Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So today has been a decent day - got ALOT of studying done, way more to do tonight though. Took a break to have a short run. Eating, not so good.

Tomarrow I go back to tracking because obviously without tracking I have NO control - tomarrow is back to 27 points/day. Im going to try to stay away from my extra weekly points for a week or two.

I weighed myself at Racheals today and I was up 4 lbs on her scale - may not be exact since I dont normally weigh in on her scale but Im definatly UP. I was so close to breaking into the 170s and as usual I sabatage myself... not only do I sabatage myself but that one or two days of bingeing ALWAYS turns into a week or two... every freaking time! Then im lbs away from the goal I almost made... it is SO frustrating!

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