Wednesday, October 7, 2009

where did I go...

Why cant I keep my mojo? Why cant I stick to something that 1-isnt that hard and 2-makes me feel better???

So last thursday I had gained 0.2lbs.... not horrible but it started a downward spiral... I havent watched a single thing I have put in my mouth this week, I have drank almost NO water and havent even tried to work out... and I feel gross. My insides feel gross. Im gassy. My face is breaking out. Im yawning alot, tired and cranky.

Why do I do this over and over and over?!?

I have used every excuse in the book this week with my favorite being that Im TIRED and STRESSED - but by continuing these behaviors Im even more tired and more stressed and I have been WAY more stressed before.

So tomarrow morning starts a new week - a better week I hope.

If you are reading this then please lend some support...


  1. you can do this! You know you will feel better if you get out there & exercise. You won't be as tired and it will help with stress. Make yourself a priority! Let me know how it goes and if you need a buddy ;)

  2. i agree, make yourself a priority. make sure you're getting all the rest you can. today's thursday, so plan means through the weekend and figure out their points. plan some activities you enjoy and can get excited about. you can do this!!!