Friday, October 22, 2010

Hot 100 Friday Update....

This is going to be quick... sorry, I need to get to work and not sure what tonight will be like.

And to my immense SHOCK... I lost 1lb this week!!! SHOCKED! I ate HORRIBLY the first 4 days of this week. Yes I worked out and yes I got back on track the last 3 days but before that ... BAD! SO I am taking my 1lb very happily. Second losing week in a row...woohoo!

Goal 1: Lose one pound per week... woohoo, YES!!!

Goal 2:Nicer and healthier to my body - yup yup. Vitamin - check. Water - check. 2 weeks no coffee! Sat and gave myself a pedicure yesterday.

Goal 3: Make exercise a priority - I ran my first half marathon last saturday! And within 36hours I was already back to my usual running. I am really working on the swimming thing even though it SUCKS and Im not good at it... I havent given up!

Goal 4: Make special time for hubby/son... G and I made cookies for his class last night. Thur we went swimming and I acted like a 4 year old... it was a blast. Didnt have much time with hubby though this week - my dad was visiting and he is working a long stretch. I will change that this week!

All in all a good week - if I would have eaten better it would have been amazing.

Weigh in picture done but not uploaded yet.


  1. Great job - there is not many things as great as surprise losses!

  2. What a wonderful week you had! I love that calendar:0

  3. Woot woot!! Yay for the loss!!

  4. I love that playful part of your week. It inspires me. Way to go on your loss, and an even bigger cheer for getting your train back on the track.