Thursday, October 29, 2009

it happenned again

The bottom fell out - again. I lost my motivation. I lost the desire. I lost my ability to think properly. I havent been to weight watchers in 3 weeks. I havent really watched what I ate and have only worked out sporadically.

I need to take a different take on this. I need to be motivated from within. I need to love myself more and realize I deserve to be happy.

I need to realize that I need to do this to not make myself look a certain way but instead to be healthy, to live a healthy happy life.


  1. you can do this... you have job interviews, you're almost done with your program for school. its a stressful time, but you are worthy of time to yourself. do it for your son, and do it because you want your interviewers to see you confident and in control. you will find the love for yourself along the way, but don't wait for it- start now and continue to seek happiness.
    what is your plan to gain control?

  2. Aimee thank you - what a great message. It puts everything into place.... wow. I need to stop waiting for me to love me... need to go threw the motions right now and it will come!