Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crud day 2

Is that even how you spell crud? Not sure.

Either way - day 2 of feeling like crap. I feel like Im underwater. Im cold. I want to sleep - alot! Not condusive (damn I cant spell) for working in a hospital. Unfortinately there are only two of us in the ICU and we work opposite days so its just me. Luckily, I got to work and we only had 6 patients, none really busy and my doc said "peace out, feel better" so I got to come home around noon. YAAAA.

I went right to bed and woke up around 4ish - I picked up G on the way home, he napped until 3 and then was nice to watch cartoons and let mommy nap. He did whine that I would be sick forever and will never play with him again because of my stupid germs.... lovely.

I have chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove. My house is quiet - my wonderful hubby took G to karate without me.

No workout today - since I have no appetite the eating has been good today. Im going to eat some soup, take a long bath, some night time cold medicine and go back to bed. I actually do need to work tomarrow! I dont have a fever so I will feel like crap but will be feeling like crap at work.


  1. I hope you feel well again soon! :( being sick is awful!! And working in the ICU? Geez, you are one tough cookie. I have personally only been in that section ONCE in my entire life, it was after brain surgery, my nurse was awesome, but I bugged him (day time) and her (night time) all the time, even just for a drink! So I can only imagine how much running around you actually do!

  2. Ow, that's too bad. Get well soon!

  3. Hope your feeling better soon... take care of yourself