Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February recap and a look at March

I didnt realize today was the last day of the month - wow this month flew. Lets take a look at how February went.

Lets take a quick look at the goals I set for February
1. Lose an additional 5 lbs Nope lost a total of 2.4 lbs this month

2. Go to weight watchers EVERY week Nope - didnt stay for a single meeting but got there and weighed in for 3 of the 4 weeks.
3. Work out 5 days a week - Sort of I worked out 20 of the 29 days so just shy of a 5 times a week average.
4. Run a mile under 11 minutes YES... I cant find the post but pretty sure it was like 10:38
5. Run a 5k under 34 min  Pretty sure I did but didnt time the actual first 3.1 of the run
6. Buy a bathing suit and start to work on front stroke/breathing NO - I did go look for bathing suits but didnt find anything I liked
7. Go on a date with hubby NO - I lost the month, it went by too fast!
8. Go on one-on-one fun time with little man YES we had a great time on a mom/gavin hike!
9. Go on a "me" day YES and enjoyed every minute of it!
10. Get into a work routine  getting much easier!

March goals
1. Lose 5 lbs total
2. Run 50 miles
3. Go to a core workout class once a week
4. Spin class once a week
5. Buy a bathing suit and start swimming once a week
6. Start half marathon training
7. Date night with hubby
8. One on one time with little man
9. Me day
10. Journal my food EVERY DAY

Hope March slows down a bit ... time is just going by so darn fast! I have a busy month planned too... there will be a weekend in Jersey to see family but its just me and the kids going, doing some training for work, my dad visits from Texas, and I need to officially start training for the half! Busy busy busy!

How did your February go? What do you want to accomplish in March?

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