Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February recap and a look at March

I didnt realize today was the last day of the month - wow this month flew. Lets take a look at how February went.

Lets take a quick look at the goals I set for February
1. Lose an additional 5 lbs Nope lost a total of 2.4 lbs this month

2. Go to weight watchers EVERY week Nope - didnt stay for a single meeting but got there and weighed in for 3 of the 4 weeks.
3. Work out 5 days a week - Sort of I worked out 20 of the 29 days so just shy of a 5 times a week average.
4. Run a mile under 11 minutes YES... I cant find the post but pretty sure it was like 10:38
5. Run a 5k under 34 min  Pretty sure I did but didnt time the actual first 3.1 of the run
6. Buy a bathing suit and start to work on front stroke/breathing NO - I did go look for bathing suits but didnt find anything I liked
7. Go on a date with hubby NO - I lost the month, it went by too fast!
8. Go on one-on-one fun time with little man YES we had a great time on a mom/gavin hike!
9. Go on a "me" day YES and enjoyed every minute of it!
10. Get into a work routine  getting much easier!

March goals
1. Lose 5 lbs total
2. Run 50 miles
3. Go to a core workout class once a week
4. Spin class once a week
5. Buy a bathing suit and start swimming once a week
6. Start half marathon training
7. Date night with hubby
8. One on one time with little man
9. Me day
10. Journal my food EVERY DAY

Hope March slows down a bit ... time is just going by so darn fast! I have a busy month planned too... there will be a weekend in Jersey to see family but its just me and the kids going, doing some training for work, my dad visits from Texas, and I need to officially start training for the half! Busy busy busy!

How did your February go? What do you want to accomplish in March?

rainy yucky wednesday

Today is the only day hubby and I have off together for another 2 weeks. Are we doing anything fun or interesting, or even productive? NOPE. Its a yucky rainy nasty day outside today and we are being lazy.

Granted my lazy didnt start until after a kick butt workout at the gym. Ran 3.5 miles - aimed for 4 but oh well and then a killer self planned core workout. I was a sweaty mess.

Now I dont feel so guilty for being lazy.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dont think my kids like me...

Yes Im being alittle over the top and sarcastic. No I dont really think my kids dont like me.

On my days off they sleep all night without a peep. Fast forward to a night before work like last night.

By 830 pm I had gotten both in bed, lunches made, bags (G's school bag, my work bag and gym bag) packed, kitchen cleaned, dishwasher running and a load of clothes in the washer. I was SOOOO proud of myself. I actually relaxed a bit last night. Went to bed by 10 so I could get up super early and go to the gym for my run this morning before work. Hubby, even though he got home late, agreed to do all the morning stuff with the kids.

Thats when my great wonderful awesome plan went out the window. Bre was up at 1, 2, and 330 am. At 2 I couldnt get her to go back down and ended up caving and feeding her. Gavin crawled into our bed at 4 crying from a bad dream. My alarm went off at 5 telling me to get my butt out the door by 515 for the gym... hahaha... I reset the alarm and crawled back into bed.

Now Im up at my normal time - of course kids and hubby are sleeping but there isnt enough time to work out. I never know if I should just say screw it and get no sleep and get my workout in anyways or do what I did. The problem is Im going into a 12 hour shift and since hubby is on evenings this week I have to get both kids at 8pm from sitter, home and in bed before I can even breath/eat/pee, ect.

The joys of being a working mom.

Monday, February 27, 2012

They tried to give me an out...

I didnt take it though.

Went to weight watchers this morning. I was up 1.8 lbs in the past two weeks. I weighed in today with sneakers on and a sweatshirt. The woman told me that I should take all of that off and reweigh in and I would probually come out even. I told her no. First I was running behind for my cross training class and two, I deserved to gain. A mini wake up call if you will. I picked up my new tracker and headed out.

On the tracker stand point - I tried two weeks ago to do my journaling on their website, last week on my new app for the kindle fire. They didnt work for me. I need my tracker.

Then it was GO GO GO ... Mondays are SOOOO chaotic!
First G almost missed the bus.

Then I rush to weigh in and get to the gym by 9.

