Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Matters

Happy Monday everyone!

My morning started off just like I needed it to - after we got the kids on the bus hubby and I went back to bed until 10am! It was glorious. Nice cold morning + sleeping in = one happy mom!

Then it was off to the school to do my volunteer duties. I am the box top chick.. fun fun... today was getting new sheets out to all the teachers for Tuesday folders and collecting what needs to be sorted.

Then some fun target shopping for girl clothes - I have a shopping problem! But I have a very well dressed little girl!

Just in time to get home to have an awesome lunch! While I am all for interm fasting, Im not actively attempted it. Today it just happenned. First meal at noon, end by 8pm. Cool beans.

My lunch rocked. It was a salad mix with kale, spinach and shaved brussel sprouts, grilled chicken, avacado, walnuts and homemade ranch... so good, so filling and within my macros!

Then it was off to help my awesomely amazing 16 year old cousin get a new bed - which was HILARIOUS watching us get it attached to my van ... GIRL POWER!
this is Suzy :)

Now Im watching my 5 year old make a book - she is so stinking cute!

The rest of the night will fly by. G gets home from robotics at 6. Dinner. Flu shots for the kids. Carving pumpkins. Bed time stuff and then hitting the gym for my weights workout :)

All in all great freaking day :)

edited to add a quick video :)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


So far the only thing that has happened consistently is logging on here but its a start!

The other start is my weekly weigh in ... WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY

I typically have an issue with scales and weigh in daily - Im going to really try not to do it only weekly. Plus weekly photos and weigh in's.

So here goes...

Todays weigh in is my new starting point - sad but true. Its where I am right now. Only going down from here!!!  Don't I have just the prettiest bathroom floor ever... yuck.

And the starting off photos - wow this one is HARD. I hope having these here weekly shows me progress and makes posting these horrible photos worth it! 


Chest 47 in
Abdomen 44in
Hips 49 in
R bicept 14in
Right thigh 28 1/2
Right calf 17
Neck 14 3/4

Monday, October 23, 2017

consistency, not perfection

      I am an ALL OR NOTHING person. I will work my butt off for a few days, maybe a week. Then something doesn't go right - I don't get a workout in, miss my water mark, go out to eat, have a bad day and have a few glasses of wine... and then Im in the NOTHING phase for weeks where I feel horrible and pitiful until Im ready to be ALL again.

I think that is the first thing that I need to take a strong look at in the goal of getting healthier, fitter, happier. Im not going to be perfect - its not attainable. What I need to work on is consistency.

The other part of all or nothing is that I try to fix EVERYTHING at once... Im still struggling with this. When I try to focus on one thing at a time to snow ball to the next one, I get into the NOTHING phase before I can add or stick to anything consistently.

What do I want to work on being consistent...

For me:

  • Drink minimally 80 oz of water a day - when I try its easy, when I dont then I drink coffee all day. 
  • Lift weights three times a week - I looked back on my weight training journal and its so sporadic.
  • Run/jog/walk two to three times a week - I miss the running me so much. 
  • Really give KETO eating a try - consistently for 3-4 months to see if it really makes me feel better. I love the science behind the diet. I get it. I understand it. BUT I do it for a day or two then not and that is not good for my body even a smidge. I need to commit to it for a few months and see if I get all the benefits I hope for. 
  • Try to look nice daily - Im a hot mess most of the time. Im in workout gear or scrubs. I let my hair air dry and its a mess, no makeup unless Im working. And then I wonder why I do not feel pretty or girlie. 
For Others:
  • volunteer regularly with my children - I want them to understand that life is about helping as much if not more than getting. They are very lucky children and others are not nearly as lucky. 
  • Date my husband - this goes with the looking nice... we are in a rut. Its a happy lovey rut but we need to get a bit uncomfortable every once in a while. 

Few pics from today 

I need to take some new NOW photos... figured I would at least post one from today to show where my body is right now. BLAH. 

A super important part of keto is electrolytes - they are required if you want to keep feeling good. My favorite way to get them in is a homemade "gatorade". Himilayian sea salt, NU-salt (potassium), stevia and lemon. Simple. Works. Taste good. Even my kids like it! This bottle holds 48 oz... my goal is two of these a day... one with mix in, one without.

My workout today - felt pretty awesome until the planks. DAMN I HATE planks. I just got over the stomach bug, this workout reminded me of that.

I wasn't going to prep anything for food for tomorrow since it was already 8pm. BUT then I reminded myself if I didnt then I would eat crap. SO quick egg casserole to the rescue - will add some avacado and salsa. YUM.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


And here I am - many years later, coming back to the same blog an even bigger mess than I was before.

It was interesting. I decided I need to log things again and refound my old blog. It said I was 31, had a newborn girl at home and had my weight down to 170ish lbs. I was doing crossfit, training for my first triathlon and setting PRs on races like crazy.


That newborn is in kindergarten. Im another 30 lbs heavier. I do not even remember doing crossfit. HATED triathlons and have bailed on every major race I have signed up for over the last two years because my training sucked.


I am working on finding the balance. Finding a happy me, healthy me, stronger me while still being the working mom, the involved volunteering mom, the playful mom... not to mention the wife and dating my husband.

Somewhere the balance is found. Just need to find it, one day at a time.

And so here I am. Most of my post will be video post, its just easier. Even if I look a hot mess in those self made videos.