Monday, October 11, 2010

quick monday thoughts

I have to head off to work in a few min and have no clue if I will have time to get back on today - Im hoping its alittle slower at work!

I work the next 3 days then Im off for 6! And my dad comes! And I run my first half marathon!!!

Im very excited!!!!

Some other things...

1. Im day 5 of no coffee and feeling 100% ok... actually prefer all the awesome teas I have been trying. My fav right now is Chai green.

2. 100% back on plan as of yesterday morning. I have packed my lunch and snacks and will stick to them!

3. I bought a new water bottle yesterday - love cool new things! I will be carrying it around with me to really help keep my water intake up!

4. I have decided not to daily weigh in this week - it will take EVERYTHING in me - since I suck at staying off the scale. But I am aiming to just weigh in on Friday. I want to be surprised and I want a loss so freaking bad!!!

5. Hopefully today I will have some time to meal plan and make a grocery list for when my dad is here!

Hope everyone has a great monday!!!


  1. I left an award for you on my blog. Stop by and pick it up!

  2. LOL!!! ... and you got the same award on my blog too!! :D

  3. Good luck with your upcoming half marathon. That is exciting!

  4. Thanks everyone! I will try to get to your blogs for those awesome awards super soon...Its been alittle hectic... only 10 min in the am and a bit in the evening free for computer stuff but I will get there, dont give up on me :)