Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More good than bad...

All in all today has been a good day.

I got up and ate my go to healthy breakfast - 3 egg whites, WW cheese on a lite muffin for 3 points.

Then I headed to the gym to my favorite room at the gym... the spin room!

This is me after a good sweat! Love getting my sweat on!

Then after cleaning my house and letting my little man nap - my best friend and I took the boys to bounce and had so much fun!

Below is my food journal for today.

Now before I got to bed I will pack up my clothes for running in the am. Tomarrow is my first day with running before work in this whole training thing. Oh and I found my 10K for August! WOOHOO Raven Romp!


egg white sandwich/coffee 3 points
spicy blackbean sandwich 3 points
carrots with hummus 1 point
popcorn 2 points
bites of Gs food 2 points
greek yogurt with bran flakes 3 points
1/4 of G's pizza 5 points
Salad with dsg onside 2 points
chocolate bread thing 2 points
iced coffee with skim milk 1 point
= 24 points, 2 left over for some cantalope in a bit

1 comment:

  1. You did a lot of the stuff that I am doing now. I topped out at 280lbs. I started Jan 1st at 268lbs and to date I have lost 34lbs doing a majority of what you did. It really works. I hate diets they dont last even if you stick to it long enough to lose what you want. This way you keep the weight off because you have LEARNED new habits. CONGRATS!!!! I want to get to 150 too. God bless!