Tuesday, December 21, 2010

random things...

First I did freaking awesome at work today! Today was the units big xmas party on the unit. Appetizers, dinner, tons of desserts. I ate NADA! I brought my lunch and snacks in and kept to them! Yaaa me!

No working out today but really didnt plan for much. About to go pack my work bag and lunch for tomorrow so I can hit the gym early for early spin class!

On a side note - having a slight pity party for myself. As an adult it is HARD to make new friends. It feels like freaking dating... like you want to write a note saying "do you want to be my best friend, check yes or no"... how do you know the ones that you feel the closest to feel the same way about you? You think so but how are you sure?


  1. You are VERY right about making friends as an adult.
    I have NEVER been one to have a ton of girlfriends.
    The ones that I did have were good friends.
    It always happens that the ones I am closest to live out of state now.
    So lots of FB chats.

    My BF from HS I have realized is really not a good friend at all.
    I was diagnosed with MS in 04 and she never even calls to ask how I am doing.
    She now lived 5 minutes from me and I have had some really bad flares to where I was bed ridden and not once did she ever ask to even help me with ANYTHING!!
    So I am once again evaluating that friendship and if it is even good for me.
    I am a good friend. I am a good listener. I am there for anyone if they need anything or help with anything.
    But being a NOW stay at home wife due to the MS there are not very many oportunities to meet other ladies. I have gotten involved with groups through meetup.com
    But it is so structured..Just not for me.
    So yes it is a very real struggle because I like having girlfriends. I mean really close friends that I can tell anything. Right now the current people that I have in my life all exsept one are just not the friends I need them to be.

  2. I love the little notes with boxes... aww.. brings back my grade school days!! and swing sets!! ;)

    What is so hard about making new friends though? I think you may just be putting a wee bit too much effort in trying to find a "soul mate" friendship. Just be yourself! You are so funny I am surprised that... making friends it your pity party!!

  3. I struggle with the adult friends thing, too - it's tough, isn't it? I'm lucky to live in a town of friendly people and that does help! Oh, and yay for your Christmas party and sticking to your healthy eating plan!

  4. I totally agree that finding real friends is hard. I have been burned so much, I have trouble trusting people now. The people that I am closest to are the one who've stuck by me. Time is the true test of friendship if you ask me.

  5. I think it's something that most adults deal with, but never talk about(fear of rejection...)I have struggled with friendship as an adult, but have made great strides. I'm involved with my church - and that's helped a great deal. Gettign involved where you can. And Instead of always sending an e-mail, I've started to pick up the phone. And I wouldn't be afraid to initiate something... because most likely the person you want to be friends with just needs an excuse, like you do. I've also found that I need to adjust my schedule to fit with what my friends are doing to. (Mostly with kid activities.) It's not a big sacrifice, but if I can tag along(not in a creepy stalker way) it's easier for them to hang out. But it doesn't happen overnight. I've also noticed some people I thought initially would be great friends... don't mesh after a few get togethers.