Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy day planned

WOW I have a busy day off planned -
1. Going to the gym - long day at the gym with a 5 mile run, 30 min swim and full body strength training
2. Meeting a friend for lunch
3. Picking G up from preschool after lunch or nap and take him swimming - he has been really good lately
4. Promised his teacher we would bring snack in tomarrow - what to make what to make - its E week and Im stumped on a theme for snack
5. Working 72hours in the next 3 days so going to bake some chicken and rice and veggies for the weekend...

wow thats alot! And Im sure my dog would like a walk somewhere in there. Hubby is going to his gym tonight so wont be seeing much of him tonight either :(

Tomarrow is weigh in - uhhhh dreaded weigh in. I did NOT have a good week. I worked out but ate like I would never get to eat again. The amout of candy that went into my mouth disgust me... Next week will be a losing week! I added a new goal for 2010 since I made the 4 I had already set... to get to the 140s


  1. Hey, how'd you get the calendar thingy on your blog?

  2. It was NOT easy! I made a calander. Took a snap shot of it on the computer. Pasted it in the "paint" accessory. Cut it to the size I wanted and repasted it into another new paint. Saved to my computer and then downloaded it to my blog like a picture. Every day I go to the saved one in "paint", change it to my liking, resave it and redown load it. See NOT easy! If someone knows a better way or program PLEASE let me know!

  3. You're so close to the 140s! Great goal, and the concrete number should give you a little push. Go get it! I can't wait to see the number on your scale photo reflect your goal.