Friday, January 6, 2012


I am having one of those days... I have felt hungry ALL day. I drink some more water. Still hungry. I have a small snack. Still hungry. Im not sure if its in my head or what but I feel like Im starving today - obviously Im not.

Then the "hunger" started to win. I ate a fruit strip. Nada. Ate some triscuts and had some hot tea. Nada. Gave in and had an english muffin with peanut butter and jelly... 6 freaking points. And you guessed it - still hungry.

Obviously its not my belly or my body needing food. I dont know what my body - or more likely my brain - needs but Im not giving it anymore food just because. If I dont stop RIGHT this second its going to turn into a binge. And then everything bad I havent had will just have to be included. I know how this goes and I DONT WANT THAT! I dont want to feel bad and mad at myself... expecially because even if I stuff myself - Im sure I will still feel hungry.

I only have 3 points left over for the day and havent even had dinner yet. So I obviously will be using some of my extra weekly points. BUT LISTEN HERE WOMEN - that does NOT mean that you can go to town and use the rest of the weekly points tonight... you will not binge!

So the plan from this point forward for the rest of the night - turkey kielbasa for dinner with brussel sprouts and brocoli (I was planning on 1/2 a baked potatoe but decided because of the above issues that wasnt a good idea). Tonights snacks - if I need snacks - will be all zero point things... an orange or a pear or some banana "soft serve".

I will not be derailed today.


  1. I'm sorry to hear u are having a hard time today but u can do this. I know exactly what u are going through and it sucks. Just stay on track the rest of the day and tomorrow will be a new day. I honestly believe sometimes our minds do this to us because its definitely not our stomachs. If u need anyone to talk to I'm always here to talk u down from a binge.

  2. Stay strong! It sucks when you have those kinds of days.