Sunday, May 23, 2010

No massage for me

and I suck fyi.

The week started off really good - worked out like a crazy person. Then I worked 5 days straight, didnt work out at ALL and ordered out and ate CRAP. Got a new battery for my scale and Im up another 1.5 lbs.

I think Im making myself fail with crazy structured weekly goals.

This weeks goal - be healthy. Eat on the right track, move alot and do my best.

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  1. you totally do not suck! you have come so far in your journey. as i look back at your goals that you set, they are really ambitious goals. Especially for someone who has such a demanding work schedule. I work with a wellness coach and together we set small goals that I know i can achieve each week. This way i don't set myself up for failure and I feel like i am getting somewhere each week. you are doing an amazing job with altering your life. i dont know you personally but reading your posts has given me an insight as to who you are. you are a very determined person who is very competitive. just because you did not meet your goals this week does not mean you suck. it means you are human. we all encounter little hiccups in life and yours happened to be a little weight gain this week. right now it seems like a huge deal that you gained the weight but in the grand scheme of things it is a drop in the bucket compared to all you have lost so far. one day you will be standing at your goal line and you will look back over your long hard journey and you will not remember the specific weeks that you gained or did not meet your goals. you will be standing there feeling amazing because you reached your ultimate goal. a healthier you! we all have to take the good weeks with the bad weeks in life. we just need to realize, ok we had a bad week, lets not harp on it of try to analyze what we did wrong. instead we need to just pick up our heads and move on thinking about the next week. reading your blog has been so inspiring. i see a lot of me in your posts. i have been so inspired that i seriously started trying to get healthy. i started weight watchers and i work out all the time now. i have lost 27 lbs and i keep on going. sure there are weeks where i gain but i don't remember them now. i just know that i am down 27 lbs from where i started. Keep up your amazing work! you are doing so well and these little hiccups will happen to us all! and fyi, you totally do not suck!