Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday weigh in 10/8/10

Ummm ewww I need a pedicure!
Well you heard it here first... if you workout like crazy and have the most consistant workout week you have ever had... yet you eat like crud 50% of the time... you GAIN weight!

Yup I gained a pound this week.

I havent had a losing week in about 5 weeks.

I need to get back on the losing train.


  1. :( not having a loss sucks... but if you are working out a ton... couldnt it be muscle building?? And muscle weighs more than fat, so you still could be losing and gaining. Losing fat but gaining muscle... :)

  2. Not losing for 5 weeks means something is seriously wrong. You know that. Are you tracking? Are you exercising every day? You know what to do, now DO IT! You can do this!