Thursday, June 17, 2010

will day four be just as grand?

So I have been at work 36 hours in the past three days - I planned well and didnt have to do alot of thinking. Never let myself get to starving and stayed within my daily points.

For the next four days I am off... my off days are SO much more difficult. I will get my workouts in but eating is always a challange because I dont have something to keep me so occupied and I always want to go out to eat... it helps that Rach is away (miss you) but if she was here we definately would be taking the boys out to eat or something.

So workout wise for the next few days -
1. Spin class and upper body weights this morning
2. Running on the track tomarrow afternoon
3. Spin class saturday morning
4. an easy jog sunday morning
Not to mention the 150 squats each evening.

Im excited to get back into running - I have a few inspiring ladies over at Chesapeake Mommies that have been running. I am hoping to get together with a few for some moke 5K's in the next few weeks and an event with them in the fall.

I think I have some stiff competition for the CM biggest loser contest this time around... I have to be at the top of my game the ENTIRE time. Last time I slacked for 1/3 of it. I would like to be at 150 by the reweigh in.

Ok back to these next four days.... eating.
I have to journal every day. I will stop by Harmons on the way home from the gym and get some yummy fresh local just picked veggies.

Fathers day is sunday - no clue what IM doing for hubby yet... what to do what to do!?

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