Thursday, October 7, 2010


OMG today has been the LONGEST day ever... it has been NON stop and I am ready for it to be OVER. Not to mention I ate HORRIBLY today and I feel like a big fat mess!

The day started with getting up early enough for me to be showered and dressed before the floor guys came so up at 7, got G ready and to school, back here to see the floor people. Then off to my midwife appt where she also felt the lump and ordered an ultrasound. Then lunch with hubby followed by dropping my dog off to be groomed. Then saw Rach for about 20 min before it was time to head to the ultrasound where they found nothing just regular tissue (yaaaaaa). Then to pick up Gavin, come home to check and sign off on the floors, pick up Gracie from the groomer, back home. Dinner, bath time for Gavin and bedtime routine. And Im DONE. Everywhere I drove today was the farthest it could ahve been from the next place so I did ALOT of driving today.

And I ate out with Eric and brought a pizza home for me and G because we were at the point of starving. It has NOT been a good food day.

I decided to take today as my workout break day. Tomarrow am I will get my weights done in the am and sat will run before work. Busy busy.

Here is my gorgeous new floors sorry about the lighting... we are about to work on that too...

Yes the carpet looks "ok" in the pic but its 20 years old and in real life yucky!

And After...
Dreading tomarrows weigh in... feeling pretty crummy right now...


  1. Wow. Beautiful. Know a great workout? Hand buffing wood floors.

  2. The change in the room is fantastic. As for the eating, unfortunately it happens to most of us (probably all but some just won't admit it). It's only one day, get back on the saddle tomorrow! have a good night's sleep

  3. The floors look amazing... and just reading everything... made the day seem never ending for you!! You were on the go go go!! But as everyone has already said, we all have 'bad' days... just gotta switch it up tomorrow!! :D