Monday, February 6, 2012

I feel like a runner...

When I trained for last years marathon, my entire goal was finishing. I only ran for distance in training. I didnt train to be a better runner, a faster runner, a more competitive runner. I only trained to make sure I could physically get the miles in.

Now that I am rebuilding my base and will soon be training for the first half of the year - Im taking a different approach. Tonight I have done some research on being a "better" runner. My AMAZING step mom is an assistant triatholon coach in Texas. I asked her for information on improving speed. Between my research and her help I am starting to put together a program for myself. My goal is to run 3 days a week minimally - I highly enjoy my cross training time so 3-4 days/week of running is plenty so I can fit in my other exercise joys. I think I will focus one run each week on speed/strength or fartlek training (hahaha what a funny word) with the other runs working on lengthening the distance.

This weeks workout plan -
Monday - spin class
Tuesday (workday) - 1 mile run at 10:30 pace, weights
Wednesday (workday) - treadmill 60 min workout running 5k then some speed drills
Thursday - spin class
Friday - treadmill 60 min workout running 5k then some speed drills, weights
Sat (work day) - rest

on a side note this Monday morning I am DRAGGING... and very soon (like in an hour) the ne 72 hours will be go go go. Today I have to go weigh in, Bre has her 2 month check up, chiro appt, some errands, Gavin has an award assembly at 2, dinner, gym at 6. Tomorrow and Wed both hubby and I both work day shift so I am responsible for getting both kids out the door and me to work in the morning - yuck.

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