Saturday, October 16, 2010

13.1 done!!!!

What an amazing day!!! Here is the run down and then lots of pics and then Im out because I am TIRED!
* Woke up at 630am, checked out facebook :) enjoyed my hot tea, got dressed, had my normal running morning meal (peanut butter on english muffin with a banana)
* Hubby woke up early with me to go down and check out the beginning of the full marathon. OMG there were soooo many people!
* Hooked up with my amazing friend Nicole - who without her support and helpful training I wouldnt have been able to do it.
* Ran, and ran and ran and ran :) Stopped around mile 9 to pee. Ran the entire thing. Ran up some BIG ASS hills. Ran against full blown wind. Felt freaking awesome. My calves were tight at the end but I felt really good the entire race. I am so incredibly proud of myself!!!
* Only two bummers... 1. Something was off on my timing chip. It says I completed it in 2 h 50 min. But I finished a few min before my friend Nicole and it says she finished in 2h 30min. Which is closer to what I thought I was - I was thinking 2h 20 min. Yes I know its not about the time, I finished it strong but I really just wanted an accurate idea - you know!?!? and 2. I really wanted to finish with Nicole - side by side. We will for the full though!
* Oh the amazing people. EVERYONE I met today was awesome! I chatted with a few other runners as we ran. The sideline people were fabulous! And if you are going to run a run... wear your name on your shirt ... I heard ALOT of people cheering me on by name. It was awesome!
My family was there cheering me one which was awesome. And I have such a great positive experience from the entire race that I look forward to training and completing the full marathon in March! Hubby said I inspired him and in March when I do the full, he will do the 1/2... so excited!
So now for the pics that may or may not be in any particular order :)

Gavin and I right after the race - his shirt says GO MOMMY GO The front of my shirt...
and the back...

My dad and I afterwards

My hubby and I

The race...

About a mile before the end of the race - I rushed up on my family without them seeing me. Gave hugs/kisses and then this is me running backwards afterwards joking that the missed getting pics of me!

Not in this pic - just to give an idea of the amt of people... 60,000

Nicole and I afterwards...


  1. Wow, what an awesome accomplishment. This is on my list too so you are an inspiration!

  2. Congratulations on finishing!!!!!!!

  3. That is amazing! Good job! I'm truly inspired. Hopefully I'm able to do this one day.