Friday, April 30, 2010

ok have a post now....

I am so freaking bummed out.

Today started off great - had an awesome step interval class. Made healthy food choices - made a great 5 point goat cheese mushroom pizza... it was yummo!

Had a great time with G and his best friend who spent the night tonight.

Was hoping to get a second worout in today but just couldnt do it at 9pm when the boys were finally settled. Just couldnt do it.

Then I went to take my measurements for the end of the month. I will update the stats page later.

I did not make it into the 160s this month - mainly because I was a giant slacker in Ohio and gained 3 lbs that week!

I lost 5.5 lbs this month - good but I could have done 7 or 8 and hit my goal!
I lost 0.5 inch from my chest and abdomen. 1 inch from my waist.

I keep feeling like Im smaller lately but the numbers done lie. Yes I lost 5 inches from every area since I started. Yes I have lost 25 lbs or so and Yes I am very happy and proud of myself for that but I feel like I could be doing so much more.

It has put me into a tizzy - making me want to eat. I have used almost all of my weekly points with 2 days left to go ... when my goal is to not use them at all! I have gone over my daily points every day this week with really trying to eat healthy. I dont know how it has happenned.

Im bummed.

nothing to write

I have NOTHING worth writing about right now. NADA. Same old same old here - doing ok on the food front doing GREAT on the workout front so far this week.

Will post more when the mood strikes...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

want to EAT

Im having one of those days where I am just wanting to eat and eat and eat... I have felt like Im hungry all day and nothing is satisfying it. I just ate my last available point for the day - its only 645 pm so tonight I will be dipping into my weekly points for the first time this week. Yes I have stayed within my points but I definately could have eaten smarter and better.

Todays food
1. Egg whites and cheese on sandwich thin
2. 3 weight watcher brownies total
3. 2 fiber one bars total
4. chicken sandwich on sandwich thin
5. carrots with hummus
6. 2 merange (sp?) cookies
7. baked chicken, brocoli, asparagus and noodles

I could have eaten more fruits and veggies, maybe something with dairy in it... I definately could have made better choices.

BUT I did get a kick butt spin class in!

another good day...

woohoo two good days in a row... liking it!

Yesterday was a very good day. I was right on with my points for the day

8am - english muffin with cinnimon, coffee
1pm- panera small salad with no dressing and a bowl of broth based soup
4pm - weight watchers brownie, coffee
6pm - lower fat content hamburger with ww cheese on a sandwich thin, baked potatoe wedges, green beans
9pm - 1/2 cup frozen yogurt, 1/2 banana, 4 almonds crushed up

Everything was yummy and satisfying. BUT I was STARVING by the time I got to Panera, I meant to bring a snack with me to the hospital but forgot... but I didnt give in to the hunger - woohoo!

Also while watching the biggest loser I got another 500 calorie treadmill workout in. It felt great to sweat!

Today I am aiming for another good... scratch that... great day! At 930 Im heading to spin class and then will get on the treadmill to make up the rest of the 500 calories. Then will head to the pool with G. Im getting my hair done today - love those days, they make me feel GREAT! I am planning to grill some chicken and asparagus for dinner. And best off hubby and I are both home today - FINALLY, I cant wait to spend some time with him!

Fingers grossed to a great day!

I am also planning to weigh myself sat morning even though that isnt weigh in day to get a full amount of the weight and inches lossed in April. I need a new battery in scale, I weigh myself too much! So there is no battery in it right now so no weighing myself daily.

Monday, April 26, 2010

500 calories...

I just completed my first 500 calorie workout! WOOHOO!

My workout goal/challange is to burn 500 calories each workout day with a minimum of 4 workouts each week. Doing weights does not count towards the 500... it has to be cardio. No that doesnt mean that Im skimping on the weights but that will be in addition to the 500 calorie cardio burn. Yes I know that the weigh calculators are not accurate. I dont care... its just something to have as my goal. If I do not have the time to get 500 calories in at one time then it can be spread out thru out the day. For example if I run in the am and burn approx 300 calories then in the afternoon I have to do something to burn minimally another 200.

