to wake up. I feel so much groggy after hitting the snooze several times. So this week I am NOT hitting the snooze button - not one single time. Im going to get up the second the alarm goes off whether I want to or not. Im forcing myself to do this for one whole week and see if I feel any difference in my day.
  • I am going to work out minimally 30 min a day this week.
  • I got my new Garmin 205 running watch - its freaking awesome. Big, heavy, boyish but AWESOME and I cant wait to use it for the first time!

Its going to be a good week. I am going to force myself to have a good week! Once I get back on the good side of things life flows so much better!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

new plan

Can you tell Im not having a huge family day seeing that this is my second or third posting for the day :) Had a decent evening though - my dinner turned out perfect, everything was cooked just like I wanted and everything was done at the same time. My first time cooking thanksgiving dinner :)

I read someones post today about how funny it is that people only say what they are thankful for on certain days. I did the same thing. Well from here on out every post will end with 3 things Im thankful for right at that moment.

I also am forcing myself to get some exercise daily - minimally thirty minutes a day. Every post will also include what my thirty minute workout included for that day.

Today I didnt get my turkey trot in because of the rain. I was feeling bloated and blah. When my son went down for his nap I decided to sleep too. I layed there for 10 min then got mad at myself and got up. Changed clothes and headed down to the treadmill where I got my 5k run in. Felt much better after that.

Ive eaten a ton but it is what it is.

Today Im thankful for...
1. That my niece Ava is doing better and will be home tomorrow!
2. My son who dressed up as an indian for dinner :)
3. My size 8 pants that make me feel awesome - I only have 2 and they are a bit snug but love them!

Todays exercise - 34 min on the treadmill. 3.1 miles

Happy thanksgiving...

Happy thanksgiving everyone in blog land.

I have so much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful husband who has been by my side and so supportive for 10 years. I have a smart, funny, independant, strong headed 4 year old who I love more than words can possibly explain. I had the ability to give myself a great education and because of that have a job that I LOVE and that, while its alot of responsibility, gives me the ability to help others. While I dont have a ton of friends, the ones that I have, I can honestly say I love like family and couldnt imagine them not in my life. I am healthy.

When my son woke up this morning I asked him what he was thankful for... his direct quote "my family, my pets, the birds in the sky and myself, who god made" - how sweet is that ?!? You can tell he is in a presbeterian (sp?) preschool because we are soooo not a religious family.

Today is not like my typical thanksgivings and I have come to terms with lack of family this year, its out of my control.
**My mom and grandmother are in Ohio meeting with the hospice people for my Great grandmother.
**My husband is working until 3 - police officers dont get the holidays off.
**My brother is dealing with a crisis right now that I cant fix and wish more than anything I could. My 11 month old niece is in the hospital with unexplained high fevers and an infection they cannot find. She was transfered last night from our local community hospital to the University hospital in the city. All of my thoughts are with them this morning, hoping they find out what is wrong with my amazing, wonderful, super sweet, strong niece.

The turkey trot is off the plans for today - its raining. If it was just me I would be there but Im not taking my 4 year old to run in the cold rain. I will be cooking. I may or may not have to abort dinner to head to the city to be with my brother.

Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and are with the ones you love.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still lost in the never ending pity party....

I just cannot shake it. I keep saying every night "tomorrow morning I will be back on track" then the morning comes, the day passes me by as I eat crap and dont exercise and then that night I say yet again - "tomorrow morning I will be back on track" and it just keeps going and going.

I havent ran in almost a week now. And its so hard to get back out there after only one week - uhhh.

And then the pity party for one starts - with eating badly day after day and not getting my workouts in ...the thoughts start..
  • Its too hard and I cant do this
  • Im not worth it
  • I dont deserve it

And on top of that - I feel bloated. My skin is breaking out and feels gross. My stomach is jiggling like crazy. I dont feel sexy. I dont feel empowered like I did before. I dont feel awesome.

Just 2 weeks ago I felt freaking awesome - its amazing how fast one can fall in two weeks. I can pin point that things started with the time change. I hate to blame the darker earlier and colder weather on my downfall because I am the cause of my downfall. But it was the start.

