Friday, June 18, 2010

My blog cut off the plans for the last week but you get the idea. The first 2 weeks are just getting back into the swing of running, as will the end of june. Then 7/18 I will start my 12 weeks of training for the 1/2! I am actually excited. I think I will be TIRED but happy. Hopefully this will help in the weight department too!

SO I am folling the novice 1/2 marathon running plan...
Which if you notice from my workout schedule follows the
1. strenth training then
2. run then
3. cross train then
4. run/strength train then
5. rest then
6. cross train then
7. lengthen your run

and every week for the 12 weeks the runs get progressivly longer.

This morning I ran on the treadmill for almost 2 miles. Tonight I will be doing some strength training and squats. Tomarrow the three of us are heading to the track early in the am for my and hubby to get a run in and g to ride his bike - hopefully no one else is there and they dont mind :)

I am SO excited to possibly have a running partner - looks like Nicole from CM is going to take the journey with me!

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