Monday, October 12, 2009


I have my LAST midterm ever in 2 days - I cannot seem to get myself to hard core study. Its like I have senioritis... I hope I do well. Tomarrow Im taking G to daycare to study, hopefully I can knock out the rest of my studying.

I took a decent run today - almost 2 miles with a short walk in between. Double what I did with my last run and tomarrow Im restarting week 3 of the 6 week abs/pushups and squats challange that I have taken a week off of.

I havent restarted the eating write component yet though - I have probually eaten out like 6 times in the past week.

Today I went to breakfast with Rachael to cracker barrel. While waiting for our food I went ot the rest room and on the walk couldnt help but notice that atleast 75% of the woman there were overweight, and not by just a few pounds. On the walk out Rachael commented on a couple eating a bowl of cereal and couldnt understand why they would get a bowl of cereal at a restaurant. I asked her if they were "heavy" - they were not. I am and I definatly did not order a bowl of cereal.

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