I need to get outside. I need to be in the fresh air. I need to get moving. When I exercise I eat better.

I need to get over this hump before this hump turns into a 10 lb gain.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Go hard or Go home

Go hard or go home...

I read that quote on a fellow blog... I wanted to link to her blog but now I cant remember who the blog belonged to and I cant find it...uhhhh... well if you are reading this thanks for the motivation!

So I have been a HUGE slacker lately. I went from a horrible time of the month to this crappy cold that wont go away. Today feeling even more worse then I was previously and went to patient first... yup 100% strep throat. Im on meds now... fingers crossed that in 24hours or so I feel better. Regardless I havent tracked my food, watched what I ate or worked out in 5 days. I feel very blah.

Today is monday. Monday is normally my super awesome workout day that sets the tone for the rest of the week. I aimed for spin class followed by an hour on the treadmill and full weights. For some reason I am always awesome on these monday workouts. But today I felt HORRIBLE, couldnt swallow, and was dizzy so no gym for me.

Then feeling sorry for myself and reading through my favorite blogs I found that quote - Go hard or go home. She was talking about running/training. Yes that applies to me too but it applies to other areas too. "HOME" is my comfort area, the bigger me. The self loathing unhappy unhealthy unenergetic poor role model of a person/mom/wife. I dont want to go "home"... I want a new base. So I am chosing to go hard instead. Im putting my vest foot forward and putting the hard work in.

Next week I start marathon training so I need to get a few gentle runs in. I need to track. I need to remind myself Im worth it and I dont like the old me very much... that wasnt the real me.

And to end today with another quote - this one from Gandhi.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

I want to see the world as a happier, healthier, more tolerant world. I need to start that from within. I need to smile more and pass on that happiness to others. I need to be an example of healthy living - expecially to my son. And calm, tolerant, and more go with the flow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

back on track?

I NEED to get back on track! I havent worked out in 4 days. I havent eaten all that well either in the last 24hours. I feel swollen and blah.

My cold is practically over.

Its time to pick myself up, put on my big girl pants, stop whining and get back on track! I can do this!

Friday, November 19, 2010

still kicking...

Im still here - sorry to be MIA.

Im working a horrible stretch at work - 84 hours in 8 days.... ewwww. On top of that I still feel like crud... pretty sure its just sinus/head cold now. Miserable but will survive.

I havent worked out since tuesday. I keep trying to get up to do it in the am but Ive been dizzy and not feeling so hot and just cant get myself to attempt to workout. Im going to try again tonight after work.

But I have been spot on with my calories - since I cant taste anything, it helps :) SO hopefully just from my eating this week I will be down weight wise.

On a side note - my heart goes out to my coworkers. I didnt know this person since Im relatively new but a coworker became a patient this week that we are now prepping him for organ donation. Its been a rough week in the ICU - lots of tears and very very strong nurses and doctors doing their best to take care of others when their hearts are broken. I work with an amazing group of people.

On a quick note - here is my hot 100 update. Sorry they have been so short lately but I have just been so blah!
1. Lose 1lb a week minimally - nope I gained o.6 lbs this week.... read about it here
2. Be better to me health, exercise, mentally - havent done so great on this either. Im sick and feel HORRIBLE. I got two days of great exercise in this week, not great but better than nothing. Hoping for atleast a run tonight or tomorrow but will depend on how I feel. I also havent done anything for me - Im way over due my monthly massage (I pay for a monthly massage club) and really need my hair cut and dyed but have no clue when that is going to get fit in.
3. Make special time for my family - Im on day 3 of an almost 8 day stretch... I havent seen my family in what already seems like forever. Hoping if I get off early Sat hubby and I are going out for sushi. Looking foward to some days off and Thanksgiving with my family.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Im sick :(

Yesterday I was FINE. I sucked it up and went to the gym and got a great workout in. Came home, made dinner and ate. We played old maid and go fish as a family.

Then... BAMMM.... I felt cold, headache and my throat hurt SOOOOO bad! I could barely just sit up. I have never had something hit so fast!

This morning a tad better - my throat HURTS. I feel blah. Hoping just a regular cold but will get a rapid strep at work today.... not a good time to get sick since I work the next 5 days - 60 hours!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A gain....