Today it took me 56 min on the treadmill to burn 500 calories. I could have done it alot sooner but I couldnt get into a running grove to really run a straight long distance - I dont run well in the evening. SO I ran a lap, then walked fast at an incline for a lap and repeated over and over until I got to 500. I was a sweaty mess... it was awesome!

So does anyone want to take me up on this challange this week?

Ok time to fess up...

I gained 3 lbs this week - I weighed in this morning at 174. I am not surprised, not even alittle. For some reason once I go off course I cant seem to get back - I enjoy a tad and go WAY overboard for DAYS... I hate it. I am so terrified what maintenence will be like once I finally do get there.

I am back on track today. I have stayed within my daily points - even with eating breakfast and lunch at the hospital (first day of my new job!). I was going to go to the gym when I picked up G but that just didnt happen so once he is in bed I will hit the treadmill... fun fun. Tomarrow I am going to attempt to get to an EARLY spin class then head to work, I have to be there at 845 tomarrow.

Today was my first day of work - slightly concerned because no one seems to know what to do with me. But it will all work out.

I have to call tomarrow to try to get into the GYN - I think I found a lump in my right breast. Its alittle tender which is normally a good sign but it might be tender because I am constantly seeing if its still there. I am only stressed about it right now because I also have that swollen lymph node chronically on the same side. So needless to say, alittle stressed between this starting the new job.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The last four days have been BAD BAD BAD... I dont even want to talk about them right now. It was BAAAADDDDD!!!

I will fess up tomarrow - I cant do it right now.


Thursday, April 22, 2010


YUP... I have to come clean. It has been a BAD 48 hours. I have eaten and eaten and eaten. It started on tuesday and ended about 2 hours ago. Here is the run down...

TUESDAY - Going away party at work did OK but then went out to dinner with hubby afterwards and had fried pickles and ranch dressing. Raided the cabinets a TON tuesday night.

Wednesday - Did fine during the day at work but then all hell broke loose afterwards. I had VERY salty McD fries and nuggets, candy bar, raided the cabinets.

Thursday - Traveling to Ohio, in a car for 8 hours. McD's for breakfast, candy in the car, fried shrimp, mashed potatoes, bread, hushpuppies for dinner - candy candy and more candy after that.

I feel DISGUSTING. My skin feels gross. My stomach feels funny. My body just doesnt like me right now. I feel bloated and HUGE. And very very very disappointed in myself. I hate the way eating like this makes my body feel - forget emotional, physically my body doesnt like it. NOTHING taste as good as you think it would taste. None of it was worth the calories that I consumed.

WHY did I do this?

At 9pm I was fed up with myself. I got G ready for bed. Our hotel rooms have a connecting door so I opened the connecting door to my moms room while G slept and I went down to the workout room at the hotel to run. It was NOT a good run. My body didnt want to do it, my mind didnt want to do it. My side hurt almost the entire time. I did 2.6 miles in 33 minutes. I did quite a bit of walking in the middle of jogging. I didnt have a great sweat like I like. BUT I did it. And the entire time I did it I asked myself that question... WHY? WHY do this to yourself when you are doing soooo well. Why give in to crappyness when you know it wont be worth it. Why am I setting myself back? Why am I trying to make myself fail?

The only thing I could come up with is that Im about to hit another mile stone (hitting the 160s) and it SCARES ME... why on earth would doing well scare me? I know its stupid but my body is finally starting to really change. I can see it, others can see it now... and change is scary. I love that my body is changing but I feel like everyone sees the weight loss now and looks when they see me again for any difference - its alot of pressure - silly stupid pressure but pressure all the same.

Does ANY of that make sense? To a normal healthy person probually not - to me it is crystal clear.

SO tomarrow I have asked my mom to get me up at 530 so I can head for a hopefully better run. From this point forward my workouts need to COUNT. I am aiming for 500 calories burned per workout day. Not per workout, I know that wont happen. So for example tomarrow is a workout day. I need to get 500 calories in. I am aiming to run for 30-45 min tomarrow which will probually burn 350-400 calories, so later in the day I need to get another 100 or 200 in. So it will be a long workout and a short workout or one long workout or 2-3 medium workouts each work out day.

Tomarrow I also need to get back on track eating wise - No I am not journaling this weekend... I have NO clue what to give things while Im out and I dont want to be stressed over it so I need to make a point to pick healthier options... EVERY meal!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a mainly fabulous day!

