Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday 100 update

I had too many goals for the challange so I have decided to trim them a bit. Here are the revised and new goals and how I did this week.

Goal 1: Lose 1 lb a week
This emcompasses a few of my old goals and is very realistic. It is a few others goals and they have inspired me to make that mine aswell. Didnt do so hot with it this week though. I gained 1 lbs this week despite a great consistant workout week because I had 3 days where I let what ever I want into my mouth. This is week 5 of not losing. I need to get back on track. I need to plan better starting right now.

Goal 2: Overall healthier and nicer to my body
This will include a few other goals - taking my daily vitamin, drinking my water and cutting out coffee (switching to tea, mainly green tea). This has gone very well. I have been consistantly taking my vitamin. I started drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning and have been also getting my water in. Im on day 2 of no coffee and going strong! I drank ALOT of coffee and I was sick of the control it had over me so bye bye coffee. I couldnt go cold turkey on caffein because I would have a headache from hell so switched to tea and then will cut back the actual caffein.

Goal 3: Make exercise a priority
This I have actually done well with. This week I started the biggest loser fitness program which consist of 3 days a week of pretty serious weight workout. I have been SORE SORE SORE but have kept going! I am also 8 days away from my first 1/2 marathon!

Goal 4: Make special time every day for my son and husband
I want to make sure I make a nice memory every day for my son. We laugh, wrestle, act silly, play dress up, make up stories, cook together. He is my sunshine. I also want to also remember that I have a relationship with my husband seperate from us being mom and dad. I have succeeded on the mom front, need to work alittle better on the wife part. Any suggestions?

SO those are my new goals from 9 down to 4... how have you done?


  1. They sound like awesome goals! I just hit your question on my Ask Roni Podcasts! I'm going to email you. :)

  2. Good luck with the 1/2 marathon!

  3. I always love it when someone includes others in their goals - and that you're setting aside special time for your family. It's all important when we're looking for balance in life. Stay focused, you'll get your loss!

  4. Great goals! Yes, the cold turkey caffeine is hard. I am off it now but it wasn't easy at all. Just decrease little by little. It's funny, I take an excedrin every once in awhile for my SUPER bad headaches as it has caffeine in it. It makes me SUPER jittey and I can't sleep I am so awake! I NEVER had that with coffee or pop.

  5. Wonderful goals, Christina! A 1/2 marathon? Wow. You are serious! I did a half marathon this week, but it took me four days. ;)

    Hope you find a good pace with your intake. Go Hottie!


  6. That is a great focused list. And seems like you had a good week:)

  7. I like this list. Sore is GOOD. Be sore more I always say.

  8. Wow, good for you for taking on the coffee monster! It looks like you did well with your goals this week. I'm pretty much a late bloomer in this as in life and week 3 will be my real dive in. I started today great with a hard workout. Whew!

  9. I really love goal #4 - good work this week!

  10. I have given you a blog award. Visit my blog anytime to pick it up.

  11. I always get nervous making goals. I think yours are all positive and achievable. Good stuff!