Yup you heard it right - I had a gain this week :( 0.6lbs. Not a huge gain but definately not a loss.

The first thing I wanted to do was make excuses - Im just finishing that time of the month and I did consume more than normal sodium amounts.

But then I sat and gave it a real thought. Pulled out my tracker for this week and relooked at all my food. I wasnt very honest with myself. The night of last weigh in I picked up mexican for G and I and none of that made it into the food journal. I told myself it was my weigh in day and therfore a day off... ummm no. I also ate a bite of stuff here and there that Im sure added up and no it wasnt on the tracker either.

So while yes I probually am holding on to fluid more this week because of the above reasons - I also didnt really do plan that well. Nor did I get the workouts I normally get in.

Following weigh in, I ran some errands with hubby and went out to breakfast. Feeling sorry for myself - I did what I normally do.... ate. I didnt go overboard with the pancakes I really eanted but I wasnt nearly as good as I normally am for breakfast out - 14 points for todays breakfast... BUT I came home and wrote it all down and took ownership of my eating. I REALLY want to wallow in myself today - its rainy, gray, cold and gross out. Im hormonal and totally bummed by my gain. I want to go out to eat Mexican tonight and have a margarita. I want to go to the new burger place tonight and have a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a shake. It would be so yummy! BUT no... will that really make me happy. NO. Will it be worth how I feel afterwards? NO. So it isnt happenning. Yes I will be over my points for today because of breakfast but not digging into a giant hole.

Its not just about the scale. I had good nonscale victories this week. I got to 545am spin class this week - huge victory for me. I felt great in my clothes this week. I had some great happy days.

tuesday... uhhhhh

Today is weigh in day - in about 90 min. I hate that I am so nervous! I feel like I did good this week and I really hope it shows on the scale.

This is a completely different experience this time around since I dont have a scale to peek. Normally I would weigh myself every day and if I was doing really good would splurge here and there... this time I have NO clue so I stay on plan.

Fingers crossed!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I think Im the only person in the world that LOVES mondays! For the most part Im off every monday so that helps and since I work alot of weekends - friday doesnt mean much to me. For example I worked Fri, Sun this week... monday and tuesday is my "weekend". So needless to say I love Mondays!

Ive had a pretty good one so far too. Last night G had a few coughing spells and joined us in our bed at 2ish this morning. Surprisingly hubby didnt complain and we all cuddled up... I love nights like that! I am in awe at how much I can love my little "family unit". Then it was up and get moving for the day. Got G to school and headed to the gym. Julie joined me in spin class -thanks Julie! And the instructor surprised us with lengthening the class from 45 min to 60 min. 700 calories burned later and feeling like vomiting :) I headed up to the weight area and did my big full body and core workout that I posted last week. I felt AWESOME!

Now G and I are enjoying lunch and we are heading down for a nap followed by a little play date, G's Tai kwon do, Panera bread for dinner and some baking tonight for G to take an "I" themed snack to preschool tomorrow for "I" week.... Im thinking cupcake Icecream cones :)

Sometimes I just love my life :)

Tomorrow is weighin. It STRESSES me out! Now that Rach has taken my scale, I have NO clue what to expect. I did well this week. Stayed within my overall points for week. Worked out. But still... if it will show on the scale - I just dont know.

I feel good though and I feel like Im looking smaller. Lots of compliments at work too :)

Sorry for the disgustingly bubbly happy post - Im just in one of those moods :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I had an AMAZING day at work today! For those of you that dont know - last December I graduated from graduate school with my masters as an acute care nurse practitioner. I made the big jump from large teaching hospitals to a small 15 bed community ICU. BIG DIFFERENCE but almost about 90% of the changes are very positive. I love my job!

Having just graduated this past December - I am on a HUGE learning curve. Some days I feel like Im struggling and some days, like today... I just feel on top of my game. I cant go into details obviously but not only did I pick up on some major diagnosis today but did ALOT of good - both in a medical way and in a empathetic - person to person connection kind of way. Today was the kind of day that reconfirms why I went into medicine. Why I am doing the job that I am.

It was just a great day!