Spin/cross training KICKED MY BUTT today... pools of sweat on the ground dripping from my face when we were doing some core stuff. OMG spin + running + stairs + core + weights with more spin mixed in = KILLER workout!

Then it was home to feed little miss, shower and drop off my FIL car he was letting us borrow.

Then home, eat lunch, prep and cook food for the week, blog.

Its now 2 - need to go to wake and feed Bre, go to the store, pick up G from school, swim lessons, dinner, baths, bed. and remember to breath...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

So how did the week go?

Last weeks workout PLAN vs REALITY
  • Sunday - planned one mile warm up then 400 x 4 speed work, did the 1 mile but only 2 rounds of speed work.
  • Monday - planned and completed my new favorite spin XT class
  • Tuesday - planned one mile run then hill repeats, couldnt get out of bed in time so nada
  • Wednesday - planned and completed early morning spin class
  • Thursday - planned 45 min run, completed 45 min run :) 4.5 miles total.
  • Friday - planned 3 mile run and spin class, completed the spin class but only one mile run
  • Saturyday - rest day
This coming week workout schedule
Sunday- 50 min run + 5 min warm up, 10 min cool down; mini core workout
Monday - spin XT class
Tuesday - 50 min early run before work
Wednesday - spin class, 2 mile run, mini core workout
Thursday - early before work spin class
Friday - rest
Sat - 55 min run + 5 min warm/cool down; mini core workout


  • The past week, not so good. I didnt go weigh in. I didnt journal and I definately didnt stay within my points with several meals eating out.
  • This coming week I am weighing in on Monday NO MATTER WHAT. I have no plans to eat out and want to keep it that way. Plan to eat fresh, planned healthy yummy meals.

Im looking forward to the week coming. My moms group does a biannual weight loss challange that started this week so some extra support will be awesome.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today was a ME day :)

Yup you heard me right. Today was a ME day. Not only did I take a day for myself - I also planned it in advanced and even had it on the calendar. Part of my new years goals was to have a date with myself once a month. Today was it.

Baby girl spent some time with her daddy then went to the sitters. Little man is in school. Did I feel guilty... NOPE... a happy mom makes happy kids!

I started off my date as all should start.... at the gym! I aimed for a 3 mile run before spin class but got there alittle later than I would have liked and only got a speedy mile in then headed downstairs to the spin room. I really pushed myself in class today and left a happy, drip sweating mess. I even packed a bag to shower at the gym - I knew if I came home to do it then something would detour my planned day (like a messy kitchen). So showered, dressed and I was off...

Went to the mall and did alittle shopping for me - nothing too exciting, just some shirts for work. But still I was out BY MYSELF... so it was worth it! Then it was off for a massage. I normally like some pressure (ie pain) but today was nice and easy and all about relaxation. Then since my bf couldnt meet me for lunch, I put my big girl panties on and went out and ate by myself with my kindle fire as my date. A bit more shopping ensued afterwards.

And then it was 2ish and time to come back to reality and put my mommy hat back on. I went grocery shopping, picked up little miss and now waiting for her big brothers bus. Tonight will be pancake supper at his school and some cleaning after the kids are in bed since the sitter is here tomorrow... cant have her think we are pigs! Even if we are :)

I am alive - and random thoughts :)

I am alive - promise. I have even tried to post almost daily but it appears Blogger and I were not friends for a while and the site wouldnt let me type anything new. VERY ANNOYING. You missed out on so many wonderful insightful post... haha, yea right.

Im tired so its a bullet list today
  • Eating has been so so - definately could be better. When Im tired or blah then my healthy eating goes out the window - again VERY annoying.
  • My workouts have rocked! I ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill that the gym yesteray. I was only aiming to run 30 min but pushed it out and it felt GREAT. I also started taking a spin cross training class on mondays that Im in love with - its a bit of spin, a bit of core and some cardio pumps on the field. Its hard but I feel OH SO GOOD afterwards! I even made it to 530 am spin before work once this week. y
  • I want to venture out of my comfort zone and do some more core work. I have found a little home exercise that I will share next post that Im going to incorporate a few times a week and come March 1st I am promising myself that I am attempting CX works at the gym. CXworks is 30 min of a les mills core strengthening workout. Im intimidated and worried my stomach isnt ready for it so thats why I am aiming for doing some at home stuff for 2 weeks first.
  • Today Im also venturing out of my comfort zone and buying a bathing suit for some lap work - where to fit it into the schedule nto sure yet but it will happen.
Like I said Im exhausted - we went out and back to New Jersey (2.5-3 hours away) to pick up my van yesterday. Got to see some family so totally worth it. But didnt get home until 1030pm - then to get G into bed. UP with Bre at 4. Now to get G on the bus and me to the gym. I have things in my head - will try to post them tonight.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