First I work with an AMAZING group of women! They threw me a going away party at work today. They made sure that there was lots of healthy options for lunch and dessert and bought me an amazing SHOCK TRAUMA jacket! Lots of pics were taken, when they get to me I will post them.

Secondly, I got to spend some much needed time with my hubby tonight... Rachael thank you for doing kid duty for me!

We went shopping while we were out to get me a few new pairs of pants ... turns out Im not 100% a size 12 yet. I fit in about 50% of the ones I tried on. Yes they all fit up my legs and I could button them all up but some were SNUG.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

got that feeling...

Yesterday I was very BLAH - all day. Even when working out I didnt get that great high workout feeling I normally get....

Today has been a different day - I have had that feeling all most ALL day!

I went to the gym this morning and took a 45 min step class - wasnt very difficult but got me sweating, then I hit the treadmill for a solid 20 min run (1.8 miles)then did a cool down, stretched and played with my little man in the pool.

I have been partially productive today - went to the grocery store, straightened up my room. Took a shower and feel great. I need some new clothes though - BIG TIME... every thing is so damn baggy.

Once G wakes up from his nap we are going to this nature thing.

I need to get some cleaning done this evening. Then the weekend is over :(

Tomarrow is weigh in... fingers crossed - I want to see 169.5 SOOOOOOOO bad!

same thing - different day..

I feel like I do the same thing every day - over and over and over.

So today - not much unlike yesterday... we will be heading to the gym in about 30 min. Im going to try the basic step class and hope Im not too bored. Then Im planning to do 2-3 miles on the treadmill and maybe finish the abs I barely did yesterday. Then I promised G I would actually swim with him today so we will do some pool time.

I need to get in clean mode and clean my 3 year olds bathroom - I think he has been missing the toilet or something - it stinks! SO that will be during his nap time, fun fun. Then maybe off to this critter thing after nap. Not sure if I will see hubby today or not, he mentioned wanting to go to this police bbq this evening that he convienently didnt invite me to...

ok off to start the day...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

woohoo size 12!!!

I am officially a size 12 now... not sucking or squeezing into a 12... actually 100% a size 12! WOOHOO!!! I tried on pants from two different stores and every 12 I tried on fit perfectly! I didnt like any of the styles and only bought some tops but woohoo for me!!!

I am pushing through a blah

I am SO blah today - no clue why. Im off the weekend, I should be a relaxed, happy, energetic... NOPE. Not even a little bit. I am very BLAH BLAH BLAH.

It took everything to get to the gym today - I went, I sweated, I completed it but did not enjoy it one little bit - not even a second of it. Then I came home and took a nap. Dont feel much better afterwards.

Im going to go do some cleaning - put a fake smile on my face and hope "fake it til you make it" will make me happier tonight. I really hope E comes home from work in a good mood - if he doesnt then there is NO hope for me.

Tomarrow Im aiming for a 9am spin class, run on the treadmill for 30 min and abs. I was going to do a full weight workout but since I work mon, tues, wed then I will do weights on a work day... much more do'able than cardio after being exhausted.

Later this evening Im going out to see about buying a new pair of jeans. Im nervous. I wont buy another 14, and definately not a 16 so if I dont fit in the 12's then no jeans for me. My 14's and 16s fit HORRIBLY. I can put a belt on and they can stay up but there is just so much EXTRA jean fabric and I feel bigger in them since they are so baggy. So fingers crossed that the 12's work :)

up, not ready but atleast up!

I was SOOOOO tired yesterday all day at work. Went to bed semi early and woke up this morning SOOOOO tired!

But Im up and Im going to push through (even though I want to lay around and be LAZY). I signed up for spin class at 9 - I am going to try to get there early and jog a bit. May jog alittle after and plan to do abs.

Im going kicking and screaming though - I have NO desire to go! I hope I get that workout rush and want to keep going once I start.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Alot of bloggers have give aways - its a cool idea. If I ever get to 50 followers then I may start a bimonthly healthy giveaway... fun fun!

Alot of the blogs I follow are canadian and the giveaways are for canadians only - which really sucks when its for a cool new yummy health food that isnt available in the states.

