Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I can...

Quote of the day...

"Tell me that I cant and I will show you that I can!"

Now not a single person has told me I "cant" do anything, I have an extremely supportive husband and friends BUT I tell myself I cant all the time. I need to prove to myself that I can. I am the one that holds myself back, noone but me.

On a side note, two days down of being with the program. Ran yesterday, weighed in - see yesterdays post it was NOT good! But today only a few points over my daily points - went out to dinner with Rach and ordered plain salmon, brocoli and a single glass of wine ... yaaa me! I didnt work out today... I kept making excuses, couldnt get out of bed this morning, had an early meeting at school (granted I missed it after being stuck in traffic for 3 fucking hours!), was going to work out when I got home but didnt want to take another shower before dinner out, took gracie for a long walk and then had food in my belly so no working out this evening. Tomarrow I have to.... no ifs ands or buts about it!

I have the house to myself - Eric and G are in Jersey visiting his sister. Its my hubbys bday, alittle bummed that Im not with him but he knows how special and wonderful I think he is and I couldnt take the time off of school. Im proud of me that I havent binged - normally with eric not here to see what im eating then I eat and I eat and I eat... I never feel full. But Im not giving in. I enjoyed a skinny cow icecream sandwich - so yummy - and im done!

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  1. yeah you!! you're so right - thank you! I'm in the same situation, I am the only one holding me back...