Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New weight watchers Day ONE

So day one is almost over. I have to admit - having to go through points and looking at food again has made me be better about what goes in my mouth. I also have to admit I have been very satisfied today food wise.

Here is what I have eaten

banana = 0 points
english muffin with jam = 4 points
(Not the best breakfast but day one after GI bug, didnt want to push it)

sandwich on bagle thin = 6 points
chicken soup = 3 points

apple slices = 0 points
few pieces of sons cheezeits = 2 points

egg white boiled omelet with cheese and peppers = 2 points
english muffin with pumpkin butter = 4 points
veggie sausage = 2 points
tomatoe with fresh basil = 0 points

Total 23 points I get 29 a day so I still have 6 left over which I plan to have a greek yogurt and fresh berries for 3 points and maybe some popcorn for 2... that leaves me one point under.

Boiled omelet - yup boiled... super easy and yummy and FAST. Boils some water. Mix in a freezer zip lock bag (after spraying inside with cooking spray) what ever you want in your omelet - you can make multiple bags at once as long as it fits in the pot. I made mine today with 3 egg whites, 1/2 serving of ww cheese and a handful of frozen peppers. Get as much air out as you can and plop into the water. Boil for exactly 13 min. No clue why 13 but it works! Every once in a while flip the bag over. When done slides right out and is in perfect omelet form! And like I said you can make the entire families all at once - G likes to mix his up on his own!


  1. That is a super interesting way to make an omelet!! (I am totally trying it tomorrow!!)

  2. Never heard of boiling on omelet! Great idea!

  3. Oh, and fruit has no points? I didn't know that!

  4. Terri - the fruit being no points is part of the new ww program they are rolling out this week.