Today one of my fav blogs is giving away an interesting book - used but interesting. I tried to request it on the book swap site I use but noone had it...


Its 1050pm - just got home from work. ABout to get ready for bed and get up at 540 am again and do it all over again - run, work, bed.

pity party

Ok if you read yesterdays post then you will know that last night I had a massive pity party for one.

That was yesterday - today is a new morning and I started it off well... a 3 mile run at 6am. My HEALTHY meals are packed. About to take a shower and start getting ready for work.

I will push through the funk. I will not allow myself to sabatage my efforts again... that is usually what ends my success... ME. I get in my way alot! I will succeed - I will not give in.

My goal is to be firmly in the 160s by May 1st... I can do it!

I do need tons of suggestions on staying healthy while traveling though - next week Im heading to Ohio with my mom, grandmother and child for 4 days. I am bringing a cooler with me with all my favorite healthy snacks, fruits and veggies. Its the restaurants that I suck at... and sometimes my mom drives me to drink :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


D.C. was EXHAUSTING... fun but exhausting! Gavin did as I expected him to without his nap - not horrible but we lost control over him around 330pm... not his fault but still sucked.

I didnt really watch what I ate today and didnt count points - at all. So I am just considering my extra points for the week gone.

We surprised Gavin with the trip - didnt tell him what or how we were going until we got to the train station... boy LOVES trains!

** 2 hours later**
Gavin is in bed and I have officially did some work things I needed to do, took a bubble bath and relaxed. Now for confession time.

I knew I was going a bit off plan today but once I made that decision everything went to crap in a basket. I couldnt sleep last night - I kept thinking about work and couldnt get my brain to stop so I didnt fall asleep until 2am! SO waking up at 5 for spin class was NOT happenning. I am bummed since I registered for it. Then my eating was HORRIBLE. I wasnt going to come clean but I think I have to - I need to admit everything, talk it over and move on healthier and happier.
So things I ate today - here is the complete list
1. donuts
2. munchkins
3. mexican food for lunch with chips, salsa, cheese dip, fish tacos
4. Icecream sundae
5. toast with real butter
6. eggs, sausage, more toast with real butter

Seriously my stomach hurts. The last two things I wasnt even hungry - why the hell did I make and eat it????

Today I felt very blah in my jeans - nothing fit right, I felt big. I dont know if the downswing is because the biggest loser contest is over and I didnt win when I really really thought I would. I dont know if its my way to fight the stress of the coming new job. (the new job scares the shit out of me).

So I over ate, feel like crap, havent worked out in 3 days. Why the hell have I been off for two days and I havent worked out AT ALL... not once with two days off! what the hell!?! So now I have to work out on days that I have to work... uhhh!

SO right this very second I need to get my mind back on track. I have packed my breakfast lunch and dinner tomarrow. My workout clothes are by my bed ready to go tomarrow - I have to work out at home so treadmill in the am here I come.

I hope tomarrow I have a happier day in this body of mine.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

not a winner...

Im bummed that I didnt win the biggest loser contest... its the lag in March that did me in...hopefully once winners are announced, I will have atleast came in second. But on the positive side - I am 22 lbs lighter! That is worth more then winning.

I went and got things in order for the new job today - I felt SO much better once I sat down and talked to the other full time midlevel... Im scared shitless about the jump but I will get where I need to be with some hard work... and Im good at hard work!

Today was interesting food wise - I didnt eat breakfast because of the weigh in and then I was starving by lunch (I meant to bring a breakfast bar for after the weigh in and forgot). I met my mom at the hospital while I was there for lunch. I had a yummy turkey and bacon sandwich - no cheese, no mayo... 9 freaking points but since I didnt eat breakfast it was do-able. Dinner was speghetti for the boys and for me
4oz super lean ground turkey
1 cup speghetti squash
1/2 cup sauted mushrooms
1/2 cup sauted zucchini
1/2 cup speghetti sauce
1/4 cup diced tomatoes
tons of garlic
fresh basil
all mixed up... it was not amazing yummy but good and filling. Oh and my fake garlic bread with a sandwich thin, spray butter and garlic powder broiled and a glass of milk.

I have 6 points left for the day.