back to basics

Some how this week I lost my mojo. I stopped doing some of the things that I had thought was now a habit - like drinking my water before my coffee. I contemplated fast food and sodas. I didnt journal my food. I dont know why I swayed - what I do know is its really really easy to go back to that lifestyle. Very very easy.

So after doing all the things I needed to do around the house - massive cleaning, with both kids in tow. Yippee. We went to visit my inlaws -
My MIL isnt in the best of health. She has bad diabetes and very poor vasculature.She is sadly loosing her memory and probually has early alzeheimers. She was never a very active women. It was the repeat wake up call I needed - good health now = good health for much longer in life!

So we got home and I immediately went to Wegmans to restock our fridge. Then I was home and running. I made chocolate/cherry oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. Then I made my favorite rice/veggie dish (2 points for a large bowl) - seperated it into one-serving containers.

I use this for soooo much.
  1. As a side dish
  2. as the base of an easy entree - just add diced chicken or shrimp and a tbsp of hummus.
  3. My fav - I make a salad with fresh baby spinach, romaine and cilantro leaves. Top that with 1/2 a container of this rice mixture cold (1 point), top that with diced chicken and a few spoonfuls of salsa as a dressing. SOOOOO Good and very filling.
Then it was time to make this weeks workout schedule. Its a little ambitious but I like a challange and understand that sometimes it just wont all happen and thats ok. Im trying to cross train 2-3 days/week and run 4 days a week with one of those being a medium distance, one being my longer run, a speed workout and a hill workout.
What I learned tonight is the speed workouts need to NOT happen at 9pm... omg it was tough and I didnt complete the goal of 400 meters (or is it 100? whats one lap?) x4. I ran 1 mile at an easy pace then did 2 laps at a 8:30/mile. After two I was DONE. Granted I could hear a screaming kid upstairs because he couldnt find his little sleep animals that ruined the mood :)

This week I am going to drink my water, pack my lunch/dinner for work, journal my food and get as much exercise in that I can.

We will see how the week goes.

blah sunday

I am exhausted. The nap at 4pm yesterday - NOT A GOOD IDEA! Couldnt fall asleep last night and baby girl kept waking up for her binky every hour or so. I am tired.

I had baby time reserved at the gym for 845 but just couldnt get up the mojo to quickly eat breakfast, get both kids dressed and out the door and there on time. It just wasnt happenning. So I canceled my time. I tried to get a later time but it was all booked. So aiming for a run later when Bre is down for a nap and G will either work out with me or entertain himself.

My eating has been crap - not weighing in tomorrow. I will at home. School is out and just dont want to drag two kids with me to see a gain.

I also need to get some cleaning mojo going today. My house is disgusting.

I need more coffee first...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A great day!!!!

Had a fabulous day.

Started it off with a trip to the gym with baby girl. Spin class was HARD this morning! They tweaked all of the bikes for the indoor triatholon tomorrow. My flat road is normally 9 and my starting gear to stand is 14. My flat today was 6 and I could stand on 11... crazy!

Then it was a quick trip home to shower then to drop off Bre at Grandma's and pick up Gavin in the process. Then it was Gavin/Mommy date day :)  We opted to go hiking because it was GORGEOUS in Maryland today!

Then Gavin was off to a chuck e cheese date with my brother and niece Ava and I gave Daddy baby duty and took a much needed nap :)

I felt rejuvinated post nap - a much nicer happier version of myself then the tired cranky one I would have been. Even cleaned my room. Hubby went on laundry strike until I cleaned up all of my clothes in the room. It was stressing me out too - hopefully I can keep it that way.

