Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the NEW weight watchers ... pros/cons

Today I went to my WW meeting - holy moly was it PACKED! There was standing room only... a MASSIVE amount of people! They made it very clear to everyone that if you dont always come to meetings that this week is not one you want to miss since they are rolling out their new plan. I was down 1.4 lbs for the past 2 weeks since I didnt go last week - not bad since I ate HORRIBLY... sure the stomach virus helped with the weight loss this week.

Now my final thoughts on the changes will be rethought next week after actually following it for a full week but here are my thoughts after the meeting.

  1. It is VERY different. So everything I "knew" is gone. All the points values that were in my head - gone. I have to learn a ton all over again.
  2. Since it takes so many more things into account - fat, fiber, carbs, protien - there is not a slider. So you either have to look EVERYTHING up online or in a book (that you buy) or with a calculator (that you buy)
  3. I wasnt at the minimum points before but with the new plans Im at the minimum points value of 29. Yes that seems high but ALOT of foods are at much higher points values.
  4. Some of my favorite go to meals/snacks that was pretty low point isnt anymore. For example my pb/jam on a lite english muff - used to be 3.5 points - now its 7 points. There is no difference in points values for a regular english muffin or a lite high fiber version.


  1. Fruits and most veggies are free! So before when I was using 5 points or so on fruit - thats 5 points I can use elsewhere! And bananas are free! Yaaaa!
  2. It really does focus on eating more whole some healthier options - not the low calorie super artificial foods. For example 100 cal almond pack = 2 points. 100 cal cookie pack = 4 points. And some of my go to favorite things that really werent all that healthy for me but were lower in points will really not seem worth the extra points. This will make me lean more towards wholesome healthier options then the junk snacks I was eating before. And using fruit and veggies as an inbetween snack much more often.
  3. While this is by no means a low carb diet now - its much closer to a low carb then it was before. It factors in the protein/carb combination to decide the points value so things that are higher in carbs is much higher in points so they will be limited. For example brown rice or whole grain pasta half serving was 2 points - now its 5.

So definately things I like and things Im not crazy about for this new plan. I think in the long run though its a MUCH better plan. I think for long term maintaining weight loss and learning to eat healthier - not just smaller portions of the junk you were eating - will be such a benefit.

We will see.


  1. I once did the Core plan on WW and had some success, but was never interested in the points part. This sounds like a good change to me. My mom's a WW employee and has been on the new plan for a bit now - she seems to like it! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

  2. I'm still trying to get used to the points. Like you said, your most frequent meals or snacks are already calculated. You know before you stick it in your mouth. Now, I have to pull out my comptuer to make sure it isn't 10 points. I'm giving it a try with my eyes wide open.

  3. Meh. I'm still not sure how I feel about this. I'm following the old plan from 7 years ago but I eat clean and I have great success since March. I was thinking of trying this new plan but... the only thing I like is the 0 point fruit.

  4. I'm interested in what this means for all their overly processed "WW" specialty foods and snacks. I'm not currently doing WW's... but I stopped eating thier snacks once I started to eat Clean.

  5. They just up'd the points values of all their stuff... nothing changed :(