Tomarrow we are venturing to D.C. - eating out ALL day, should be interesting. G has no clue what we are doing, just that we have a surprise for him. I cant wait to see his face when we pull up to the train station... my 3 year old LOVES trains... and then again when we get to the natural history museaum and the giant dinausaurs.

fun fun!

Monday, April 12, 2010

weigh in day

Mondays are my personal weigh in day.

Today I weighed in at 172.5. I have lost 1 lb this week. Im not exactly sure how I feel about this yet. I know a loss is a loss and Im happy its going in the right direction, but this week I have worked out and done more cardio then I have EVER done.... but on the opposite side, I used ALL of my extra points this week - something I havent done most of the time. This week its back on track, no extra points if I can help it and keep up the cardio.

Tomarrow is an important weigh in - one someone elses scale with clothes on :) I really could use the winning money for some new summer or work clothes.

Its 545 in the am - Im up against my will... my bed felt SO comfortable! But Im up. Right now Im enjoying a cup of coffee, watching the news and chatting with you all. But in a few minutes I will be in the basement on the treadmill getting my sweat on. Then it will be time for the crazy day of a full time working mom to start. I have to get myself ready, Gavin up fed and dressed, both of us out the door by 845, commute the 45min-1h to work and then Im working 10a to 10p... tonight I am sure I will be exhausted!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am 13 weeks into this journey. Tomarrow is weigh-in day but Im about 25lbs lighter over these thirteen weeks.

The past 2 weeks or so I have just been in complete awe of my changing body - when Im just sitting here, when Im walking around, when I go in front of a mirror. Things that I particularly love - my arms seems so much smaller, my boobs are not gigantic anymore (woohoo), my butt is much firmer and bubbled. I just feel so much better in my skin. It feels amazing.

I really hope this feeling doesnt go away. I fear that I get to this feeling, know how well it feels to continue along this path and then fall off the path. How do people do get to goal and then fall back apart... that scares me so much!

sore, tired and happy!

I am SORE today - my arms are still like jello. I had a great spin class today but couldnt push myself to the max for some reason. I wanted to do lower body when I was done but just couldnt get into it, wanted to run but changed my mind. Did get a great abs workout in though!

And Im TIRED - I am waiting for G to finish lunch so we can take a nap... feel mildly guilty for napping since its beautiful outside but Im tired!

Tomarrow is my personal weigh in and tuesday is the biggest loser contest weigh in... fingers crossed!

Todays agenda

1. Get off my couch and get to the gym. I signed up for a 9am spin class and then I will get some abs, lower body and swimming with G afterwards.

2. NAP

3. Rachaels housewarming party at 3pm... that is not an eating time, I will not be eating... no exceptions!

Yesterday I went over my points but had an amazing dinner experience. I went to a Tapas restaurant and everything I tried I had never eaten before. I love doing that! I highly enjoyed everything and while we didnt go overboard, Im sure that I went over over over my points. But I had FUN... and I worked my ass off at the gym yesterday and will be again today.

No insightful post lately - my mind has been mush... off to get ready for the gym!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

size 12 baby!!!

I bought my first pair of size 12 pants today!!!! OMG I was so so so excited - I has almost in tears in the dressing room and I had to tell the cashier and I had to call everyone that matters. WOW!

I only took the 12 in with me to the fitting room, I wanted to see and it fit perfectly! Not tight or anything!!! Coming from a girl that had tight size 16's on 3 months ago - I couldnt be happier!

So I am psyched!

So tonight is gals night - I still dont 100% know what Im going to wear but yaaa
1. I fit great in a silk dress that I havent worn since my ex best friends graduation
2. the skirt I wanted to wear was too big!

sooo on a not so good note -
I just got a phone call from my soon to be new job talking about my schedule. I think Im walking into a bit of a mess that I didnt really know about. I thought I was replacing someone who had chosen to leave the company but it appears I have been hired to replace someone that is being pushed out. Someone who is pretty loved by the staff there and that I has huge shoes that I as a newbie will be struggling to fill. I worry about my relationship with the staff, the other midlevels and the docs. I hope they know that I am in no way a part of the situation - I was just offered a job that seemed like a great opportunity. Im worried.

a great day

A great day and Im in a GREAT mood - its crazy how good mood days lead to more and more good mood days. Yes I know the opposite is true and when I get in a funk then Im in a funk for days and days but right now I am flying high with happiness, hope, pride... I feel amazing!