My eating hasnt been all that great today but not horrible.  I doubt I will lose weight this week but Im ok with that.

Tomorrow is another busy filled day - started the morning with heading to the gym with both kids in tow and visiting my inlaws in the afternoon with hopefully a major cleaning streak in the middle. Its supposed to SNOW tomorrow afternoon... this winter has been SO weird!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

a GREAT run and a clear head :)

In the last 2-3 weeks for some reason my best runs have been around 8pm, once the kids are in bed, on my treadmill watching my dvr'd biggest loser. Its always when I did NOT want to run. Tonight was no different. I was hoping to go to a one hour spin class this morning but my plans got changed to help a friend out and bond with baby Bre's future best friend. Then the day got away from me and my run just didnt happen. So after dinner, getting the kids bathed, homework, reading, a game and tucking them in - I trotted my hiney down to the basement, put this weeks biggest loser on and started running. I told my hubby before I went down that my plan was to walk 5 min, jog 40 min, walk 5 min. About 20 min into the walk I had to tell myself about 100 times YOU ARE NOT WALKING. Then things started to feel better. Then 33 min into the run I told myself that running 35 min would be enough, good job. I got to the 35 min and the little voice in my head said "what is 5 more min?" so 5 more minutes it was. I hit my 40 min goal of jogging straight - went at a 11:30 pace because I wanted consecutive time running to be longer than I have been doing, not speed or distance. I felt great. I definately think I could have pushed myself faster or farther though - next time. Im so happy I didnt quit.

Today has been a day of talking to myself. The little voice in my head is getting more and more bossy... and healthy :) Every time I wanted to do something I shouldnt, the inner dialoge would start. The voice always won. Im glad my voice is the healthy one :) I wanted another coffee today but the voice said "you havent drank any water yet, no ... drink your water". I wanted a brownie cupcake that we made for V day (4 points) - the voice, "save it for tonight. If you work out hard and still want it then you can have it". Guess what? I did workout hard. And I dont want it anymore :)  I have been putting off going to the chiropractor this week because it just hasnt fit in... the voice told me to get my butt there because I always feel better for the rest of the week. It was a rainy nasty day here in Maryland, I wanted to take the family out to eat... voice - "nope go make the boys tacos  - they will love it and you make a cool salad"

Oh and what a salad I had. It was sooooooo yummy ... and HUGE. Im so mad I didnt take a picture. It was a big plate covered in baby spinach and shredded romaine and some fresh cilantro leaves. Topped with diced tomatoes, 1/2 a serving of my rice/veggie mix, 1/2 serving taco cheese, 1 frozen grilled chicken breast from the oven and a few spoonfuls of salsa. HUGE. VERY FILLING. VERY YUMMY. And only 6 points :)

Off to finish the night - need to shower, make oatmeal for tomorrow, pack lunches and get to bed. NITE!

Feel like a poser...

Sometimes I feel like such a poser.

In the last few days I have had quite a few people tell me that I inspire them.
A girl at work who had a baby a few months before I did told me that when she sees my fb post about that days exercise it inspires her to do her work out. This morning a friend called me asking for food and recipe advice because I have had "so much success".

I dont see this. AT ALL. I think half the time I am barely following what I should be. I am no where near where I thought I would be with this much working out and 6 weeks of weight watchers. I have sooooo many food issues still.

I am happy to hear I help inspire others but feel like such a poser when people tell me that.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the scale is screwing with me

The scale and my weigh in this week is screwing with me. I lost weight this week when I really shouldnt have. And now, every hour or two I think about something I want and tell me self ... screw it, you can have it and you might still lose weight. I KNOW that isnt right. I KNOW I have to be on point 90% of the time.

For most of the day I had a constant inner argument in my head... starting to think Im crazy!

After going to the gym and struggling through 4.5 miles on the treadmill I headed to my nromal coffee spot to get my post workout coffee (yes I get a coffee when I leave the gym, bite me). I told myself 'just get a snone, its ok'... then I yelled back at myself ... NO get your coffee and move on.

