Friday, October 16, 2009

night time eating...

I really need to work on my night time eating - Im not sure what to do though. I do GREAT all day. I make a good dinner and plan for an evening snack around 8 or 830pm but for some reason around 9 or 10 I want to munch and munch and munch. The last 3 days I have chosen healthier snacking options and have made sure I claimed all of the points on my points paper but its points I would much rather not use. I dont "need" them, Im not hungry. I just want them and seem to have no real control from hand to mouth once it starts.

I think around that time Im bored maybe.

So this is my plan.

Unless the day was crazy and I didnt have dinner or something - I will not eat anything after 9pm.

If I feel like the munchies are attacking me I will make a cup of hot tea (love cooler weather!)

If that doesnt work I will try to keep myself more busy.
Suggestions -
*take a bubble bath
*paint my toe nails
*read something for school
*read something fun
*alone time with hubby :)
*floss and brush my teeth, gargle
*come on here and write something

If that absolutely doesnt work then have a piece of fruit and call it a day - my body doesnt need the calories, I plan my food out well during the day, my body isnt in "need" of anything.

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  1. glad to know I'm not alone. It's after G is in bed and it's just you sitting, chilling out before you go to bed too, right? that's the time of day I ruin everything good I did during the day. so, I need to make a list for myself! I know I either need to get my body in motion or at the very least my hands - and not in motion from bowl to mouth but scrapbooking, sewing, cleaning. Thanks for some great suggestions. I think I might start brushing my teeth as soon as B is in bed! I hate eating after brushing.