Monday, October 4, 2010

My Monday :)

I woke up to this gorgeous little man and my doggy that was giving him a kiss. My my house is a MESS.

This is going to be a very long post... if you have the patience and time to read it then thanks!!!

I have had an awesome day even if it was a cold rainy day in Maryland!

Last night I was reading back through a biggest loser workout book and the Clean Eating book and noticed both said the same thing about mornings. That you are starting your day dehydrated from overnight and you should drink 16oz of water as soon as you wake up. Normally the first thing to go in my mouth is coffee :) Which is a diuretic... making me MORE dehydrated... not smart huh? So I decided to start the morning off with a large glass of water while I was waiting for my coffee to brew. Baby steps :)

Then I made the "boiled omelet". I need to reread the recipe because its supposed to slide right out of the bag... not so much in my experience. I had to put a spoon in and spoon it out which turned it into scrambled eggs. BUT it was very tasty... and much more moist then my regular egg whites and I didnt need any cheese!

Boiled Omelet Recipe -
4 egg whites
1 cup veggies (I used green pepper, onion and mushrooms)
Place in a freezer ziploc back, make sure all the air is out.
Put bag in rolling boil pan of water

13 min (they stressed to be exact)
Take out of bag and enjoy!

Very tasty - looks alittle blah but really really tasty - I added to mine a lite english muffin with a smear of local made pear butter. I should have added a side of fruit for a more complete breakfast but oh well... 3 point breakfast and very filling!

Then it was off to the gym. I had a FABULOUS workout ... way more than fabulous... it was freaking awesome. I felt great leaving the gym and have had tons of energy all day! I have decided to follow the biggest loser weight training program. I will be doing this on mon, wed, fri. I really dont know what took me so long to start this. I have been saying for about 2 weeks I was going to start but for some reason today felt like the day. I actually really enjoy weight training and now that I have gotten more comfortable in the gym - I have NO problem heading over to the "guy" zone, claiming a bench and do free weights. I like free weights much better. And alittle thing I noticed. When I head over there another women or two joins in... yaaa GIRL POWER!

SO this was my workout today

Warm up - 4 mile run on treadmill (took about 45 min)

Upper body workout
1. Hammer curls 2 sets of 10 using 10lbs
2. Triceps kickback 2 sets of 10 using 8lb
3. Dead lifts 2 sets of 10 using 20lb
4. Chest presses 2 sets of 10 using 10lb
5. T raises 2 sets of 10 using 5lbs
6. Bent over row 2 sets of 10 using 10lbs
Core exercies
1. Bicycle abs 2 sets of 10
2. half rollups 1 set of 8
3. Vertical leg crunches 2 sets of 10
4. Side plank (OMG HARD) 2 x 30sec
Lower body exercies
1. Squats 2 sets of 10
2. Plie Squats 2 sets of 10
3. Wall squats 2 x30 sec
4. Reverse lunges with leg lifts 2 sets of 10

Then I spent some quality time stretching. I was very sweaty and wet and it felt freaking awesome! I may be sore tomarrow but regardless come wed will be doing another round!

Then it was off to run errands with my little man and home for lunch. After lunch I decided to make a big batch of veggie lentil barley soup. YUMMY!

1. Tons of veggies - I use what ever is on hand. My go to veggies are onions, garlic, cabbage, fresh greenbeans, carrots, celery, red pepper, green pepper, zuccini and mushrooms.
2. Chicken broth - I use 1 1/2 large cans or containers
3. Can of diced tomatoes or 2-3 fresh
4. 1/2 cup to 1 cup each of dried lentils and dried barley (1st time adding the barley)

This takes a long time to make but doesnt really require alot of time in the kitchen except cutting the veggies. I cut up all of them at the beginning and put them in seperate bowls based on when Im adding them.
I start with sauteing the onion with pam in the big pot im using. Then add the garlic. Then add the broth and the lentils/barley. Put the top on and bring to a boil then lower to simmer for 20-30 min.
Then add the green beans/carrots/celery and simmer for 15-20 min
Then add the cabbage and simmer 20 min
When the cabbage, carrots, green beans are almost at the amount done that you like then add the peppers. Saute for 10-15 min then add mushrooms and zuccini for the last 5 min or so.
When all the veggies are done add a can of tomatoes and mix. I also add some fresh thyme and crushed red pepper to taste.

Lately also I have been adding a cup or two of speghetti squash for bulk - yummy.

Do you use speghetti squash? Im a huge fan! I put it in my soups and chilis - doesnt change the taste at all and gives you more food for less calories adding a ton of bulk. I also use it in place of pasta for me when we are having speghetti and meatballs - my hubby isnt a fan so he does regular pasta. Its not a perfect fit to replace pasta but very close and I dont feel like Im missing anything.

I have tried to cook the squash several ways and found the easiest way also the tastiest. I tried to roast it but it takes on a sweet taste that just turns me off.

I put a few holes in it and right into the microwave. Start at 3 min and every 2-3 min I check it and turn it. Its done when the skin allows you to push it in a bit... I know real helpful huh? You really need to try it a few times then you will get it right every time. Too long and its mushy and gross, too short and its very aldente. A small one takes about 7 min and a large one 10ish. Then slice in half and scoop out the area with the seeds and then use a fork and workout the rest. I put it in a container and put in the fridge and use it for about 3-4 days.

Ok its only 4ish and I have still so much to do this afternoon but think this post is long enough :)

I rearranged my living room to get things where I want them before they come in to put the new Bamboo floors in ---- yaaaaa, new floors!!! And my wonderful hubby agreed to take Gavin to Karate on his own. Now Im taking a breather before starting dinner. Not a very clean dinner but not horrible. Im going to bread and bake some chicken breast, rice and brocoli. Then relaxing the rest of the evening.

I got sooooo much done today! I wish I had more days like this, I would be so much more productive!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to link up. I put your site in and replied to your comment with instructions in case you want to link up next week. You can link any post you want.

    That is an excellent work out! I wish I had your dedication. I need to work on just getting some movement in my day and not putting everything else before my own health.