I had to talk myself out of peanut butter, marshmellows, poptarts, a soda, chocolates, and the list went on and on and on.

Then this evening the voice won. I made brownie cupcakes with little man and ate 3 of them. Ate the last bites of Gs dinner, put real butter on the toast I didnt need with dinner.

Im now telling the voice... loud and clear ... IM WORTH IT. I CHOSE TO TAKE CARE OF ME - ... remember... its only food.

So I ended the night with a grapefruit. The bitterness makes me not want anything sweet. Im finishing up Glee and then need to make lunches and prep for work tomorrow - blah.

Monday, February 13, 2012

silly scale

Sometimes physics doesnt work how I think it would. This week I didnt really track my food. Only stayed within my daily points for 3 or 4 max of the days and went WAY over my weekly extra points. WAY WAY over between dinners out and the movies. Yes I still drank my water and exercised but still.

I almost didnt go weigh in this morning. I KNEW it would be a gain and I wanted to igore it. But then I put my big girl panties on and went to face the music. And much to my surprise... I lost 1.2 lbs this week.

I didnt really deserve to lose weight this week and Im not patting myself on the back. Happy but not trying to over think it. Its weird. Silly scale!

On a side note - went out of my comfort zone today and had a BLAST.  Often when Im on the treadmills that over look the field I see a class doing crosstraining type work. It always looks fun but fear of sucking has kept me back. Today I took one of the cross training classes. It was 20 min of spin, 10 min on field doing cardio, 10 min spin, 10 min on field doing stations and then 20 min spin. IT WAS HARD... and awesome... and I cant wait to do it again!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am a running MOM

Yes sometimes I come first. When I was training for my marathon before baby girl - I came first ALOT.  I would kiss everyone good bye then head out for a 2-3 hour run. That was followed normally by a big meal, long bath and a nap - leaving hubby and G on their own for 5-6 hours 2-3 days a week.

Sometimes Im not so lucky and I dont come anywhere near first... I just make sure I dont come in last :)

Today was one of those days. I tried to wake up early and run. I have NO clue why its so freaking hard but I cant do it. I keep trying and it just doesnt happen. I lay my clothes out, go to bed early, set my alarm and NOTHING... I go back to bed. So headed to work. Was lucky since we werent busy I headed home after 10 hours instead of 12. Got home and went into mom mode. Made dinner, fed baby, gave both kids a bath, read and helped G with site words. Then after I made sure my kids got the first round of me... it was time for some me time. I had NO desire to work out but I went anyways.

AND I ROCKED IT! I ran 4 miles. I didnt stop once. It felt freaking great!!!! I didnt run fast but it wasnt about fast tonight, it was about endurance. It was just what I needed!

Tomorrow is weigh in - it will be a gain, no doubt about it. I almost decided to skip going but thats what got me into this mess. So I will be there, face the scale and move on.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

its just food...

Yes those words came out of my mouth today ... "its just food".

Let me back up a few days.

Thursday was my birthday. I started the day off at the gym. I very much wanted yummy pizza from my favorite pizza place. For breakfast and lunch I stayed on target. For dinner we went out to eat - I had one mozzerella stick, 2 fried cocunut shrimp and 2 small slices of pizza. I wanted dessert but didnt want extra dessert in my house so we went to a yummy cupcake place and I had an awesome cupcake. Did I feel bad about it? NOPE.

Friday I had plans for dinner and a movie with my best friend. I again started the morning off at the gym. I stayed on track breakfast lunch and snacks. Then we went to sushi and yes I had 2 crab wontons. And at the movie I did have a full box of milk duds. Feel bad? Not really. Yes I didnt need half of that. BUT normally I would have said
  • Your going to eat bad so why go to the gym?
  • Your going out to eat so might as well have this piece of candy/cookie/fruit snacks ect.
  • Your going out to eat - might as well have a soda or a margarita (or 2 or 3)
But I didnt.  I acknowledged I was going off plan. I knew I wasnt going to track. Yes I will probually gain weight this week BUT in the grand scheme of things its only 2 days. Im still going to weigh in. Im still choosing to exercise, ect. It will be ok. That is a HUGE step for me.