Sunday and back to work - nothing like only one day off :(

Will post the beginning of the next two weeks workout schedule.

And fyi Ihavent weighed myself at all! YAAA me... granted it helps Rach took my scale :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Insert title here...

I hate coming up with titles for these things!

Anyways had a pretty decent Saturday. First off I have stayed within my points for the last 2 days - woohoo! Today was a MUCH needed day off. Got to sleep in until 8am... I know but that is very late at my house. Spent some time with the family - then G went to spend the night at Grandmas. Bonus I got to spend alittle time with my brother and niece when we dropped G off. It is so cute watching G interact with a walking, slobbering 10 month old that wants to cover him in kisses!

After dropping G off, Eric and I headed out for a run. Running with Eric is very challanging for me - it requires me to run much faster than I normally do. The first half of the run Im wishing we were done and thinking how much it hurts. The second part of todays run I got my second wind and even made the route a bit longer then we had planned and ended it challanging my husband with a fast sprint to the finish. It felt great!

And to add to the great - after showering, we openned a bottle of wine and cooked dinner together (chicken teriyaki with brocoli on brown rice). It was very nice.

Now Im about to head to bed for a day back to work tomorrow. Im going to get up early and workout. I need to get some more cardio in before tuesdays weigh in! Then work 12 hours and pick up G from my moms. BUT Im off Monday and Tuesday....woohoo!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

soooo tired and hot 100 update

I am so ridiculously tired - working multiple 12 hour days in a row kills me... Im not a young chicken any more.

I tried to get up and go for a run this morningbut my body just wouldnt get ou tof bed.... yes I need the sleep but I think the run would have given me a perk of energy.

Work has been INSANE to the point where I am sooo tired when I get off and have a huge headache - I hope today is different. Regardless I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!!

I need to make up for not really working out yest and today - my WW weigh in is tuesday morning... need to get back on track or Im going to gain this week!!! OK enough pity party for me - after the week I had at work taking care of the very sad cases - I should be grateful to be healthy and alive.

As for the hot 100 update
1. I lost 2.6 lbs this week!!! WOOHOO... I rocked it - I journaled every day and really got my workouts in.
2. I have been doing decent in the workout departement. This past week I had some killer workouts and even got up way early on wed and went to spin before work ... wish I could say the same yesterday or today. But I will pick it back up tomorrow!
3. I havent seen my family hardly at all this week :( My husband is on evenings and doesnt get home until 1130 - Im already in bed. In the am he is sleeping when I leave... hate those kind of weeks! The last three days have been horrible for seeing my son too - he is at the babysitters until 8pm :( then I get him, give him tons of kisses and put him to bed. I HATE this. But this is the minority of the month and we will get through the next week of this. Im off tomorrow and will be a silly goof ball with my four year old tomorrow and Im going to surprise my hubby with a dinner date for 2 tomorrow night :) Back to work sunday unfortinately but I have mon and tues off before working another HUGE long stretch. I normally only work 3 days a week but my work partner is away so Im picking up alot of slack. It will get better and luckily my son is with people that love him and where he enjoys being.

Im sitting here watching the news - they are reporting that the Baltimore City Police dept just voted against the newest contract with the city... the city offered them a 1.9% pay CUT for next year.... WTH?!? Baltimore has the second highest homicide rate in the country. Our police are shot at regularly in the line of duty. Yet you want to lower how much we reimburs them? They dont make enough money as it is! Im so happy that my husband is Baltimore County not City!

How was your week? What are you doing active this weekend?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

quick thursday

Sorry for the quick post but its been crazy.

Today has NOT been a good day. When my alarm went off I opted to go back to sleep for another hour instead of heading to the gym. Sounded like a great idea at 5am... at 6 I was peeved at myself. So no workout today. Didnt eat all that great either - I get 25 points a day.... I consumed 36 points today! I ate alot of junk. Some girlscout cookies, a chocolate scone, candy, candy and some candy. I did well going to the cafeteria to eat lunch with my mom - I really wanted a grilled cheese with bacon and french fries... instead I had a baked piece of chicken and some green beans. Yaaa for that but had no other control. I even gave in and had a coffee drink today - havent had coffee in a month... really didnt need that. I want to blame my time of the month but I control what goes in my mouth... not my hormones!

