Monday, March 21, 2011


Well Im back and can officially say that I am a marathon runner! WOW I have soooo much to say but lets start from the beginning!

We arrived in Virginia Beach (almost a 5 hour drive) on Saturday and headed straight to the expo...

I bought a cute pink magnet for my car that says 26.2 and a few other odds and ends - Im not a fan of large crowds so we didnt stay long. I was bummed that I didnt see Tara from the biggest loser. I was even more bummed when my friend Nicole text me that she ran into Tara coming out of the bathroom and got a pic :(

Hubby and I both got our numbers

Then it was off to our hotel room. I wasnt expecting much - it was on the bottom part of the price range, I booked late and was only looking to be inbetween the half and full start. BUT OUR ROOM ROCKED. It was a suite. Very spacious. On the top floor over looking the ocean...

Then we went walking -

Dinner was simple - Giovannis - so so so yummy... had the best lasagna. Then since lucky me I dont have a sensitive stomach ... I wanted DESSERT so we headed to Bakers Crust... OMG SO FREAKING GOOD!

You could tell who the runners were... everywhere you looked people were drinking water.

We called it an early night - headed back to the hotel. Set out my clothes for the morning and we were laying in bed by 9.

sorry to be a party pooper but thats all you are getting tonight... Im exhausted and SORE omg am I sore! Im waiting for some pics from Nicole's camera and need to put my thoughts together. I have alot to say about the actual marathon day... and I cant wait to share it with all of you.


  1. I think I found your time : ) Looks like you did good. I looked for you I didn't see you. Hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

  2. I am loving this. Last year I did the Shamrock 1/2 and my post was almost the same as this: the drive, the expo, the magnet (mine was only 13), the beach, the dinner, the green.
    I can't wait to read more....