Ok fast forward to today. I have to work 12 hour shifts all weekend - bummer. I packed my lunch, dinner and snacks. I packed my water bottle. BUT old habits die hard. I thought about food from 7am on. I told myself "well you screwed up this week already might as well stop and get McD's on way to work, a latte from starbucks (venti), candy from the gift shop, waste my packed lunch and get a grilled cheese and fries" I thought about it ALL day. But did I do it? NOPE. I told my friend at work that I was NOT allowed to go buy food so she made sure to eat lunch with me. When I went to get my evening 5pm coffee I only took just enough to buy the coffee, nothing else. When I wanted to hit the vending machine on the way out I made a point to walk out with my doc so I wouldnt be tempted to stray to the machines. When I got home from work I thought about the mouth watering yummy left over pizza... instead I made some egg whites and an english muffin.

And when I was walking for that evening coffee and thinking about all the stuff I wanted and couldnt have because Im on this stupid diet and I cant eat anything... blah blah blah... I then told myself (out loud... yes I probually looked crazy) ...
ITS JUST FOOD.... thats it. Just food. I wont remember what I didnt get to eat today next year. I wont wish I had eaten that last bite of bad for me food. And you know what? My healthy stuff I packed ... TASTE AWESOME. So what am I missing? NOTHING... besides some guilt!

Im here I swear

Sorry I was MIA yesterday and will be probually through the weekend. Yesterday was just a busy home day then out with a friend for dinner and a movie (thanks Rach) and I work today and tomorrow. I have tons to say so look forward to a ridiculously long post.

tata for now...

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today I turned 32. When I was 25 the thought of being in my 30s was very scary. I was not looking forward to it. As it turns out I am loving my 30s. I gave birth to the most wonderful amazing little girl in my 30s. I ran a marathon in my 30s. I started a new career in my 30s. Im loving life and the 30s will be when I hit my goal weight, run my second/third/fourth marathon, try a triathalon.

I have to be honest, normally my husband sucks at the whole birthday thing. Which really is a downer since I LOVE BIRTHDAYS... love them! I think they should be a personal holiday - a paid day off from work. Love them.  Well hubby picked up his game this year.

First my wonderful baby girl decided this week she would start sleeping through the night and has slept 8-9 hours each night for the last 3 nights! WOOHOO! She woke up at 6am. I planned to get up with her and get little man on the school bus and me to the gym but the last two days at worked wiped me out. I couldnt get moving. So he got up, turned off my alarm and let me sleep in until 10am... it was WONDERFUL!

I did briefly wake up to little man climbing into bed with birthday kisses before he went to the bus stop. First time EVER - dh took him to pick me out a bday gift. He was sooooo proud of the jewelry set he got me... and I actually like it too so I dont have to fake it :) He also drew me an awesome picture of himself and wrote on the back "in his very best handwriting" From Gavin, To mom... love you!... he is AWESOME.

Then when I trudged into the kitchen, sitting on my lap top was the new kindle fire :)

And on a super happy side note - my best friends baby girl took her first steps today :)

Later I will get a run in and do spinning tomorrow. Tonight will be some family time, going out to dinner to my favorite pizza place and curling up to watch a movie with hubby tonight.

See everyone tomorrow :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

working and exercise

I am EXHAUSTED this morning. I need to start going to bed earlier.

I also need to figure out how to get my workouts in on days I work. I plan but they just dont seem to happen. Yesterday I planned to get my easy short run in before work but little girl woke up and needed a bottle then it was time to get ready. Then I worked 12 hours - the last 8 of them I didnt sit down once... it was a bit busy. I still have some energy when I get home but then immediately make the next days lunch and Gs lunch and get everything ready for an easy morning today. I hadnt seen baby girl since 7 am that morning so I fed her to cuddle and then its 915pm and Im exhausted and can barely move let alone run so I dont.

I cant picture today being any better.

So how do I fit it in?

Monday, February 6, 2012

AMAZING spin class!

Despite having a JAM packed Monday - I kept my plan and got my butt to the gym this evening. Spin class was amazing. I sweated my ass off and really pushed myself as far as I could. It was AWESOME!!!!