But on a plus side - I still logged every single bite that went into my mouth... every single point. Normally when I went off like that I wouldnt even acknowledge the points ... would act like they didnt happen.

Tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

super quick wed

This will be fast - Im exhausted!

Got to the gym this morning - YAAA me! Very proud of myself.

Work was ridiculously busy today and I barely got any water in which makes me eat slightly worse then I normally would. Also gives me a HUGE headache. But I only went a few points over my daily target.

I need to make a point tomorrow at work if its crazy like today was to make sure I get back to my desk often and drink/drink/drink and only eat the food I pack... when Im very thirsty and starving then I NEED chocolate and what not. So take my snacks when they are due, drink my water. Get it done!

My lunch is packed, my gym bag is by the door. Going to bed early again tonight and heading to the gym for a power run session in the am before work.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wishful hoping for tomorrow...

FIRST... I am so freaking sore! I cannot get over how sore I am. Yes I kicked up my workout a notch this week but there were no elements I hadnt already done. Yet my ribs hurt, my back hurts, my shoulder hurts, my legs super hurt.

Ok enough whining... oh - one more... Im tired. I should already be in bed and its not even 9 yet because yes Im that tired. My husband is on evening shift this week - so evenings are me me and me. My preschooler didnt nap today - guess what a GREAT evening we had huh? Surprisingly he didnt have any melt downs or anything else but if I heard mommy? one more time... oh my god he must have asked me 100 questions every hour. Im so not exagerating. It was never ending. Yes I should be thankful to have such an amazing son that has the ability to ask alot of questions but my patience some days is just no good... and I started my period today so I was very short.

SO I work 36 hours in the next three days with having to pick up G from the babysitter at 8 or 830 pm, get him to bed and then get myself settled. Normally that means I slack... alot... when it comes to the workout portions on days I work. That is NOT happenning this week! So here is my plan...

Wed - 545 am spin class then shower at the gym and head to work, possibly do weights after work if my soreness settles a bit

Thur - 530 am at the gym for 1hour on the treadmill (yes I have a treadmill in my house but I dont workout NEARLY as hard as I do at the gym) then shower and head to work.

Friday - strength training before work

Sat both Eric and I are off and Im sleeping in! and most likely taking the day off all together for working out unless I feel up for a run outside.

My work bag and gym bag are packed and ready to go. My lunch is in the fridge. I have already logged my planned points into the WW website for tomorrow. My water bottle is packed. Im ready to go and I plan to be heading into bed in about 10 min - despite really wanting to finish watching the BL ... but its on DVR and I can finish it another night.

I most likely wont be on here until friday evening - dont miss me too much! I just wont have time to do it all... and something has to go. Miss you all.

Drum roll please...

WOOHOO... first weigh in fully back on WW...

down 2.6lbs!!!! YAAAA!!!

I was alittle worried -I did great 5 days and HORRIBLE 2 days. Guess those extra workouts payed off!

They were talking about some major changes coming to WW the week after thanksgiving - that EVERYTHING would be different. Even the points system... im a bit worried...

oh and I am so freaking sore today - feels like someone beat me with a bat!

Monday, November 8, 2010

AWESOME workout

I had an AWESOME workout today and wanted to share... im SORE... literally just taking off my gym gear to get in the shower was tough! But awesome!

Treadmill - total 1h
0-20 min running at 5.5mph
20-40 min alternating running/walking 1 min intervals with incline at 7%, run at 5.5 walk at 3
40-55 min Running at 5.5mph
55-60 walk to cool down

Strength training
1. bicep curls 12lb 12reps x 2
2. Laydown tricep curs 10lbs 12 reps x2
3. Chest barbell push up 40lb 10 reps x2
4. shoulder lift straight out 8lbs 12 x2
5. Dead lifts with 40lbs 8 reps x2
6. Repeat 1 though 5
7. 20 crunches
8. Put big ball between legs and lift it to my hand then back to legs 20 times
9. full plank 30 sec x2
10. Repeat 7 through 9
11. 20 jump ups (jump straight up on a step bench with 3 lift things under it)
12. 10 squats
13. 10 lunges
14 Repeat 11 - 13

Seriously exhausted! But it felt GREAT! Let G swim in the kiddie pool for a while. Came home for a super hot shower. About to eat some homemade 1 point veggie lentil soup and an everything bagle thin (LOVE THEM and I hate everything bagles). Then I see a nice long nap with my preschooler before moving on with the rest of the day.