So I actually got up when I tried to this morning - I had some WEIRD dreams last was out there. I was a car, my mom was a bus overflowing. She kept telling me that she once she lost weight that we would find out it wasnt excess weight making her big but maybe that she had another little car in her... she was elluding that she was preggo - my 50 year old mother. Yes I know this is probually because everyone known to man seems preggo right now but me. Yesterday at work 2 other women announced their pregnancys... yes I wish it was me, no we arent trying. Then in my dream there was a huge accident that we had to go around and there was a severed head in the road that we almost ran over and I was screaming bloody murder in my dream when I woke up... WEIRD.

Anyways Im up, breakfast already eaten, coffee drank. Im about to go buy my gym clothes on and hit the gym. Im aiming for a 1 mile run, 2 miles of speed work intervals, my spin class, upper body weights and abs. I will be a sweaty mess - it will be AWESOME!

Then I plan to come home and take a shower - run to target and the grocery store and then NAP ... then up and getting ready for an evening out with Rach... great day!

I am feeling alittle guilty about not seeing hubby lately - right now it feels like we are on two different tracks that are parrallell but just not crossing. We just havent connected in a while - I miss him. I think we need some alone time big time. I think end of May we are going to Jersey to see my SIL and I might ask if she can keep G overnight so E and I can stay at a nice hotel and go out to dinner ect. We need to reconnect.

Friday, April 9, 2010

quick update

Its getting late (well 10pm on a friday is late to me, Im SOOOO old!) - anyways I wanted to get on here really quick and share my evening...

I got off work at 7pm. I spent 90 min in HORRIBLE traffic going about 30 miles to Belair. I went to khols looking for something cute to wear out for dinner and Phantom tomarrow night. I tried on a few things - all much smaller. I only grabbed mediums and 12's! and they all fit!!! It is AMAZING the difference the experience of trying on clothes is now... I can only imagine what it would be like once Im at goal. It was amazing!

Then I started heading home around 830 pm - I hadnt eaten dinner yet and I was starving. This shows how much I have changed in the last 3 months. The old me would order a pizza on my way home or hit up fast food. NOPE - I went out of my way to get out of my car and went to subway and got a super healthy sub - no cheese, no sauce, lots of veggies. Yaaa me!


I was MIA yesterday - sorry, I just didnt really have anything to say. I HATE this time of the month and I feel BLAH. Plus I worked all day yesterday - after 3 days off that was HARD!

Today I wanted so much to get up and get a workout in but I couldnt get up :( So in a few I have to get ready for work and get G ready for daycare and head out. After work today I need to try to find something cute to wear tomarrow.

Tomarrow is going to be a MASSIVE workout morning - Im going to go for a run, then hit my spin class (I LOVE SPIN) and then some weights. I then will probually try to sneak in a nap before getting ready for dinner and Phantom - excited for a night out! Nervous about eating out but I have been really good and its tapas so hopefully I wont do horribly.

Sunday will be back at the gym and some serious play time with my little man.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

woohoo house to myself!!!

Just put the preschooler to bed - yes its 630, yes its still freaking early and light outside but I just couldnt take another minute. It has been a rough day in three year old land - he wouldnt take a nap today(despite laying in his room for over an hour)and has just been a MONSTER all day. So yes he is in bed. Thank god!

Hubby just left for his first Mauy tai (sp?) kickboxing class - he was super excited... well as excited as you can tell with my super relaxed go with the flow husband.

SO yup ... house to myself. I have NOTHING to do... darn! Im sore so no additional workout tonight. I had a great spin class this morning with Julie - THANK YOU! So I am going to play online, take a bath, and maybe watch a chick flick - PERFECT night!

I have highly enjoyed my last three days off work, but Im ready to go back in the morning. Figures though that daddy still gets down time on his day off tomarrow since G has preschool from 9 til 1.

Good morning...

Positives of this morning
1. Heading to my second spin class
2. Day three in a row of working out!
3. Im off work today!

