Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yesterday I went to spin class and realized that I officialy have stuck with it. Its been a few months and I still love the spin classes and try to get 2-3 in each week. SOOOOO I decided I deserved a alittle gift to keep me pushed and going ... I went to the bike store and treated myself to clip in bike shoes! They were alittle pricey but I deserve it! I will post pics of my adorable perfect shoes later today. Im heading back for another spin class today and will try out the shoes. I worry that they have the right clips and I will be able to clip in and out without needing help but everyone had to start somewhere right?

Eating went well yesterday
egg whites on a muffin
sauted chicken, brown rice and mushrooms
baked chicken brown rice brocoli and corn on the cob
an orange
some baked cheetos

THEN - after movie night I gave into an english muffin with a bit of peanut butter and banana. YUMMY! I should have been done and then no harm really done - but then after I couldnt stop. I had a package of fruit snacks and then some cookies. uhhhh... but I journaled everything and took it out of my weekly points.

Today I am up - about to get dressed for the gym. Afterwards need to get the dog to the groomers cause she stinks! THen some errands with hubby. Going swimming with the little man and then a cookout at my moms. Im bringing some turkey keilbasa to put on the grill and veggies.

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