I love days off!

What did you do for your workout today???

Happy Monday :)

Good morning everyone! Happy Monday :)

Today is a no school day here in Maryland - why? Not sure... regardless it messes up my normal day off plans but its ok.

Plans for today
1. Gym early (by 8am) for 1h of running, full body weights and swim with my little man
2. Hopefully see hubby before he goes to work at 1.
3. NAP... I am going ahead and planning my nap with G today :)
4. G has tai kwon do this afternoon before dinner

I really really need to clean my bedroom too... we will see - I HATE cleaning.

On a plus side - things that have made me smile lately
1. G sounded out his first word the other day "RAT" and LOVES playing on starfall.com... I hope he gets the reading bug that I have.
2. Cuddling on the couch with my husband last night - I got to thinking... are other couples like that? After 8 years of marriage we still hold hands, steal kisses, cuddle and tell each other quite a bit how much we love each other. Yes we have our issues - all relationships do - but we are affectionate :)

Tomorrow is weigh in day - Im NERVOUS. I hate weighing-in in front of someone. IF I didnt do as well as I would like and they know ... guess thats the purpose of WW huh?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Proud of me...

I have the house to myself tonight.

Old me...stop at fast food on the way home from work and get some french fries. Later either go get take out from the mexican place, sushi (not the healthy kind) or order a pizza (and throw away any left overs to "hide" my behavior. Open a bottle of wine and finish it. Lay around doing nothing and feel like crud... and alittle drunk... then open some icecream or make brownies and eat most of it.

Today's me ... as soon as I got home I went outside and played with my dog then took her for a walk. Dinner was baked tortilla chips topped with some black beans, WW cheese, jalapenos (taste just as good as take out mexican imo). Side of homemade fat free salsa and a touch of plain greek yogurt. Then I cleaned my living room, kitchen, dining room. Made homemade veggie lentil 1 point soup for the next few days. Went to target to do alittle xmas shopping for my son. Still want the icecream so got some laughing cow sandwiches and I will have ONE. Picked up a WW magazine that totally rejuvinates my desire to "do" this. Signed up for 9am spin class tomarrow morning. Going to watch a movie and go to bed semi early. No fast food, no take out, no full fat icecream, no alcohol. Stayed within my points value of 25 for the day.

Proud of me :) If I can just have more new me days then old me days and I will be on a roll!

saturday and home alone

Hubby decided last minute to visit his sister and take our little man. I got off work early today and Im off tomarrow.

SO its saturday night. Im free... and I have NOTHING to do... nada. I dont even have someone I would think of to call up and say hey want to do "x y z"... is that sad? And is it sad or awesome that Im so looking forward to the house to myself and me time... maybe even making some soup and getting some cleaning done? Im not sure if that is awesome or makes me alittle pathetic?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rough night and hot 100 update

Yesterday was a great family day. Great workout day. HORRIBLE eating day!

I decided I would enjoy the dinner I was making and use my weekly extra points willy nilly and just stay within my daily points for the rest of the week. Hubby wanted my baked egg casserole for dinner. So I made that and sausage gravy, buscuits, fried potatoes. It was very yummy. Ice cream cake for dessert. Then as the night went on I couldnt stop eatting - hubby went out with some guy friends and I ate and ate and ate. I had 3 more buscuits and another piece of icecream cake and 3 diet soda's!

So when it was time to go to bed... my stomach felt HORRIBLE. I was gassy and full and felt so gross. I sleep on my stomach - only on my stomach. So needless to say I tossed and turned for HOURS last night. I last looked at the clock around 2am. And of course regardless my day starts at 745 since my kid has an internal alarm clock... no earlier no later... every day!

Im guessing my food last night was pretty high in sodium... my fingers feel very swollen. My newly sized engagement ring (my wedding ring was resized wrong and Im still waiting for it) - anyways the ring feels TIGHT. Felt fine last night so Im thinking I had alot of sodium yesterday.