Not so great parts of this morning
1. I started my damn period and Im NOT comfy
2. I stepped on the damn scale this morning knowing that Im on my period, knowing that I weighed in less than 36 hours and surprise surprise I didnt like what I saw!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yup thats me...smiling. I have had a great day today and feel good about life, about me, about my family. Its a great feeling.

I pushed myself at the gym today - 35 min on treadmill including a one mile run and 2 miles of speed drills, 30 min ellyptical, abs, and I braved the "man area" and did an upper body workout with free weights. I then got to see some gal pals which is always nice. Showering today after the gym was pointless because then I did some yard work and was a DIRTY sweaty mess! Dinner was yummy and healthy - small baked potatoes from the grill with lite sour cream and tons of steamed brocoli and turkey kielbasa. YUMMO! And bonus I picked up some frozen raspberries FINALLY and will have my favorite apple, raspberry, yogurt, cereal conconction... if you havent tried it yet then you REALLY should... it is so so so yummy!

Looking forward to relaxing and watch biggest loser tonight and then off to spin class in the morning ... is a theme developing?

Busy day planned -

Today will be an activity filled day once I wake up and get off my butt ... seriously why does my three year old need to wake up at 7am EVERY day... just one day sleeping in til 8am would be amazing but NOPE!

So once I get moving we are heading back to the gym. G loved the kids area and daycare and pool and is actually excited to go back so that makes my life alittle easier. Aiming to do 30 min treadmill, 30 min elliptical, abs, upper body weights then play in the pool again.

After that off to visit a friend and let the boys play, lunch, G's nap. Im aiming to do some yard work during G's nap and afterwards. Then Im sure we will be bike riding, jumping on the trampoline, ect for the rest of the afternoon.

I was really hoping to have a bonfire today but hubby is going to check out this MMA training place tonight at 7... so no bonfire tonight but Im so excited that Eric is venturing out and trying something new. He is a homebody so its nice to see him do something for himself for a change and hopefully this place is what he is looking for - its right here in Aberdeen and they have tai boxing, jujizu (sp?), kickboxing, ect... exactly what he was looking for!

Monday, April 5, 2010


So spinning rocked! I totally enjoyed it! I was dripping sweat, the 45 min FLEW by and it was FUN and best yet I could keep up, I didnt look like a moron and stuck out like a newbie. My butt didnt hurt right away but its starting to now, its an odd spot though - kind of where my front and back meet. But its not a horrible pain and I can still walk and run and play with G.

Now afterwards I felt alittle nauseated - I needed to eat something but the cafe wasnt open yet so I walked to Wawa and got an apple. I probually looked liek a weirdo, sweaty and gross with my water bottle and towel going in just for an apple but then I felt SO much better. Then I got G from their daycare and we played in the pool.

Its a gorgeous day outside - Im about to jump in the shower and then G and I are heading out to play outside. Tomarrow Im heading to the gym again to run and workout and then another spin class on wed morning. I think I might get hooked!



The scale just said 173.5... wow! Thats down 3 lbs this week and 22.5 lbs total! I am so excited. I havent seen low 170s for many many years!

Today is my first spin class - I will update you all later.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

weigh in scared...

Tomarrow am is weigh in - I was down this morning but up this evening. I HAVE TO STOP WEIGHING MYSELF so damn often!!! Its not healthy. It drives me crazy!

Today I did pretty darn well - yes I went over my points but only used a small portion of my extra points. I was mindful of everything I ate. I didnt mindlessly eat. I didnt eat just to eat. I drank a ton of water... no soda. But Im so bummed that I may not see it on the scale. I havent worked out since thursday. I completely missed working out saturday night and I said I was going to work out tonight after work but JUST got home (9pm) from almost 2 hours of holiday traffic...uhhhh! So I had a snack and Im done!

So we will see tomarrow.... BUT if its not in my favor then it isnt the end of the world. I have some great workouts planned this week. I am trying my first spin class tomarrow - already registered! I have a house full of healthy food. Even if the scale is not in my favor then I just keep trucking - eventually it will be.

happy easter...

Happy Easter everyone! Im at work :( but its been a good day. Im working with great people and the patients are pleasant today.

We also have lots and lots of food but so far I am doing very good!

