Sunday, October 10, 2010

Had a GREAT sunday today! It was massive family day.
I woke up when my alarm went off at 730 - enjoyed some morning ALONE time and a cup of hot tea and then headed out for my morning run. I decided to do a 5 mile out and back with 5 hills, one of them being TOUGH. And yes I was panting like crazy when I got up the super tough hill but when I was done I felt strong and could have ran much further.
Then it was time to get the family up and moving and out the door. We went to a local farm that ended up being a complete bust and we left there to go to a smaller farm and had a blast picking out pumpkins. We carved 2 of the 4 pumpkins - the first time I have EVER carved a pumpkin. It was fun!

Made a healthy warm fall type meal - chicken in the crock pot (i put it in from frozen and it was perfect!), homemade stuffing, lite'r mashed potatoes and brocoli.
Then the three of us went out and kicked the soccer ball for a while. Now its time to relax. G is about to go to bed. Eric is watching football and I see a bubble bath in my future.
Didnt get some of the stuff I wanted done - done but E is off tomarrow and wed and promised to do some of it for me :) wonderful husband!

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