Now to prepare for the next two days. Baby girl got shots today and is VERY cranky so dealing with her. Clothes are laid out for tomorrow for everyone. Lunches are packed. Coffee maker is set to go off. First thing tomorrow we will be up and running to get to work on time. 

I feel like a runner...

When I trained for last years marathon, my entire goal was finishing. I only ran for distance in training. I didnt train to be a better runner, a faster runner, a more competitive runner. I only trained to make sure I could physically get the miles in.

Now that I am rebuilding my base and will soon be training for the first half of the year - Im taking a different approach. Tonight I have done some research on being a "better" runner. My AMAZING step mom is an assistant triatholon coach in Texas. I asked her for information on improving speed. Between my research and her help I am starting to put together a program for myself. My goal is to run 3 days a week minimally - I highly enjoy my cross training time so 3-4 days/week of running is plenty so I can fit in my other exercise joys. I think I will focus one run each week on speed/strength or fartlek training (hahaha what a funny word) with the other runs working on lengthening the distance.

This weeks workout plan -
Monday - spin class
Tuesday (workday) - 1 mile run at 10:30 pace, weights
Wednesday (workday) - treadmill 60 min workout running 5k then some speed drills
Thursday - spin class
Friday - treadmill 60 min workout running 5k then some speed drills, weights
Sat (work day) - rest

on a side note this Monday morning I am DRAGGING... and very soon (like in an hour) the ne 72 hours will be go go go. Today I have to go weigh in, Bre has her 2 month check up, chiro appt, some errands, Gavin has an award assembly at 2, dinner, gym at 6. Tomorrow and Wed both hubby and I both work day shift so I am responsible for getting both kids out the door and me to work in the morning - yuck.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Did I take this the wrong way???

First a kudoo's to me - today I ran for an hour straight for the first time since before baby. I timed the first 5k since I have a February goal and needed to see what I could do. My goal is less than 34 minutes, my time today 35:38... not to shabby! The rest of the hour was filled with hill repeats and some speed work. I was a HOT sweaty mess and it was AWESOME! Expecially since I wasnt really in the mood to hit the gym or run today.

Ok now for todays thoughts...
I have a tendancy to think everyone is thinking bad things about me - that Im fat, boring, lazy, a bad mom, ect. Im sure alot of you can relate.

Anyways I ran to the grocery store today before hubby left for work so I wouldnt have to take both kids with me. We needed milk but I also picked up a few bags of spinach, cottage cheese, bananas, a cantalope, and some chicken breast. I was in line to pay and the women in front of me looked at my food on the belt, then looked me up and down and I swear with a rude voice said "ahhh arent we the healthy one". I didnt say anything. But after the fact I wondered if I miss viewed this. Was it...
1. Her looking at me and seeing the healthy food and realizing that to still be my size (174.5 lbs on my scale this morning) that I must be sneaking fast food left and right.
2. Was secretly jealous that I was buying way healthier food than she was with her cake, icecream and chicken wings.
3. Was giving me a complement and really meant "you go girl being healthy!"

Of course I took it as number 1 and it put me in a fowl mood to where I wanted to yell at an old lady that stopped right in front of me on the way out to where I almost hit her with my cart and made me want to eat junk tonight. I havent ... I have eaten VERY well this week, tonight included. But what if she really meant number 3 and Im so focused on being seen in a negative light that I miss when people are actually being nice, supportive and helpful.

And on another note - tomorrow is weigh in. Fingers crossed. Im expecting a good weigh in although Im already expecting a gain next week (its by bday).

Friday, February 3, 2012

favorite rice dish

First had to say "yaaaa me!" One of my goals for February is to get my mile run below 11 min. Todays mile was 10:40!!!

So now for my favorite rice. This dish is 2 weight watcher points. I make it all the time and just change out the veggies for whats in the kitchen. I then seperate it into single serving dishes and then at work or for a quick dinner I throw some diced chicken on top and microwave. Very filling and flavorful!

First I get everything ready ingredient wise. Tonights was onion, mushrooms, green beans, red pepper, brussel sprouts and baby spinach.