Im annoyed with myself - I know how that behavior makes my body and mind feel but I still do it! uhhhh.

SO today it will be lots and lots of water to flush out this salt and I have a killer workout scheduled and back on plan.

For my Hot 100 update:
1. Lose one lb a week - not sure on this one yet. I officially went back to WW on tuesday and weighed in there. I decided I will only weigh in on their scale so next week I will post on this week if I lost or not. You can read all about why I went back on ww here and here.
2. Be better to my mind/body - I had some great workouts this week but skipped a few too... my goal next week is to do everything as I had planned. My swimming is slowly and painfully getting a bit better. I treated myself to a massage after the WW meeting too :)
3. Better family time - we have had some great family time this week. Yesterday was my hubbys bday and instead of going out and doing tons of stuff we all stayed home, cooked together, watched movies. It was nice.

How was your week?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rainy Thursday...

Its cold, gray and wet outside... Novembers in Maryland... a blah kind of day...

BUT we are going to have an awesome day instead! Today is my hubbys 35th bday. Im going to take G to preschool. Head to the gym and get a spin class and swimming in. Pick up hubbies cake (that Im only going to have one little slice of). Then while I wanted to take my wonderful husband to an adult restaurant and have a little date night followed by a trip to the inlaws for cake - the inlaws had plans and we couldnt find a sitter so its a family dinner out and just the three of us for singing happy bday and a cake. My adorable little man made a song with his harmonica for daddy.

I love my family!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bad good and GREAT

So the bad - I just couldnt get out of bed this morning so didnt make it to the gym before work this morning. Didnt get my weight workout in this evening either. By the time I got G to bed and settled it was almost 9pm and I hadnt eaten dinner yet so that won.

The good - my eating has been AWESOME today! I still have 3 points left for a small snack. I have stayed 100% on plan. I have carried my WW food journal thing in my back pocket and wrote down everything before it went into my mouth.

It feels so good (GREAT) to be getting back on track. I am very happy that I went back to WW. And I havent weighed myself today... Im going to give Rach my scale next time I see her so that Im not tempted. Im going to be a good girl and wait to be surprised during my meeting.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

big step

SO today I took the big step. I realized that I need some more help. I need more structure. I need more support. Having been on a self caused plataeu for the past 8 weeks or so and going into the holiday schedule... IM SCARED. Scared enough that I am sucking up the $40/month and my limited time and headed back to WW today.

I was initially going to just go to open weigh in and fill out the paperwork, weigh in and leave. But nope, last minute decided I should start it right and went to a 930am meeting. I didnt really learn anything new but it was a great vibe by a great WW person.

Last time (well the last 5 times probually) that I went back to WW - I didnt really follow things. I didnt read the books they gave us, didnt take notes, barely stayed for meetings, didnt try to meet and mingle with the other members. Well I decided if Im going back - then Im going back. 100% and will be putting my all into it.

Got my workout in today - wasnt really feeling it but did it.

Im aiming for 545am spin class before work tomarrow - take 2 this week, monday didnt happen. Its going to be a LONG day. 45 min spin class in the am, shower and dress at the gym, work 12 hours, pick up my little man and get him into bed, then weight training. Wish me luck! Boy do I wish I didnt have to work... I love my job, dont get me wrong but my life would flow so much better without having to get my shifts in!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

back to weight watchers...

So technically I have been "following" the weight watcher plan. I know my point values. I know how to calculate them and I know how many I should get. But I didnt go to meetings or pay or anything.

Yea its not working for me. With only losing 1 lb in Oct total - I have been thinking about going back to meetings for a few weeks. Ithink today will be the day. I really dont have the spare money to spend on meetings or another bill but Ithink I need the group atmosphere. I need the accountability. Something.

I need to change something because Im starting a routine with losing, gaining, losing gaining the same 3-4 lbs, eatting horribly and ignoring my points values and feeling really bad about myself.

Knowing we are going into the holidays - I need help.

So today I will be going back to the WW place - tell them I failed on my own AGAIN (I have been there over and over) and hopefully its what I need.