Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am not doing well right now. I have been eating anything and everything last night and today, I havent paid attention to my points all that much. I am cranky and irritable. I have NO energy and ALL I can think about 24hours/day is taking a nap. I am not normally a glass half empty kind of gal but I am sinking further and further into a funk and I dont know how to change this around.

Im dreading weighing intomarrow - its just going to make my mood worse.

And its a vicious cycle. I will get tons of energy if I get running again, but I cant get running until I have some form of energy which I wont get until I start exercising!


  1. how are you doing today? have you gone back and read some of your prior posts? they are very motivating! if you can motivate others, I know you can motivate yourself. you know what you need to do and you know you can do it. Get to it girl!! :)

  2. THat is the sucky part - I am GREAT at motivating others and keeping them grounded... why the hell cant I do it to myself???

  3. you put everyone else first. We BOTH know what we need to do and that we feel better when we live healthy, yet... I have gone to the gym each morning this week and have had some great workouts. Now, how do I revamp my dinner?? :)