I use the same pan for all the steps to save up on clean up. First I saute the pepper, onion and green beans until mainly tender with just a dab of pam.

I forgot to take a pic of the mushrooms in the pan.... I let them brown then add a bit of salt and cover until the right bite left in them. I keep each step in a big bowl afterwards so I can have the pan back.

I saute the diced brussel sprouts and baby spinach together last.

Then it all goes back in the pan to mix well... doesnt that look yummy! You could just have that as a zero point side!

I make brown rice per the box - I make 2 servings per the box which will make 4 of my servings. Each container gets 1/3 cup of brown rice.  Tonight I made 6 single servings.

I then put two large scoops of the veggies on the rice.

Then I can put the lid on it and stack them in the fridge. When Im needing a quick healthy dinner I then put 3 oz of precooked chicken (that is always in my fridge) and a tbsp of what ever hummus I have in the fridge and heat... SO SO SO good and very filling. And with the hummus and chicken its 6 points.

Happy Friday :)

Hi everyone - I survived my 24 hours of work this week :) It felt really good to be back and do something with my brain although it was quite obvious that I had been away for 8 weeks in how behind I was and some stupid things I did.

I have eaten AWESOME since Monday. I have easily stayed within my daily points - yesterday I used 1 extra point (the first extra of the week) but I may not have really. I think I overestimated a few things but I would rather over than under estimate my points. I have been 100% unprocessed, no soda. Yesterday I wanted some chocolate REALLY bad around 4pm. Not because I needed it but because it was a bit slow at that time at work and I was bored. Before I would go down daily to the gift shop. Buy a big assortment of the mini candys and eat every single one of them (maybe 20 in all) over the rest of the shift. So while I wanted just one little candy - I do NOT want to revisit old habits so I refused to let myself to go to that side of the hospital.  Someone had ordered pizzas for the unit for lunch - weird that I had NO desire to have a slice. I was starving by the time I got to sit down for lunch which happenned to be when they were delivered yet I had no craving for them and the smell did nothing for me. I very happily ate my rice mixture topped with grilled chicken and a spoonful of hummus.  It was very nice.

Unfortinately I did NOT workout in the last two days. Wed I had planned to work out when I got home but I was EXHAUSTED and didnt finish picking up the kids and getting them both settled and in bed until almost 9pm and hadnt eaten dinner yet. Thursday I planned to get up early and go to 530am spin class, shower at the gym then head in. I woke up at 5, everything was packed but my warm bed sucked me back in and I decided to sleep until 615. I woke up so much more refreshed so I dont feel bad. But that means I need to pick up my game today and this weekend.

A bit bummed at my gym - you have to book your infant slot in the daycare room and you can do it 72 hours in advanced. It appears most moms are faster than me because I couldnt get the time I wanted/needed fri, sat or sunday. So today I will run at home. Sat hubby will watch her while I go to spin and Sunday I took a time that I didnt  really want and will run at the gym. I run so much better there than at home! But being the dork that I am  - this morning after getting G on the bus I initially went back to bed then jumped up realizing it was after 8am and I could log on and reserve mondays slot... got the time I wanted - woohoo!!!

Later today or tomorrow I will be posting my go to make ahead meals for work - it has been very helpful!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well I survived my first day back. I need to keep this short because I have to leave in 30 min to head back to work and havent blow dryed my hair yet :)

First day back was good - very busy which is how I like it but I was EXHAUSTED by 5pm. Those last 3 hours were tough. I only called home twice :) Then it was rushing to pick up kids and get them both in bed, pack my lunch, pack my work bag and pack the gym bag. Signed up for 530am spin... haha didnt happen. I woke up at 5 and said yea right and went back to bed. I will make up for it tomorrow but I really needed that extra hour of sleep.  Yesterday was so busy that I didnt eat half of what I brought and came home at 830 at night with 10 points still left over for the day. Went to bed with 5 left. Not on purpose but it was just too busy to eat. I did make sure my water bottle stayed filled though.

Have tons more to say but dont have time...
Reminders to me on my next post - night before choc oatmeal (amazing), coming home on yellow, men at work, rice dish.

See you all tomorrow...