Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the scale...

The scale is my enemy! It talks to me all the time - even when I hide it! When it has a great loss on it from day to day then I somehow turn that into a binge because Im doing soooo well and if it sucks and has a gain then I turn that into a binge because I feel like a failure.

Its a HORRIBLE cycle!

This week I will not step on that damn scale until my weigh in day on saturday... I wont I wont I wont!

On a side note this week Im the spotlight chick in my CM biggest loser contest. I forgot about it sunday and monday :( SO my blog will actually get some pictures!

Have a busy day planned today - will chat when I get home tonight!


  1. we are so the same person. i had the same battle with my scale last night. i told my hubby to hide it until i weigh in each week. the day to day weighing just frustrates me! ugh! i gain 2-4 lbs in a day and it's all water weight!

  2. Last year I made Rachael take my scale to her house... I want my husband to hide it too but he thinks thats silly and wont do it.