Instead of having a few donuts or pastries with breakfast, I had a 100cal small bagel with jam and some fruit. Lunch is out now - Im planning for grilled chicken, my goat cheese noddle thing, lots of veggies, baked chips and salsa. Later in the day I will have fruit for dessert and maybe my greek yogurt I brought.

I would love to workout when I get home tonight - hopefully!

I weigh in tomarrow - I hate weigh ins!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random thoughts...

Congrats to alot of my favorite bloggers that I follow - it appears to be a great weight loss week for most. I hope that it continues through til my weigh in on monday but Im not feeling very hopeful. I feel kind of blah today which makes no sense since its so pretty out. I think its because I have been working every other day all week, I never feel like Im really off - I have so much to do on my day off. Next week I am off mon, tues and wed ... Im very excited!

Tonight we made pizza for me and G - half of the pizza was 10 points - I ate 3/4 of that half so 7.5 points. Not to bad for pizza! It was the whole wheat thin crust, sauce, light cheese and tons of mushrooms. yummy!

Tomarrow is a holiday at work - the WORST diet place to be! There will be food galore, lots of chocolate, cake, pie... HORRIBLE! I am taking in some homemade salsa and baked tortilla chips so that is one thing I can eat. One of the girls promised veggies and dip. Otherwise I am packing my meals and will allow a bite or two of chocolate but only if its GOOD chocolate, not just to eat it!

Monday I am trying a spin class... im nervous. I wish someone would be a great work out buddy and join me.

so bummed out!!!

Im bummed, annoyed and alittle peeved at the moment. This morning was some family time since we both work easter. We did easter eggs, a hunt, the basket ect with the little man... it was cute. BUT I planned to massively hit the gym right after G's nap today. Take him with me for the first time, let me try out the daycare and then us have some pool fun afterwards. I was REALLY looking forward to it... until I relooked at their website at 2pm and it says that their daycare closes at 3pm on weekends! Which means no gym for me today! UHHHHHH... So I will have to push through my evening funk and have a good hard workout all by myself downstairs once G goes to bed tonight. But what the heck are we going to do now all afternoon???

Friday, April 2, 2010

good friday...

Its good friday - Im not religious but Im hopeful for a good friday :)

Im at work today. I have worked out every day for the past 4 days - Im feeling alittle guilty for taking today off but figure a day off is mandatory here and there. I did pack very healthily though!

Yesterday at dinner I went over my daily points for the first time this week, then decided I still wanted frozen yogurt and peanut butter so I went into my weekly points for the first time this week - I felt very guilty - I hate feeling guilty about food... its silly, I shouldnt feel guilty! Anyways the guilt turned into wanting to eat anything and everything but I didnt give in to the feelings - I ate nada after the icecream. yaaa me! I better see a loss this week!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy good -

The yesterday was and today will be crazy busy but crazy good!

Yesterday the rain FINALLY stopped and the sun came out - it was gorgeous! Unfortinately I had to work at 7am but we were slow and I got to go home at 3 to enjoy a bit of it. Hubby and G were visiting my inlaws so since no one was home I decided to head to the gym. Timing wise I didnt get to make a class but I still had a great workout. Its shocking to me how much more I push myself at home then I do here. Yesterday I
  • Ran 2 miles at average pace on the treadmill
  • did a full abs workout and some big ball squats
  • Biked hardcore for 20 min (my legs were so hard and tight!)
  • ROwed for 10 min
  • Did a chest and back workout
  • then did speed intervals on the treadmill for 2 miles

wow! I was SWEATY and probually looked funny but felt GREAT! Then came home and made a healthy dinner - diced grilled chicken, 1 potatoe, green beans. Snack was a diced apple, strawberries, raspberries, tbsp greek yogurt and 1/3 cup cereal.... so so so good!

Today is again a super busy day. I need to get G ready for school. Then I was going to head to the gym but the two classes this am both have muscle stuff in them which is what I did yesterday so I am going to head to the ma and pa and run with Eric. Then we have some shopping to do, lunch, nap, planting my new herb garden, cooking out dinner and dying easter eggs... busy busy!

I will try to take pics of my entire day - a day in the life of me ... and will post it tonight :)